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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  2. Passive :- Due to its broken nature at start of every mission it has a random buff like extra speed or attack speed or extra Armour and more ability 1 :- Diassembly it can disassembles its body to form a protective shield for 15 sec duration(moddable) not extra shield but more force filed which reflect bullets and slow Melle enemies ability 2 :- Looterhacker it can regenerate health and shields by using the enemy drops, pistol ammo drops gives armour, rifle ammo gives health, shotgun ammo gives shield, sniper/bow ammo give energy ability 3:- ConsciousTravel the body parts of the frame can target one enemy and that enemy will be become ur decoy for the game and hence if u die the decoy die instead kinda like u can transfer ur consciousness. ability 4:- Reassembly this ability can only be activated when ur health is below 50% this trigger a unique sentient defect when activated it cause the him to self destruct with exaulted explosion which can go through walls and his body shards fly and track enemies and kill them only to reassemble himself back to 50% health and In turn giving himself and a random ally a random buff and if solo to himself only
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