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  1. I'd love to see the bugs fixed and the game better optimized so that I can focus on doing what brought me to the game to begin with: being a space ninja using ridiculous weapons to shred enemies. The insane grind and poorly-designed bullet sponge bosses do nothing for me. I wish they'd focus on polish and leave the "you must live in our game" treadmill to mobile games. 10 new currencies/mats for every new area does not endear me to the title and it never will.
  2. Players don't care about politics and tip-toeing around egos. Bottom line is player counts are dropping off for a reason, and if people at the top have skin too thin to hear what the issues are then they can enjoy riding their satin pillowed carriage down in flames as more and more people leave. Now, for all I know the game is just so magical that the new players attracted are swiping their cards an hour into the game and that allows the game to do fine despite all the churn. I don't know how that's possible considering that the publicly available numbers show revenue trending downward, b
  3. DE aren't the only ones. ArenaNet did this to their detriment in Guild Wars 2. They added major pieces of content then rather than leave them in and making them a viable part of the things for both new and veteran players to take part in they removed said content from the game completely. It boggles my mind when large scale games waste zones and systems that they've put major time into by literally taking them out of the game or leaving them in a broken and incomplete state. I do not for the life of me not understand why DE doesn't see that if resources continued to be available in multip
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