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  1. Yeah, they kinda resemble what Loki's horns look like in general: there's a pair (or 2 pairs like on pic 2) of them, and they face different directions. If I were to make a helmet for Volt with horns, I'd make them smaller and back-facing to give the warframe a more swift look.
  2. Hi. Unfortunately, you can't modify the warframe body or make your own model of it. The Tennogen creators are only allowed to retexture the existing bodies and make custom helmet models. Helmets on the 2nd and last pic look pretty neat, but imo they would fit Loki aesthetics a lot more.
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    Coming Soon: Devstream #116!

    Any plans for new syndicate weapons / weapon augments? Any plans for Phorid / Sergeant 1.0 and Lech Kril 2.0 rework? Any updates on Volt's cloth physics?
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    The event's pretty decent so far, but one thing bothers me: why is Sargas cooperating with the Grustrag Three? He was the one who had concerns regarding their release (see Shik Tal's Codex entry). Hek might have sent them to assist in Sargas' efforts and the latter might have no other option but to cope with it, but still...
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  7. Have you considered creating a skin for Volt? He got a deluxe / proto skin recently, but it's not really what I (and possibly other Volt players) expected to be made for him. I'd be more than happy to buy a Volt skin made by you.
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