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  1. Do you Mesa mains guys even read wiki?
  2. Game needs a serious game mechanics overhaul: damage types, armor, scaling, weapons, mods, rivens, warframes abilities etc etc. Random nerfs will only make people pissed. Not gonna happen though (looking at you melee 3.OMEGALUL). So just waiting and hoping for another game
  3. Damn, these games are like two decades old or smth 🤣 It's still crazy how they haven't done anything better than Jedi Academy since then, just hard to believe really. The only recent game I really liked was Shadow Warrior 2. I think it has much better combat and weapons mechanics than Warframe actually. I'd really like to play a new one, but no news sadly.
  4. The real point of Railjack is to sell Warframe to new players. Because it's not Warframe, it's absolutely different gameplay that some people will like, and many will not (in my opinion. If I'd want to play space ships, I'd play Elite Dangerous). They also said it was influenced by Sea of Thieves or smth, which is again is a completely different game. They also said it connects things in Warframe, but I seriously doubt that.
  5. To me it feels more like there is just no good games lately. f*** EA killed most games I liked: Star Wars, Dead Space and Mass Effect. And Bethesda murdered Fallout. This really looks like the game industry is in deep crisis with all that focus on milking players with microtransactions, game as a service and mobile bs. Maybe it's even permanent, I hope not. I would actually rather play good single player Si-Fi game instead of Warframe, but there is none. I can just hope C2077 will be good.
  6. No. There is no "tanking" in Warframe. Tanking is taking damage instead of your group. There is no such thing in Warframe (unless you use some very specific weapons and mods). There is only survivability. And Invisibility can be best for that. So Loki will be top, not bottom. Etc etc, very bad list.
  7. Yea, I would even say that it's "Lack of vision". Watching dev streams and TennoCon it seems more and more to me that Steve got lost in his dreams about some 'si-fi fantasy coop space game that you can play with friends for a couple of hours on the weekend', that he actually never plays himself (every time on streams he plays it, looks like his first time in months). So he builds this game while the actual Warframe is a f2p repetitive looter-shooter. Just look at their latest Orb bosses. It's by design not for a grinding game, but for some single/coop game. They even insisted on unskippable cut scenes (and how about that last boss with Lotus across half of the screen) - hilarious. Gap between developers and actual gameplay is real. I think Borderlands 3 will hit Warframe pretty hard even thought it's not f2p. And D2 too, just because it will be kinda something new to try on steam. Hell, even F76 is not completely dead. And many people actually liked Anthem core gameplay and who knows maybe it can return too.
  8. Hey guys, Steve here. Remember when we removed that game mode for 8 people because it wasn't very popular so we didn't bother to support it? So we decided to spent 2 years to make even more buggy and bald version of it: meet squad link system. Now you can't just take 8 people into unique mission, but instead you are going to need to find some afk squad, that you can't even interact with, in the middle of you own mission. Sounds fun, right? I really can't believe they think it will work Anyway, the biggest problem of Warframe with it's repetitive grinding nature is the lack of actual gearing/progression system. There are no rewards. They even killing rivens, because they don't understand how the hell grinding games work. It's bad, really bad. I especially liked Steve's joke about "endgame". We googled it and didn't find anything. Yea, good luck with that.
  9. Right after melee 3.0 🤣
  10. People don't pay ridiculous prices for rivens when rivens are useless. People also stop playing sorties and farm kuva = they play less. This is very stupid from player retention perspective, especially nowadays with no new content for months.
  11. I question again and again if Steve even plays Warframe at all. One of the biggest complains - guess what - host migrations. But now you can do it for TWO squads at once? Yay! Another story is how many "fish teams" are out there actually. Like how many people are sitting in their mission doing nothing, like F***NG really? Yea, it was a good show, but gameplay wise it looks absolutely terrible and raw. Remember melee 3.0? Yea... Second year we got teasers about same new war and railjack, and it's still months from happening. All we got was a very beautiful but boring Fortuna and a new daily grinding system. Steam avg. players is the lowest since 2017(!). Things don't look good.
  12. Rework the Riven system already, it's just pathetic at this point.
  13. Volt and Frost the most. Volt because of speed buff that I don't want. Frost because of his balls. Gara blocks vision too. Now Wisp with lots of strength feels like another Volt. Limbo - most likely just leave party immediately. I myself play Limbo and Gara but know what missions to play and usually don't bother others.
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