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  1. Hello people! About a year ago I submitted a link to my collection of Warframe videos. Now the thing has evolved quite a bit since then, and I'm making gameplay videos of Warframe more or less regularly. I would like to ask the the OP if he, or somebody with the ability to do that, could edit my link in the first post. The new one would be the full URL of my channel: www.youtube.com/user/SnaiperskayaVintovka
  2. My channel has multiple videos, but the latest ones are all about Warframe. I am linking you both the channel and the Playlist, I grouped them all so that you won't spend so much time browsing them all. http://www.youtube.c...erskayaVintovka is the channel http://www.youtube.c...n0VxjNqS5Pk4dqc is the playlist
  3. I make Warframe videos too, should I link the whole channel or just the playlist?
  4. Same problem, same situation (only owned Warframe is Volt). Makes the usage of Overload a hazard if an enemy knocks you down and there are still bad guys around that can potentially hurt you. E.g.: if an Ancient passes by and knocks you down and some Chargers/Runners/Leapers are still alive by any chance, that's going to hurt.
  5. A couple screenies of my Volt. The colour scheme has its own reason.
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