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  1. I've watched some gaming reviews on it and people have showed LoL and WoW on it, am wondering if anyone here has tried warframe on it. If so, how well does it run at 1080p?
  2. you can disable the sound by lowering the volume to zero thats what i do as for playstyles... look thats all on you. unless you have a very specific ability in mind, most abilities are passive use weapons you enjoy more or something idk, her playstyle isn't passive at all imo
  3. Account forma, delete and start all over
  4. Then whats the problem? If what you say is true then your grind tolerance is in the basement and just makes you sound even worse. (grind wasn't bad and I'm a filthy casual)
  5. It should unlock a Master lounge in an exclusive part of the relay where only sweater nerds can congregate. :]
  6. Too proud to ask for advice, skips straight to asserting that the problem is external Looking forward to hear from him about how railjack is wrong without seeking any advice and doing it all the hard way
  7. It’s as hard as you want it to be if you have metaslave tendencies then usually every game becomes easy, especially casual games and don’t forget that warframe is a casual game. No feat you do here is impressive. Just have fun
  8. Basically if it could be theorized to reduce the value of platinum Edit: no, damage isn’t bannable. Finding passive afk play styles and imba ways of gaining loot is what gets you banned
  9. In the last devstream they said something about removing archwing missions to better integrate railjack into the core game
  10. F liches keep that crap separated forever. They shouldn’t have been an island/playstyle, they should have been invasions like stalker. As they are right now is a giant annoyance demanding your gameplay focus
  11. I'm gonna be honest with you, throughout all of the nerfs and buffs over the past 2 years it really hasn't changed my playstyles much and everything that worked before still works now. The metaslaves will have an aneurysm while looking at their calculators and spreadsheets but in reality it'll probably be nothing to even worry about. Gaz complains about literally everything, nothing to see here.
  12. Yeah armor strip is such a big deal in SP people don't even realize it. In a lot of cases, removing armor is a 1400% damage multiplier
  13. Hes got around 93% damage reduction so maybe bring an armor stripping frame. My SP goto is Trinity with 100% armor strip and a crit/viral/slash heavyblade zaw. I've yet to find anything in the game that can survive (or threaten) this setup for more than a couple of seconds due to the damage rampup being so extreme. This also require no rivens, exotic forma, or helminth abilities.
  14. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/inviting-monkey-tea/201904/negative-thinking-dangerous-addiction
  15. The question is wrong. The community actually enjoys complaining. DE needs to keep this in mind when they read the forums, you need to view us primarily as flagellants. You shouldn't look at the forums' and YT content creator's negative emotions and feel bad for us, nor feel bad about causing it, because you aren't the cause of it. We are, in general, addicted to negative emotions and actively look for things to get super-dramatic about. These forum lamenters aren't wailing in misery, they are shouting in ecstasy. Its actually quite lewd.
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