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  1. I thought this was about finally letting us turn it off so we don't have to deal with the Focus orbs popping up in missions once we're maxed.
  2. New boss drops it regularly, but other than that, yep, drop your extractors and hope.
  3. If you want to have a discussion please bring valid points. Again, it costs more to get new customers than it does to retain old ones. Consistent customers also spend more than new customers, who in a F2P game are more likely to be part of the majority who never spend a dime. So no, if you want your business to grow what you need to do is cater to the kind of people who will actually inject dollars into the game. How am I entitled? I spent my money while I enjoyed the game and and I made my dissatisfaction clear by one, making clear, detailed posts about what I no longer enjoyed in the game, and two, when nothing changed I stopped giving DE money. You are absolutely, 100% free to do whatever you like, but you will never, ever make a convincing argument that continuing to throw money at a system that does not function the way you want will ever make change. You will also not change the established research that shows that new customers have the highest cost to pull in and retain and the least likely ROI. If you're serious about trying to understand it look up the Pareto Chart for revenue, Harrah's Loyalty Card research, and basic principles of customer lifetime value and retention. You completely missed the points I made and then went off on something that none of the posts in here are actually arguing for. We know the game goes on. We're members of the community and we can voice our thoughts and provide evidence as we see fit. You being upset about it won't change that. Lastly, there's no one in here patting one another on the back or asking for special treatment. I really am not sure where you get this from because there's certainly nothing along those lines in my posts. It's a factual statement that DE has continually ignored feedback until it hits them in the face. They ignored players saying over and over again in detail that Prime Access was too expensive for those who only wanted accessories, yet it took a very public and viral post by a content creator for them to listen. I cannot help that they choose to ignore detailed, calm feedback. I cannot help that players like you choose to throw money and time at the game no matter what. What I can help is whether or not I contribute to the status quo. I choose not to, and in that vein I have detailed what I don't like, why I hardly play anymore, and made clear that I won't spend another dollar until the system improves. If you want to actually discuss any of those points I'm more than happy to. If you want to refute anything that's been stated with contrary evidence feel free to, but do not come with straw men and veiled ad hominem attacks and try and present them as rebuttals to what I and others have brought up. At least don't do those things and expect any further response from me.
  4. It is a little strange, though, because unless Warframe is an anomaly, one, it still takes more resources to attract new players than to retain your old, and two, in most F2P games, the majority of players never spend any money, and most players to spend a substantial amount. It's easy to see how much more it costs to get new players than retain in that there are all these new YouTube and advertising campains with people blowing up cop cars with the Opticor, posters all over major cities, and trailers playing before new movies. Those things aren't going to bring back the old players that quit or keep the diehards here, they're going to attract new people with the flash and fun that plays off the Fortnight, etc., vibe. That's a lot of money that wouldn't be necessary if this game maintained stronger, and more positive word of mouth like it used to. It's easy to see in any thread critiquing the game how polarized the community has become. Some players offer real feedback, others toe the DE line no matter what and try to shout down anyone who doesn't or make excuses for what are objectively poor decisions by DE or decisions made clearly based on preying on FOMO and addictive behaviors rather than making the game enjoyable. Even if all those campaigns succeed, most of the players who pick up the game still aren't gong to spend. Some will get pissed when they realize they need to spend to go beyond a few frames and weapons. Some will be upset when they realized they shouldn't have sold things to make room because now they just need to craft them again to make something new. Some will hate the poorly designed quests like Natah that send everyone to the Wiki. Some will get upset at the progression that goes from fun to endless grind. Most of them will never spend, yet DE is trying to recruit them instead of designing good, quality, enjoyable content to keep veterans around. I'm having more fun on mobile games than on Warframe or any of the other titles I'd been playing on PC because all these dev and publisher houses continue to ignore what's asked for or even bother to play their own game and see what's actually fun. Even some of the most dedicated content creators have gotten burned out with the grind of Nightwave, some voicing their opinions at it and playing less, some recently walking away for good. I'm not sure what else needs to happen for DE to get that something's wrong. Games aren't forever, but as long as they're around they should be enjoyable, not endless grind. In the end I just don't spend. Maybe they'll get it when their coffers dry up enough.
  5. Lots of complaints about it in the release thread and elsewhere but no acknowledgement from what I've seen.
  6. It really is this simple. DE has made a lot of changes to the game I don't enjoy and has continually ignored detailed, fairly-presented critiques and criticisms. Endless Kuva had massive workshop feedback before and after; it was ignored. The changes to daily logins got massive feedback before and after; it was largely ignored. The insane mob spawns of Plains of Venus, the ridiculous level of effects, the negation of abilities, and the bullet sponge design of the Orb fights were all intelligently critiqued, including on video; all of this was largely ignored. They have themselves acknowledged the over the top grind of much of the game; it goes on unchanged. DE goes about their business as they see fit, and as long as players keep throwing money at the game no matter what they do why would they ever change anything? I stopped spending and I maybe log in here and there every few months for a bit just to find it's still business as usual so I go on my merry way again. Have some self control and stop swiping if you want them to get the picture. The Warframe community is large and active, and if it would stand together instead of dithering about and complaining then still throwing money at the game maybe things would be different.
  7. The lack of matchmaking for this is pretty glaring. Not sure why it can't be added as mentioned above so that we can select it as we would bounties.
  8. It's a mess, DE knows it's a mess, and yet who knows when it will be fixed? Along with the UI changes they put out whatever they're in the mood to and if it's half-baked so be it. The permanent beta excuse got tired long ago. It would be nice to see them execute things in a finished, tested state with only minor polishing required instead of what we've been getting.
  9. Not to throw out what you've suggested, but it's not a lack of interaction or depth that's tiring people of playing, it's the endless grind and poor core design. Why do hours and hours need to be invested into polishing a broken system instead of fixing the route problems? The game has become mind-numbingly bad in terms of gating new weapons, frames, and specialty items/currency behind massive time gates. PoE/Fortuna aren't all that great but I could survive them being in such meh shape if I weren't forced to spend ridiculous amounts of time there doing content that I don't really enjoy and instead simply got to go and enjoy the zones mostly for hoots and toots while making steady progress. As to the second issue I mentioned: DE doe not know how to design fights for the life of them. Every single new major boss fight right up to this newest one with the Jovian update has been a hodgepodge of 10,000 flashing lights and effects on screen while trying to perform tight mechanics and trying to survive DE's poorly-implemented netcode. DE has one speed and that's a lot of flash, a lot of boss i-frames, a lot of teleportation by the boss, and a lot of phase changes to drag the fights out. These are the things that need reworks before all the fluff systems get polishing. I'm not discounting your suggestions as being worthwhile, but they're not really worth much with the current state the game is and that DE continues to double down on.
  10. I like it. I'd enjoy his feet being a little more interesting, doe.
  11. Still a very sorry state for this to be in. Google and others give you access to their API to be able to implement this in a way that's beneficial for everyone. Why is such an outmoded form of 2FA still being used? The mess that is SWTOR even allows both its own app and Google's authenticator for confirmation. Guild Wars 2 does the same. How is email a good solution when server errors and who knows what else can make it useless? Please take this seriously and implement this properly.
  12. It's strange that so many want to give DE passes on some of the bug-laden messes that get tossed out and never fixed. The team is smaller than some studios, but it's tiny by no means. The issue with the continual bugs is development that runs all over the place with too little focus on finishing touches and clean up. The UI update is incomplete and was released in an unnecessarily unpolished state. PoE still has bugs that have existed since it's launch, some of which end up making entire runs go to waste. Fortuna has its own suite of bugs. Weapons/cosmetics get broken during updates and languish that way for months; sometimes they never get fixed. Frame rates have never returned to max for some people since the particle update and despite sending in logs as requested the source of the issue has never been located and repaired. I give credit where it's do and am glad to see things like the removal of raids in order to repair them to a functional state. I wish things along those lines were the focus of more development time going forward so that the game could really shine in all the ways it's capable of doing so. It sounds like the Gas City update might be more in that vein so here's hoping. Fixing what already exists and making it work as it should will yield a lot more retention than pumping out broken content. There's lots already in the game that's underutilized and again, from the sound of the roadmap the focus is on rounding out and revamping current systems and making what comes next turn out for the best. I'd love it if more players supported the idea of the happy middle ground of content balanced with fixes rather than running headlong towards and constantly shouting for something new.
  13. Honestly it's a bit disconcerting that a major piece of security for accounts is getting so little attention. I tend to use this in most games that offer it via their own code app or Google, etc., authenticators. Having to do it via email is not only slow and clearly unreliable, it opens up access to people who shouldn't have access should an email be compromised. On top of that it's apparently a nightmare to remove. This should be a priority considering the amount of money people pump into this game and the size of the player base. Please do something, DE, take this seriously.
  14. Happened on multiple weapons, people asked why when that makes no sense, like everything else on this topic DE is silent so no one knows what's up. Same thing happened on my Grakata riven.
  15. So you believe that they nerfed the Viper because it was a heavily used, enemy destroying, super meta killing machine, or because they're completely out of touch at times and rushed this disposition "update" without taking the right things into consideration?
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