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  1. I have to admit, I laughed out loud the first time I got to that giant a$$ dam (the very large defense map) to defend the Cryopod. Also, I had lots of fun. Definitely a must to try with a sniper rifle.
  2. I had this issue sometimes as well. What I did was, clear the download cache and let it download everything again. It worked everytime for me, so I'm confident it will do for you as well. (if you don't mind downloading everything again, that is) As for the downloading getting stuck, closing the updater and restarting it a few times sometimes works, but sometimes it doesn't. Last time I was downloading the 7.7.3 Update, had the download skip issue, so I cleared the cache, downloaded everything again and left the computer turned on for the whole night. When I got up the next morning it had
  3. Ancients are fine as they are. They are supposed to be somewhat fearsome and problematic to deal with. If you have problems, stun and/or freeze them, this way you can also close to them and charge-attack with melee until they die. Of course, if you're facing a poisonous ancient, then just stay away and fire at their feet to prevent them from closing in and keeping them staggering until they kick the bucket.
  4. Corpus crewmen can still be shot in the head and score you headshots, but their particular armor makes damage inflicting consistent for all body parts. Also, my hypothesis is they have double armor on their helmets. Try using bolt operated weapons, such as BOLTO/BOLTOR and the PARIS - when you shoot them in the head with those weapons, you will score double the damage, necause those weapons ignore armor.
  5. Cameras and all the related stuff IMO is fine as it is. The real problem is those people that can't gather enough brain cells to actually understand the advantages to have the cameras out of the way. Sometimes you can still shoot the cameras, but for the other cases... you just have to work around if whenever possible. Oh, and YELL OUT LOUD to kill the cameras, maybe some of your teammates will be able to actually read the chat (hope never dies, they say). I'm with you on the feeling of frustration on this one, btw.
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