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  1. The main part of the Enthra syanada (from Nyx deluxe boundle) disappear when Ivara prime uses prowl, the dangly-bits gets the galaxy-like prowl effect but the main piece(s) of the syndana becomes 100% invisible.
  2. Ivara prime uses the regular Artemis bow to shoot the "Quiver" arrows instead of the prime variant. (Happends both when holding regular weapons and even the prime Artemis bow)
  3. UPDATE: I tried with Cernos Prime and it does not have this issue so might be Daikyu-specific. (happends with both base Daikyu and when using skins)
  4. When fully drawing Daikyu arrows (haven't tried other bows) there is a energy effect, a pulse and a flame-like effect one using the primary and the other the 2ndary energy color. The problem is the unlike the pulse, the flame-like particle effect sticks to the bow. and drawing more arrows adds more particles..and more.. and more.. so here is some screenshots after shooting a couple of arrows (without arrows even nocked, was out of arrows for half the pictures too). 2 of the pictures is with the melee and 2ndary weapon equipped to show that the effect lingers even when your not holding the bow.
  5. Fully drawn Daikyu arrows (maybe all bows?) broke last major patch and spawn more and more lingering particles on the weapon. Still cant see what im shooting at after a while.
  6. No fix for the new bug of arrows (just Daikyu?) spawning more and more lingering particle effect every time you charge a shot? 😧
  7. Found 2 new bugs since this update: Daikyu (Other bows too?) makes and energy effect on the middle of the arrow when fully drawn... but its never removed, regardless if you shoot the arrow or cancel, the energy effect remains, and drawing another arrow spawns more particles and in the end you got a weapon trail of a intense grouping of particles (possible performance hit for weaker systems?), putting away the bow just moves the particles to your back and the only way to get rid of them is to die (Thanks Lich for the assist, please do it more often). I'd like to see where i shoot please. Going invisible (Skiajati finisher etc) with Equinox now removes the visuals from Maim&Mend. It was a nice synergy with sleep and that sword. Shame to see 2 bigger bugs pop up in my loadout at the same time, guess i'll use Nova (read she finally can do something after casting Null Star now) and some of those worryingly-high community usage weapons for a while now then
  8. IT happened!! after all these years, it finally happened! Now we just need a fix for her worm hole augment not using your energy color for clients too, but guess i'll wait a few more years for that then.
  9. I like this change, but it seams Riven mods with crit chance is unaffected by the "non-combo counter" crit chance mod buff and are still using the old "melee mods have low crit chance compared to primary/secondary crit mods" ideology. I can see some concern about how high the total crit chance will get, but im also worried that the current iteration makes crit chance an(other) unwanted reroll stat since you'll probably get more benefit from critical damage or just base damage/elements when they dont add as much compared to the normal mods. Guess we'll see for now.
  10. The "Reflection" (??% of damage taken is reflected when blocking attacks while channeling) mod seams to have forgotten the part about channeling being removed. So is it always active now? EDIT: Exodia Epidemic only triggers on normal ground slams, but not on heavy slams. not sure if it's intended or was overlooked with all the changes.
  11. You cannot manually block while in melee mode on ziplines, (auto blocking works on ziplines if you just draw your melee weapon)
  12. Please make that a bug-turned-feature! Lich giving extra progress and having others show up on missions was the reason i felt it was worth doing lich missions in public settings with bosses showing up now and then, now we're back to indifference, we dont even know if the guy will bother stabbing the lich (sruprisingly many dont) so no point to bother fighting them in public groups now, just run past them to the extraction. In short the higher progress on testing on lich added incentive to the hunted player to fight them instead of ignoring them, but the other 3 is one again back to "whats in it for us?", counting on player good will is just not enough in most cases and its well known on the internet.
  13. THAT is the problem when setting all and everything o fire with ember, they DO die.
  14. First 2 bug reports: The new T5 relics doen't count towards Nightwave "open X relics" missions. You can run around with Parazon equipped as a "gun" after hacking consoles(aims, but can't shoot), I believe this is related to using the "lock into melee mode" in conjunction with inventory items (Synthesis scanner etc) and/or the Melee-only alerts. And then 2 suggestions: Lower the amount needed to figure out the lich weaknesses 😧 It takes sooooooo long (also it seams that Embers crazy 4th abilits heat procs swarms can easily and quickly kill them when they're waiting to be assassins creed stabbed). And consider take a 2nd look on Vaubans "Overdriver", its almost impossible to hit moving team mates with it since both the animation is slow and the buff range is both small and only affects 1 target, Does it even work as intended? it says 19M range with my build but i pretty much has to throw it on my feet or in someones face for it to work.
  15. Ahh dedicated melee mode again, how i missed thee. Surprised there are people that actually liked this new instant swap and auto blocking system. Well the instant swaps might still be there (Still think it looks really weird that the weapons you hold teleport to their "holster" and the weapon you want appears like magic in your hands) and auto-blocks that interrupted other actions, like if you run up to a enemy currently and try to do a heavy attack in hes face, all he has to do is shoot once to damage you (since its a %damage reduction) and interrupt your attack since you get forced into blocking. This also means we'll be able to "aim glide" with melee weapons again 😄 good times. Its a bit funny how that high rated post on the first page advocates the importance of blocking with a street fighter clip.. personally i feel more badass manually blocking dangers than having a system automatically doing it for me. But now we have block on the aim key again, heavy melee on the old channeling key (is that still a locked keybind for controllers?) and normal attacks remains the same, but talk about a rage mode, i wonder if that will have trigger conditions because if its a manual keybind there will be more keys to bind, can get troublesome to work that into some keybind setups and a extra key to bind on controllers can also be troublesome, its quite packed already and any and future locked keybinds makes it harder to make a working setup. Edit: I see mod changes in the dev workshop, but no mention about the changes to Zenuriks channeling efficency, or Naramon(i think it is) special combo counter or arcanes related to the old systems (A lot of the Zaw ones are quite channeling oriented).
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