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  1. At this point you can just wait for Mass Effect remaster. It's all we get nowadays I guess
  2. Someone who still plays this game could think like that, yea, but not DE. In case it was not obvious I was making fun of DE for not fixing a critical bug that causes players to be blinded by the game EVERY mission for WEEKS. Maybe they need a studio for that to make some new animations or voicelines or smth who knows
  3. JUST close your eyes at the start of the mission, ez fix muh dude
  4. If you mean if it deals zoomed damage I don't know but dps is bad for sure. I have 60% quartakk with riven I can tell.
  5. After the first reload (which happens after a couple of seconds usually) it starts to use fire rate of the zoomed mode which basically drops it's dps to sh@t.
  6. Kuva Quartakk has been bugged with specters since forever 🙂
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