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  1. There's no clear canon answer, but from all my reading about the game, I'll try and explain how I think it most probably works as best I can. To do so though, I'll have to go into how Tenno work a little bit, or at least my educated guess as to that. Tenno were once what we would call human. Flesh and blood, cells and DNA. Within them, like all humans, they bore what we might call a soul, a structure of possibly-transdimensional energy patterns that encoded their consciousness. The Orokin used the technology we know as Oro to store these "souls" and move them from one body to another through Continuity, using Kuva to "prime" the host body for consciousness implantation. However, when the Zariman 10-0 experienced a catastrophic Solar Rail failure and was cast adrift in the Void, this had an unexpected side effect on the to-be Tenno. For reasons unknown, their consciousness, their soul, was somehow bonded with Void energy, fundamentally altering the nature of their existence. It was unclear at first what exactly had changed, but it seems the Tenno gained the ability to connect with the minds of other beings, even subsentient robots, and even merge with them in some cases. They also seem to have gained the ability to focus the Void energy bound within them into destructive forces wielded as a weapon, or to shift themselves slightly into the Void and go unseen. However, it's not until The War Within that we get the first clear idea of what the Tenno truly are now, and not until the Sacrifice and other subsequent quests that we learn much further. To cut a long and convoluted story short, the Tenno appear to be part-energy beings, still resident in the plane of existence we know as the material universe, but no longer entirely bound to it. Tenno have physical bodies that can be injured and killed, but it seems like said bodies are more of a material projection than anything, given that A: During and after the last segment of The War Within, we can shift in and out of our Warframes at will, most clearly illustrated in the cutscene on the Kuva Fortress, where our Operator materializes out of our Warframe's chest, after having literally teleported themselves there across hundreds of thousands of kilometers of empty space, from the Somatic Relay in the Orbiter. (it's worth noting as an aside here that, from studying the Tenno, the Orokin found a way to crudely replicate Tenno transference, and created the Somatic Relay from it. This device enabled any human who sat in it to use Transference, but only to a limited, clumsy extent, unlike the ease with which the Tenno could merge and unmerge with the souls of other beings.) B: During the War Within and the Sacrifice's Operator-only segments, dying will briefly show your Operator floating in the Void in a fetal position, before respawning. Now this may sound like grasping at straws here, given that it's ultimately a game mechanic, but I believe, given everything else we see and hear about Tenno, that this is actually a visualization of what would happen if a Tenno's physical form was actually killed - being part-energy beings, a fully-awakened Tenno would reincarnate into a new body after being "killed". Now, as for Warframes, that's perhaps a bit simpler. Warframes are technically Human/Technocyte hybrids. (Technocyte being the name of the bio-mechanical blight that created the Infested; the Helminth in our Orbiter is another strain of Technocyte.) The Orokin originally made them independent of the Tenno, as biomechanical warriors to fight the Sentients. However, no matter how much the Orokin researchers drugged, tinkered, and tormented the prototypes, they could not control them - the prototype Warframes, overcome with unfathomable pain, anger, and confusion, simply lashed out at everything in sight. However, the Tenno, with their unique ability to connect to and merge with other beings, were able to join their mind to a Warframe's, and, as our old "friend" Ballas put it, take away their pain. How do Tenno actually control the Warframe? In short, when a Tenno transfers into a Warframe, their souls are essentially combined temporarily, essentially creating a new sort of being, more Tenno than Warframe in mind, but still unique. Basically, Transference allows a Tenno to become the Warframe, which, as Nutty mentioned above, explains how everything up until The Second Dream happened - the Tenno were in a deep, artificially-induced sleep in a suspension pod on the Moon, and effectively controlling their Warframe in a sort of lucid dream. Hope this answers some of your questions.
  2. I like this a lot. Seems like we could get a whole new Infested sub-theme based around the look of these Zealots.
  3. Nova - Corpus Agent: Mag - Corpus Bounty Hunter: Excalibur (umbra technically) as Captain Corpus, the Capitalist Crusader: Saryn - "Supertank Saryn, the Wolfslayer": Nova again, as Saryn's associate, the Uranian Marauder:
  4. Just a semi-random idea I had - what if we could customize the Dojo with thematic sets of assets from elsewhere in the game? All rooms would ultimately have a similar layout, but use the assets and style of, say, an enemy faction. All rooms, doors, elevators, consoles, etc. would be replaced with the alternate ones. For example, we could give our Dojo a Corpus look, using door, elevator, texture, model, sound, etc. assets from the new Jupiter Gas City. Or for fans of the Grineer, the Kuva Fortress style perhaps. Discuss?
  5. Sir or madam who wrote this, you're a bloody mucking legend. I'm not even sure what to say, other than that this is probably one of the largest, most well-thought-out concepts on the Forums. I especially like what you did with Operators.
  6. Holy Hydron the level of detail on this is nothing short of awe-inspiring.
  7. I think I have found a new bug in Archwing - while running the node Syrtis on Mars, I began occasionally being randomly teleported across the map for no immediately apparent reason. At first it was only 1000ish meters at a time, strange, but not too problematic. Then, I suddenly got throw 4000 meters out and Ordis warned me to turn back or he would pull me out. I immediately returned, and subsequently tried to finish the mission while staying as close to the middle of the map as possible. Not 60 seconds later, I suddenly was teleported so far away I could no longer see enemies or objective markers, and was floating in a gray void, thousands of meters outside the map, with the skybox visible in the distance as a rectangular "window" of space. At this point I gave up and aborted the mission. I was using the Odonata archwing at the time, and had previously run the same mission node with different Archwings and not experienced the bug. Evidence: Thrown out of the map. Lotus warned me to turn back or fail the mission, so I aborted because I literally could not see the objective any more. Video Link: Shows random teleportation in action. Was 400m away from an enemy, then suddenly was 4000m away.
  8. Totally random question, but are you going to address Railjack-related stuff with this? Cause I think there's some incredible potential for absolutely ludicrous Railjack/Archwing battles in Tau, against everything from hordes of tiny Sentient Interceptors to colossal, moon-sized Godships, basically an entire missiontype unto themselves.
  9. Name: Indominex Class: Heavy Blade (I'm relatively new to exact stats but I will give as accurate an idea as I can) Basic Concept: A mid-speed battleaxe Heavy Blade designed around a Radiation/Slash status profile, ideal for fighting heavily armored foes, but falls somewhat flat against shields (what a first - a Corpus weapon that isn't designed to be great for fighting Corpus!) Probably invented to fight Grineer and Sentients. Attack Speed: Roughly on par with Galatine Prime Critical Chance: 18% Critical Multiplier: x2 Status Chance: 25% Damage Profile: Slash and Radiation based, roughly 60 Slash and 70 Radiation Special Property: Killing enemies with this weapon applies stacks of a buff, Surge Capacitor, stacking up to 15 charges. Buff expires if not used within 5 seconds, with the duration refreshed with each new kill, even if stacks are full. Performing a spin attack while Surge Capacitor is active will immediately discharge all stacks of Surge Capacitor in an radial plasma wave, dealing base 100 Radiation damage per stack to all enemies in a roughly 15 meter radius. Performing a slam attack while Surge Capacitor is active will instead slam the small reverse blade of the weapon into the ground, discharging the buff in an explosive pillar of plasma, dealing 250 Radiation damage per stack, in a roughly 5m wide by 20m tall cylinder extending upwards from the slam epicenter. Description: Developed with the express purpose of chewing through hordes of armored foes, this highly experimental Corpus battleaxe's subminiature nova reactor lends its wickedly-sharp carbotanium blades a deadly aura of radiative hyper-plasma.
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