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  1. So im getting very tired of all these people going into spy sorites with NO idea what the game mode entails and also hosts that leave on the 00:01 data destruction timers and gives the rest host migrations. So i very much vote for "Comple 8 spy missions solo" or "Complete all 3 data vaults in a spy mission solo twice" be added as a one time unlock to be allowed into spy sorties, yeah i know most reasonable people do the spy sorties solo and then turn it back to public, but is that really the way it should be?. (probably just extra salty now since i had A LOT of those 1sec left host migrations on today sortie, but i feel its a reccuring problem almost every time a spy mission shows up).
  2. i Encountered a new issue now since the wukong rework: The monkey frame flies better than the bird frame.
  3. So many people complaining >_> why dont you all just never open the nightwave interface and you dont have to deal with the rewards then if they're not good enough for you. Only problem i have is that the extractor UI is probably going to break again now (so you have to zoom in and out on some planets several times before the extractor shows up) just like with season 1... it worked before nightwave and it worked fine in this break...
  4. Seams the duble energy colors dosent work for operators. i mix a very foruna-style cyan and purple nowdays... works for warframes, but on operators amp/zenurik dash its just cyan... and void blast is only purple...
  5. I'd like there to be some ridicule effect for when channeling is activated, since right now in the heat of combat and effects and particles flying everywhere and weapon switching cancels channeling and "block" combos equips guns as soon as you stop spamming melee attack inputs (not sure if that happens normally too or just for us with the "Use Primary fire input to melee" option, but that will presumably fix itself when the stance/combo reworks finally releases) it can get hard to tell if channeling is activated or not, since the sound is too quiet to hear when there's shooting and slashing and hit sounds, and the channeling effects on the frames are often not too preeminent, and for most extremely hard to see when the frame is in motion so what we're left with is trying to see if the glowy line that comes from the hilt is there below the weapon trail. (Controller) Also i just want to mention that the melee reworks "RB is keybind locked to ability menu and melee channel" change feels horrible, at least let us bind the regular action freely and then just have melee channel override it when a melee weapon is equipped. Take secondary fire as example, when you hold a gun, having secondary fire on RB next to RT (primary fire) makes sense, and when you hold a melee weapon RB is channeling, RT is attack and all makes sense since i don't think any melee weapon use the secondary fire function anyway. (the current default of RB is channeling, RT is Primary fire, B is Melee and click R-stick is secondary fire both sounds and feels weird and clunky to me). We already have the "Melee attack with primary fire input" option, but a "Secondary fire with Melee Channel input" (or invert it to "Melee Channel with Secondary fire input" for consistency) is what i hereby request if we cannot just get to keybind controllers freely anymore.
  6. While its nice that alerts as a whole are gone, it would be nice to have some random mission appear now and then that's completely optional and just award some standing or extra wolf creds (or later equivalent), just like how prisoners shows up now and then in regular missions. So essentially like old alters but instead of time dictated, they'd be random to maybe appear after a mission and stay up or an hour or two if you don't do it right away. Maybe even have a small chance for it to be special assassination alert to go after the Nightwave boss that's taken over some other boss room or something, i know some like myself has still not seen this "wolf dude" (is he even real and not just a myth, a Nora PR trick to get some attention with the launch of her radio broadcasts?). - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - As for suggestion for new daily/weekly missions, how about one utilizing Earths day/night cycle? (Venus is too short). Like do any earth mission node during the day part of the cycle and any (or the same?) during the night cycle, (Could also work with bountys in the plains, but we already got other systems trying to get us out on the plains).
  7. "Melee Channeling can no longer be rebound on Controller due to it completely breaking Melee 2.99997 changes. We apologize for the discomfort this may cause for those who have built their controllers comfortably around a different binding. You can't make an omelette without cracking some eggs! " I.. don't want that omelette... Can i just unbind it then? Been just fine without using channeling in the past and i want that key for other things.
  8. 1.Progress and about when we can expect Melee 3.0. 2.Same question, but for Operator hair, my bod.... MY HEAD IS READY! 3.Is there a possibility to get a "Codex Display" for the K-Drives in the future that would work like the displays we have for the ship interior but on the K-Drive, Since some of us (got no number s to show, sorry) don't like the "skater-artwork"-style, but the ship displays got tons of nice pictures.
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