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  1. I hope this doesn't end up like Scourge where nothing is mentioned in the notes and DE literally won't acknowledge a single thread or post including bug reports about whether it's intended or not.
  2. It's strange that so many want to give DE passes on some of the bug-laden messes that get tossed out and never fixed. The team is smaller than some studios, but it's tiny by no means. The issue with the continual bugs is development that runs all over the place with too little focus on finishing touches and clean up. The UI update is incomplete and was released in an unnecessarily unpolished state. PoE still has bugs that have existed since it's launch, some of which end up making entire runs go to waste. Fortuna has its own suite of bugs. Weapons/cosmetics get broken during updates and languish that way for months; sometimes they never get fixed. Frame rates have never returned to max for some people since the particle update and despite sending in logs as requested the source of the issue has never been located and repaired. I give credit where it's do and am glad to see things like the removal of raids in order to repair them to a functional state. I wish things along those lines were the focus of more development time going forward so that the game could really shine in all the ways it's capable of doing so. It sounds like the Gas City update might be more in that vein so here's hoping. Fixing what already exists and making it work as it should will yield a lot more retention than pumping out broken content. There's lots already in the game that's underutilized and again, from the sound of the roadmap the focus is on rounding out and revamping current systems and making what comes next turn out for the best. I'd love it if more players supported the idea of the happy middle ground of content balanced with fixes rather than running headlong towards and constantly shouting for something new.
  3. Honestly it's a bit disconcerting that a major piece of security for accounts is getting so little attention. I tend to use this in most games that offer it via their own code app or Google, etc., authenticators. Having to do it via email is not only slow and clearly unreliable, it opens up access to people who shouldn't have access should an email be compromised. On top of that it's apparently a nightmare to remove. This should be a priority considering the amount of money people pump into this game and the size of the player base. Please do something, DE, take this seriously.
  4. Happened on multiple weapons, people asked why when that makes no sense, like everything else on this topic DE is silent so no one knows what's up. Same thing happened on my Grakata riven.
  5. So you believe that they nerfed the Viper because it was a heavily used, enemy destroying, super meta killing machine, or because they're completely out of touch at times and rushed this disposition "update" without taking the right things into consideration?
  6. Nidus and other frames with CCs/pulls--Khora, Vauban, Hydroid, etc.--are bugging out since the Fortuna update. Pulls are pushing enemies away and in some cases making them invulnerable.
  7. Well some very long time players peaced out after these changes, in some cases chunks from larger clans. Active players, active spenders, active participants in the community, so lets hope their reaction and the constructive feedback from others makes a difference. I can't for the life of me see how the people up top justified a business decision that allowed for a massive exception like the Kohm because of its popularity, as though the nerfs and improper adjustments to other popular weapons and nonsensical ones like the Viper weren't going to have backlash once they were touched. I'm definitely going to be very minimal in my spending going forward knowing that they're willing to implement such large scale changes without real discussion with the community and further based on something that can change as quickly as popularity. It seems that they really don't get that a system where Rivens are nerfed or buffed based on what's being used is going to create a constant seesaw and continue to upset players. It might generate some boost in sales initially, but once enough players realize that the back and forth only benefits DE by moving more Plat and hurts the community I think the backlash will grow even worse. Again, this was a very, very bad change to throw into place without actual community feedback; that said, after the Daily Login feedback was by and large ignored with the exception of players screaming that mods from it shouldn't be traded, I don't know how much discussion will really be listened to, and that's just sad.
  8. Popularity should never decide a weapon's Riven disposition. You are the design team, you should be testing your own weapons in content and seeing videos/feedback from active players as to how they perform in game and adjusting Rivens based on that so to at least some extent most weapons perform relatively on par with each other, taking into consideration their type. Poorly performing single round/slug type shotties should perform on par with or slightly better than their better counterparts when equipped with a good riven, etc. Readjusting Rivens every few days, weeks, months, or update cycles based on popularity makes absolutely zero sense. As others have said in this thread, as myself and others have said many, many times before you literally create nothing but a yo-yo effect of increasing and decreasing popularity based on disposition when your system is arbitrated that way. Balance your weapons as best you can, then use Rivens to tweak that performance. Anything else is going to continue to be a catastrophe. How many players did you just lose because you decided to exempt Kohm yet nerfed extremely well-liked weapons like the Arca Plasmor? Worse still is that one, some weapons you increased the dispo on were still nerfed in their stats because of inconsistencies in your system or because you intentionally tweaked them internally further, and two, that you ruined your own massive launch of Fortuna by dropping this without having a full Dev Workshop discussion beforehand. I cannot fathom that you didn't know their would be unhappy players even just discussing this, but to go live with this and pick and choose favorites smacks of poor connection to your community. I'm not quitting; I play casually as the mood strikes, and the Login Reward revamp and Daily Standing caps on Fortuna/PoE already showed me that you only value one style of players that I don't fit into. I am, however, with this change made aware of things like the Ash and Ember nerfs, random changes, your insistence on ignoring feedback on systems like Endless Kuva and the Riven system in general, and solidified in not giving this game more than a trickle of cash for cosmetics here and there. Kinda sad cause I just picked up some new Tennogen and there's more that I'm looking forward to, but I just can't see the value in supporting the game heavily when you're so arbitrary with such sweeping changes for some elements of the game while staying hands off for others no matter how much constructive feedback is given. Things like this really kill a lot of the good will you've built up with other decisions. Polarizing your players so heavily, to the extent that some delete all of their earned items, quit en masse, etc., should tell you that acting this way will do your game far more harm than benefit. I hope in the future you're more in touch with what your players want and how they feel before you do something so divisive again. This will definitely continue to put a pall over the Fortuna launch.
  9. Sad that this died, but I hope more people post with the new items that have been and are being added!
  10. They could easily make it so that the plat can only be used to purchase items for the account it's on, or even have a special selection of items that use non-plat currency to get things that are normally only available with plat. It's not really going to be an exploitable feature if the items can't be gifted to other accounts.
  11. It doesn't reward time in-game, playing, interacting with others, contributing to Warframe. It rewards pressing log in, log out each day, that's it. You could write a script to get you all the rewards your heart desires to minimize the effort, contribute nothing to the community, and still walk away with more than someone who spends what free time they have each weekend, etc., playing the game and being active. It's not something I can prove, nor is it something DE will ever admit, but it's clear this system is about keeping stable login numbers day after day after day despite content droughts and certain ongoing issues that are never addressed or mentioned and then tossed by the side. If you want to pretend that logging in each day shows that you support the game and makes you worthy of the rewards that come with it be my guest. I prefer games where BiS items aren't locked behind an arbitrary time gate of years to claim them all. I like to play in longer sessions when I play, and the fact that this system punishes that just turns me off of it even more. The worst part is that founders and early players who were a part of the game and did log in for hundreds of days, for actual years before this system was implemented, never received any adjustment for that. We know how extensive DE's logs are, they have the data on those players, how many days the logged in, and the like, and never any compensation for putting in the "effort" you say the rewards are payment for. There are so many reasons this system is garbage. Since actually playing the game or spending money on it aren't considering worthy contributions, though, I'll just bide my time and play as the mood strikes. I'll focus my effort on titles where active participation is what brings returns.
  12. That's exactly the problem. A game shouldn't be a job, an assignment, a required task day after day for years to achieve BiS items. You should be able to play the game, enjoy it, contribute to the community, and be rewarded for it. Give paths to the items that require actual game play, not simply logging in. Again, you could write a script to do that for you and never spend an hour actually participating in Warframe and have rewards that a player who's put in hundreds of dollars and hours of time each week will not see for years and years to come. The system works based on logins, so why you call people who log in just for the rewards to accrue and play when they can idiots I don't know. Someone might play for a few weeks after every major content drop, or only after every story update, what have you. Regardless, it's ridiculous that people have to turn logging in regularly into an assignment as you put it just to have the best items. Lastly and once again: this system is not about rewarding loyalty, it is 100% about keeping DE's daily login numbers as stable as possible between content droughts. If it were about rewarding participation in the game and being a part of the community it would be handled in a different way entirely. The games that I do play pretty much every day also have reward systems with some items given just for logging in and some given for clearing specific content daily. On days that I can't do much I still get something, and on days that I can give more time I'm rewarded even more. If I don't get on each day, I'm not yet another day behind on my path to receiving the best version of a mod, a unique weapon, etc., and I appreciate that some of the most unique non-cosmetic items in the game aren't time gated in a way that does nothing to reward actual participation in the title. The worst part is this: it's actually incentivizing players who are coming up on 200 or 400 days to bide their time logging in. If they hit 200 or 400 days before the "fix" goes into place they'll have to wait longer than many other players who aren't so close to those milestones and won't hit them before the change is implemented to get one of the more choice mods. Same thing for players coming up on 100 days who could take one of the later weapons over Azima. That's not good design. Players who continue hopping on could actually be worse off for playing than they would be if they took a short break for now. The bottom line is that the current system is about keeping DE's login numbers inflated and stable rather than rewarding players for being a part of Warframe. If you want to see it otherwise that's fine, but I'm not going to waste energy trying to keep up with such an outdated design. It's part of why I grew tired of Guild Wars 2, and it's doing nothing to give me actual incentive to play Warframe more than here and there. Shame, but I'm not going to feel like I'm chained to my PC by DE just to get rewards literal years down the line.
  13. @(PS4)supernova_gi You're acting as though there are only two sides here that are diametrically opposite each other and there's no one anywhere in the middle. Most people who say this system and the adjusted one are bad don't mention anything about people being entitled. It's just a bad system. It doesn't reward dedication to the game, it rewards clicking sign in each day. As someone else pointed out, you could literally write a script to open Warframe, log you in each day, and then close the game out.That doesn't show loyalty, or dedication, and logging in each day does nothing to better the community simply by the act of doing so. As long as this thread is I get that you didn't read every post, but even the majority here aren't as black and white as you're making them out to be.
  14. That is the key part of your argument, though it ties into what I already mentioned: feeling like you want everything available, like you don't want to miss out, etc. Same facet of the same diamond. You did hit on what others keep saying, that cosmetics and such are fine for login rewards, but that the weapons and mods shouldn't be tied to years of consistent logins. DE seems to be missing that in their quest to keep numbers stable. Blizzard accepts that their numbers will peak for a while during new content releases then stabilize somewhere lower after the fact. While DE might not have that same steady revenue design or steady subs during, $80+ for Prime Access packages--more than the cost of most box titles or anything comparable like character packs in other games--is a pretty good source of income I'd have to imagine. That said, maybe hooking players to steady logins to get all the gear that's fit for your kit makes for more dollars spent. I don't know how much there is to compare that to because so many metrics for gaming companies are kept under lock and key. Regardless, my itch for being a completionist just isn't strong enough to deal with such a tiresome system.
  15. Yes, I like you only play if I want to, and I like you can't be bothered to be attached to the game when I don't want to be. Many other simply can't walk away and DE knows that. There are studies galore on why that is and everyone from Columbia House Music to gaming publishers have and do continue to take advantage of that nature. People don't want to feel left behind, people don't want to feel like they're missing out. people don't want to feel like they aren't having the same experience as others. Should people care that someone has some items that they don't? That's all relative. Primed Shred, Primed Vigor, Zenistar, Azima, and on and on do offer advantages and can only be had via login rewards. As I said elsewhere, it's silly as the day is long that they tie items that actually alter game play to login rewards. If you could only get BiS items in other games by logging in day after day players would riot. Here it's not as big of a deal because there's no content that you're actually locked out of by not having those items, but it is still a ridiculous system Regardless, page after page shows that things as they are and the slight tweak coming don't fix the real issue: that DE wants your time every day of the week, every week of the year, every year the game is in existence if you want to get all the rewards. I choose not to dedicate myself to such an empty system, but many players have let themselves be drawn in and won't walk away easily. Again, it's a facet of behavioral science that for many the draw will keep them logging in and DE takes advantage of that to pad their login numbers, just as Guild Wars 2 does, just as many other titles do.
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