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  1. There's no feedback thread for the new mission types. So i just going to put it here since it seems the broadest. It's quite depressing starting the new railjack experience, seeing that the majority of nodes are now corpus (already developed a seething anger towards their crewship shields). and then see that there's so much of those damn "railjack defense"(More like the 2nd worst defense tile after that uranus interception tile that is still a defense map even after a proper def tile was added) and orphix missions (seriously how do you even complete those in solo? I thought i just needed
  2. The NPC crew REALLY needs to be able to handle the "Ship crew blow up external radiators plz" objectives in those missions that splits the "team" between a away team and a ship crew with hacking consoles and destoying external objectives, i really though getting a crew would be the end to the tedious run back and forth to complete those missions. Engineers also needs to stop slacking on their job, they never forge energy refill (is that supposed to be tied to the warframes? i thought railjack had it's own energy) or forward artillery (manually forging that increases the cap btw). So even
  3. The forward artillery forges max ammo instead of restocking supply (supply automatically jumps up to max when the cap increases). like have 0/2 "nuke"s. forge, get 3/3 when when used them up too and need to forge more it turns to 4/4. Also (probably) since the forge "nuke"s are tied to ammo cap instead of supply, NPC crew engineers doesn't forge that ammo type when you're out.
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: UI missing when in Necro mech (railjack) REPRODUCTION: Seems to brake if you fall though a hole in the floor on the optional objectives in railjack missions to board while in a mech, forcing the game to transition from mech mode to archwing mode which is not possible under any other circumstances and likely is what causes the mech UI to disappear on subsequent deployments and missions until the game is restarted. EXPECTED RESULT: Mech should have an UI as usual when next you deply it. OBSERVED RESULT: Mech UI "forever" lost after a mech to arc
  5. So after playing 3 missions these are my initial encounters for the return of bugjack. (irrelevant/outdated) Waypoints all over the place. (all 3 missions) Waypoints outside map. (probably all 3) Waypoint missing distance counters. (3rd mission) UI missing in Necromech. (2nd & 3rd missions). Necromech "Press Y to throw canister" message inaccurate since i don't have that bound to that key (controller, 1st mission only since UI missing for other missions). Kavat died 20k meters away (Was either in archwing or already returned to railjack at the time, 2nd mission). As well as
  6. Railjack mod "Particle Ram" is bugged/typo-ed at rank 6. Description when upgrading says "940 DMG, 4sec duration". it SHOULD be 840. currently in-game, R2: 680, R3: 720, R4:760, R5: 800, R6:940, R7: 880, R8: 920, R9: 960, R10: 1000 It means the ram is stronger at rank 6 than it is at rank 7 and 8.
  7. So the current design decision is that Zakti does self-stagger, BUT that also clashes very hard with the original design decision that Zakti opens enemies up for melee-finishers. (So apart from the weird thing of getting knocked of your feet from a small gas puff). So i think someone at DE needs to take a look into that weapon and decide, IS it a melee-synergy weapon to be used at close range (like originally) OR should it be a explosive damage-over-time (like the new design (-sound)). And really, that design dependency should have been decided on during the prime variant design phase a
  8. I also really hate this stance now, I haven't used any 2h katanas in SO long. The end of some of the combos in this stance are so dreadful and apart from dodging your pretty locked into standing there looking stupid with the sword swung too far behind your back when you really want to change to your gun or cast abilities. So because it's so clunky now i just dismiss any thoughts i have about using them or getting any skins for them. REALLY hope we'll get another 2h katana stance since they don't seem to revisit the stances again for a long while.
  9. I don't know about you, but 2.0 seems like a downgrade to me. Before: watch stream, get rewards. After: watch stream, remember to turn on the annoying spam-"chat"-thingy, actually look at spam-block for the rewards message, do whatever the claim procedure us, get rewards, quickly hide the spam block again. Can we just stick with the old one? I don't see the benefits at all, just more steps and inconvenience to achieve the same result as before <_<
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