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  1. I get good luck with arbitrations they often go 30min+ Especially after a new arbitration just starts, you can get loots of people willing to go until the next arbitration is available
  2. I agree with OP DE, all channeling abilities at least deserve to be looked at. Especially all exhaulted weapons
  3. Super late! Railjack is completely different now, and Gian Point is gone.
  4. So let meta slaves be meta slaves. It literally doesn’t matter. Go play rj without meta frames and guess what you’ll find? They get the job done
  5. I got 500k endo with the change and have so many credits idk wtf to do with them
  6. Just an idea I think would be awesome is an item wheel item that allows you to remotely control various things on the archwing remotely, including piloting it and gunning. This WOULD leave you vulnerable to the environment, wherever you are, if you are being shot at, this wouldn’t be an escape.
  7. I don’t like them. I don’t like the whole crew having to go into the interiors. Also not all mission types flow well with RJ. They should be in and out missions. Sabotage, Capture, spy, rescue objectives. Not defense that doesn’t flow at all. The feel like just a normal mission bolted onto the end of a RJ mission
  8. WF battle avionics aren’t as OP as WF abilities now though. You can only have one of each out at a time. Really the only OP one was tether insta-spoding the entire galaxy, and that’s being fixed. Even if this wasn’t the case (wf energy not being used) with and engineer NPC we’ll still have enough flux to keep our abilities up whenever we want. I say, it’s the same thing. The forge is just as much of an auto-replenishing battery now as our warframe energy is. “This is a problem, and it should be fixed.” I feel you, but I’ve moved on. If it were gonna happen, it would have hap
  9. Most battlefield avionics are already balanced such that you can’t have more than one out anyways. Tether being changed so that it’s not a frontloaded nuke anymore, which was the only OP battle avionic, soooo yeah. It’s not gonna change to be somehow more easy mode that a gian point nuke farm. Let’s just calm down and see what happens. I personally want my passengers to pew pew pew the whole time
  10. Nah I think this is the right move. We want sidegunners to pew pew without feeling that they are wasting resources. Pew pew pew pew pew pew shot them fighters
  11. With a good engineer you can spam flux abilities. I... there’s lots of things I could say to downplay your concerns as a defendant, but really what is needed is a prosecution of your internalized status quo. Railjack is being reformed. It’s being re-envisioned as something more closely resembling the core warframe formula (the part that most players enjoy and what put wf on the map). In core warframe, spamming of abilities supported by energy pizzas is already a thing that we do. Infinite energy is already a thing that we do with Trinity, as well as simple energy balance of powe
  12. I hope ya’ll get your button but if you don’t, I think they’ll be ok. The Tycho Seeker ammo being independent now is a huge boon. It starts out great and stays that way. Tell them to feel free to use their flux and ordnance to their heart’s content. You’ll also be able to give them your converted mods that you have a bazillion of. Here, have a seeker volley, have an ordnance cheap shot, here’s a battle forge. I think how we help them will be different. We can give them fishing poles and take them fishing and they get to use their own chum and bait, instead of them using our expert ge
  13. Well, anything is an improvement. I can't see the best and especially in RJ I can't see loot hardly at all.
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