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  1. Sky is blue, grass is green, players optimizing their game play
  2. Maybe tencent will give some money for dedicated servers finally. Well, who am I kidding, maybe for China though 🙂
  3. Bugs on bugs on bugs. Big slow clunky ships instead of warframes. Big slow clunky mechs instead of warframes. Clipping everywhere. 32th right now bts. This is fine. Warframe out of top sellers on steam this year btw for those who tells that numbers don't matter.
  4. Game is just better to play solo in general because of all the anti synergies (rad procs, Limbo, Frost, etc) or allies lighting effects blinding you. And of cause terrible connection issues with no dedicated servers, host migrations costing you all progress, not even option to be a host etc etc. Everyone knows it making countless memes. It's been like that for years but DE just ignores it.
  5. I agree that leaving threads are cringe but besides that op has valid points. And I don't think anyone influenced DE to nerf the game, just look how they make updates: it's all "new player friendly" dead islands, it's their core dev process, nothing to do with players I think. This is how they sell their game, just simple as that.
  6. Haven't seen so many white knights in a thread for a while And yes more and more people leaving Warframe because it's less and less about warframes. Railjack HUGE fail didn't teach DE anything. Now they made necramechs clipping through the level geometry and calling it awesome. For real
  7. Just another update and nothing works. 31 place on steamcharts.
  8. yea what a nice joke, you are so funny DE, amazing
  9. Like Nidus? Or Frost using cold abilities is immune to cold am I right? Yea good argument. How about consistency in the game instead. Fix viral status effect instead of using band-aids on selected enemies.
  10. Just want to tell that orvius suspends enemies if you charge heavy very little and release early, which I hope is not a bug because it's pretty nice. On the other hand be careful: if you charge full and detonate it near you it does self damage.
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