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  1. Dude, it's not like you made a mistake. It's more like a 3-yo's painting, like you just have absolutely no clue of what you are talking about, just Also showing some random screenshot with graphs, numbers AND a legend? You can't be serious
  2. Your "analysis" is ridiculously wrong and you have no idea how numbers and statistics works 🙂
  3. Just the host migrations? The thing people have been furiously complaining about for years? Nah, who has time for dat. Yea, better spend 2-3 years on making Archwing 2.0 Time well spent The only reason DE hasn't made dedicated servers is to save money. You can keep making stories and excuses all you want, I absolutely sure about that.
  4. Warframe is F2P because that's the way it makes more money. Not because devs are generous. Most mobile games are f2p for the same reason. And big games like LOL or Fortnite. Maybe all you said about DE is a complete bs. Oh wait, not maybe, that's exactly what it is They don't even bother to host their own servers, that's how much they want to save on money. Somehow GGG can afford dedicated servers with small team and all that, but not DE while making much more money.
  5. You will also need to polarize at least 5 times for it to work btw Now we have quests walled behind RNG on GRIND on RNG. It just keeps getting better and better. Bravo DE
  6. I actually thought it's a parody at first
  7. Well, if you watch DE streams, they like it a lot. Like they like kuva liches. So I guess DE made last two updates for themselves
  8. No way man. People leaving Warframe only because they are negative and toxic, that's the main reason. Obviously
  9. Stat rng? Have you seen amount of resources you need to "repair" any sh@t you looted? And then just near do it for plat? Yea that finger in the capsule, more like a middle one to the players with the last two big updates.
  10. Look at steamcharts, that's your answer - absolute complete failure.
  11. Hey, our game is famous for fast paced combat against hordes of enemies. LET'S SPEND 2-3 YEARS AND MAKE A SPACE SHIP CREW SIMULATOR Freaking genius
  12. What a nice way to balance, I just have no words.
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