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  1. I hopped on to build Ivara P but the love for the game has just eroded away. There's continually more grind introduced with players being spread over more and more and more of that grind if they want to keep up. K-drives and modular weapons and modular Moas and Railjack and Nightwave and Operator trees and Amps and Fractures and Plague Star and Kuva and additional leveling for new Forma types... and grind as far as the eye can see. I can't even imagine being a new player starting out and knowing so much is ahead of you. This game is supposed to be a fast-paced Looter Shooter. Now it's an RNG-based grindfest; what's fast-paced about that? Why would any sane person want to continue investing in that with it clear that the only reward is more of the same?
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