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  1. This is fine metacritic.com/game/pc/anthem
  2. You mean why are we any typical superhero archetype? What I do is right because I have power type. Yea, I wonder why
  3. Yea, the problem is - it won't be enough for EA. Especially after Apex. So be ready for maintenance mode in several months or so.
  4. Mesa has 95% dr to range damage with one ability. I like how people just forget about it. Zephyr is immune to all range damage with one ability. There are also Nyx, Nova, Mirage, Hydroid etc. It all depends.
  5. What people are smoking? Mesa Prime is the best frame by far atm. Unless you want to melee.
  6. Yea, except Mesa will clear 10 missions while you're building your ult. Oh wait, you can't build your ult, because all enemies are killed by Mesa 🤣
  7. Looks like Orb Vallis has been abandoned already too. Zero news from the last dev stream. Welp, to the next thing we go - Railjack!
  8. Oh, my bad. Looks like you have to have a very high IQ to understand Baruuk. The frame is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the powers will go over a typical player's head. 🤣
  9. Baruuk is not bad, he's useless. He brings nothing new to gameplay and there are frames better than him in everything.
  10. All the talks and months of waiting for... this? Next phase in 2035? Looks just like that status rework, very sad.
  11. You have a riven but tell US to enjoy it before nerf? Yea, right 🤣 Just a typical showoff , nothing more.
  12. I hear your feedback, Tenno! All resource costs are multiplied by 10 now. Have fun!
  13. You think you want reworks but you don't 🤣
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