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  1. 1 or more portals... and I don't see no rule against multiple Novas....
  2. "Fixed missing reticle when Transferring to Operator while in Titania’s Razorwing." what?! But you CANT use transferecence in razorwing! atleast not with controller! also will archwing melee changes apply to titania too?
  3. Passive: Prototyping Description: Grants passive damage towards the faction Eornheit is currently aligned to and siphons their energies while nearby. Function: gives a passive 3% bonus damage (like bane mods) towards the faction the 1st ability has aligned him to. Extra ability base durations cannot be increased by mods, but when near enemies the void siphons their energies, dealing small amounts of damage and restores Eornheits health/shields by % of siphoned amount while extending the duration by +0.2(?)sec per target every they're in sec they're in range, passive scaling with range/duration mods(?) Only siphons targets of the aligned faction normally, siphons all factions while 4th ability is active. 1st: Data Sampling Description: Yoink a fragment from the target from a distance, restoring health and granting an faction alignment based on the target. Function: Single target ranged ability, steals health from target and makes them stagger forwards (damage scaling on hes own health+power strength?) and grants him alignment towards the targets faction, having an indicator in the bottom right for current faction alignment. 2nd: Field Testing Description: Temporarily locks in the current faction alignment, granting themed buffs Function: Locks in the current alignment for 40(?)sec,buff depends on alignment ("holographic" visual indication would be nice): Corpus: +1000(?) Shields (And extra shield gating?) Grineer: +600(?) armor Infested: Increased Melee damage (Big increase to damage, maybe a tiny, tiny bit to speed) Sentient: Stacking damage Reduction, ("adaptation" mod issue/stack/combine?) (Corrupted: Same as original faction, trigger orokin energy plates like a prime) <-might not be necessary (health and shield numbers imagined for a modded,"typical" build) 3rd: Frame Remnants Description: Utilize the remaining energies found in Eornheits parts Function: Ivara/Titania/Vauban/Wisp-style hold-to-toggle,press-to-use ability, (damage scaling with enemy levels like flechette orb plz) 1.Release a frontal cone of flames (Reminiscent of Embers 360 fire wave) 2.Release large quantity of radioactive orbs in all directions, explodes on impact (reminiscent of Oberons 1st ability) 3.Shoot a quick-moving, slightly homing orb that releases a large EMP blast of magnetic damage where it hits (Was supposed to be Mag inspired but seams more like a quick but basic Nova orb now) 4th: Void Implementation Description: Utilize the void to enhance Eornheits every aspect Function: Eornheits energy tubes visually flares up while active, granting a small AoE effect to hes first ability (but still only takes alignment indication from the primary target), the 2nd ability grants all faction bonuses for the duration, and the 3rd ones gets a visual enhancement and mixes in some Void damage in their original effects (void damage % of original scaling with power strength). Idea behind this kit design: Eornheit Gets weak base stats with near to none shields/armor(or actual none) and then uses hes first 2 abilities to test and "complete" himself, and granting him the stats he lacks at base. Since warframes are just weapons made to fight the sentients, my imagination of Eornheits theme is that hes broken so he partially tries to complete himself, but also partially tries to improve it to become a perfect weapon, so i went with a layered, well-rounded approach where he tried to utilize what he has (3 and 4th ability) but also gain the enemies strengths (1st and 2nd) to use against them. and then with the passive incorporate a bit of the "hes broken, but held together by void energies" by "breaking" how duration mods work on him and will make him quite unique. Final note: I'm unsure if the 4th ability adding void damage to the 3rd is even ok or if that's exclusive to operators since Revenant only does regular damage types despite hes theme (granted Tau/Sentient damage probably came after him if i remember correctly), but i felt like trying to merge the 3 ability together would easily be very convoluted.
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