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  1. I am highly displeased that we cannot use the tranq rifle on K-drives and Velocipods to hunt other Velocipods as the son suggest we should NOT do.... Also since we do not automatically equip the 2ndary, can we restore the old function of pressing X (xbox controller, not sure what the keyboard binding is) to dismount/remount K-drive when just doing tricks/driving/jumping/falling and not holding a gun?
  2. After some experimenting with the helmith it's quite clear it's lacking in the one thing we wanted from it: ability to experiment. It's very expensive to feed and subsume/infuse abilities, I had hoped the system would be more aimed towards letting long time players experiment and change things around, but it seams more like theorycraft, then infuse once. And you can't move the ability either if you decide "hmm maybe i shouldn't had changed the 2nd ability into this, maybe it would have feelt better to have had in in the 3rd" and also the ability to swap different abilities in different loa
  3. My these are my impressions after playing Xaku for a few hours in the higher level missions and some adding some forma. and where i think the problem with the feel of the kit is and a summary of how it might be addressed at the end (Spoiler, it's mostly the cast times and animation locks). Passive: does it even exit? could we get some Baruuk style indicator? (Would be nice, but not necessary, but definetly add to "cool" factor to have some visuals, same with 4ths auto-dodge) 1st ability: cast time, duration and all that seams fine... BUT, is it just me or does it feel like we lose damage wi
  4. Oh I'm getting excited now. (Since it currently feels very weird to play the frame with lots of long and wierd casts, status procs being changed to void (Is void even updated for the new stacking status system?!) and the most expensive ability to date with both drain and duration ontop of it's high initial cost.) But how far away from a "full Community feedback pass" on the helminth economy?!?
  5. Personally I've only ever found it it caves, near the entrance. I'm guessing it's like other openworld zones that the ores and gems are more common in some parts on the map than others, I mostly did my digging around the Catabolic Gitter since there's a lot of caves in the canyon and infested doggos tracks/spawn that i had to grind for the rank 3 rank up anyway. I didn't know you had to kill with operator for the pillars so doing that whenever you pass one is probably worth it too, as you can get stuff you'll probably need for something in the future too.
  6. Seams people going on about "It removed the cyst!, and now door won't open!" didn't actually unlock the helminth system before they sat in the chair >_>. But for feedback, definitely Bile needs a second pass, other categorys seam fine, but in Bile there is time sensitive resource that you can't stockpile, several railjack resources that generally are very costly compared to regular resources, 1 drop from a specific enemie on a specific mission on a specific planet (WTF?!), an unreasonable amount of cryotic (I'm never getting that hammer), a periodic event-limited resource and no "res
  7. Agree on Bile, other categorys seam fine, but Bile is time sensitive resouce that you can't stockpile, several railjack resources that generally are very costly compared to regular resources, 1 drop from a specific enemie on a specific mission on a specific planet (WTF?!), an unreasonable amount of cryotic (I'm never getting that hammer), a periodic event-limited resource. So most will probably be stuck on giving it a "balanced" diet of Morphics and sludge and starving it between feeds to get that green up arrow. Even better, subsuming frames and all ability transfers so far i've unlocked
  8. Tied in a bit to the helminth system i think the "invert ability tap/hold" option should be split into "invert tap/hold abilities" (Like the new additions to magnetize and Air burst) and "invert toggle abilities" (Like Quiver and whatever vaubans balls are called). Since the normal tap/hold ones makes sense but the toggle ones feels wrong by default but you cannot change only one type. and now that there's some of those abilities up for grabs for all frames i figured it worth rising the concern. Also ability to feed the cyst to the wall thing instead of carryin
  9. Bountys rewarding tokens so you can hand them in for standing when you need to instead of missing out when cap is reached/not feeling like doing bountys a day: Good. Adding tokens as a pain in the ass thing to trade for with x amount of impossible to pronounce long name stuff: very, very bad. Mining and father tokens are not as bad as they at least have some easy turn ins but the son and daughter ones are horrible and even if you go fishing for a while it's not sure if you got all the things needed for even a single token! those two really should have some easy turnins too like the other tw
  10. "Mag’s Magnetize now has an added functionality as seen in the “Awakening” cinematic. Now, when Magnetize is held vs. tapped to cast, Mag creates and holds a Magnetize bubble in front of her that absorbs projectiles. Recast the ability to throw the absorbed damage in a cone back onto enemies. Mag can also walk while holding the bubble. " A sneaky Mag buff hiding in the "general changes" after all the other changes and additions i see. Didn't even get a "warframe changes" category for little Mag.
  11. So with the recent change+upcoming change to the Derelict since having a key system severely affects matchmaking and co-op. and most nodes with a key system have had them removed over time, right now i think the only remaining ones are the mutalist Alad IV boss and the Rathuum arena. So i propose the judgement points be removed for consistency and co-op accessibility. ESPECIALLY for the boss, do we not "The Tenno cheaters have decided to disrespect the rules of Rathuum, and come after me directly." after all?
  12. The "tool tip" for Steel path lists the bonus levels, stats and boosters. BUT it forgets to mention the constant, no-delay shield recharge. You notice it clearly if you have a strong and a weak weapon that if you damage the shields and then switch to the weak one the shields are going up while you're spraying in their face with the pea shooter. I suppose it's there to compensate for the damage reduction Grineers have, but i don't like that it's not listed anywhere since that's not how shields usually behave(i think, non-steel path test subjects died to pea shooter without providing suffi
  13. An unwelcome nerf, not not entirely unexpected. ..the MR requirement halving i don't get the reasoning behind thou
  14. Host/Expected behavior: Throwing canisters keeps secondary weapon equipped as when you held it. (both phases). and canisters splash thermia on the boss clearly showing a successful hit when shot (2nd phase). Client behavior: Throwing canisters switch to earlier equipped weapon (primary/secundary/melee, didn't try archwing gun), it IS kinda hard to shot thrown canisters if you wacked some spiders and get your melee unexpectedly pulled out (both phases). Canisters does not splash thermia when shoot near it, and given the clients sometimes spotty hit-detection with the canisters already it's
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