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  1. That'd definitely be funny, but still I doubt it would hasten the process of Volt getting cloth physics he deserves. I also sorta hope his not-yet-existing deluxe skin will feature similar cloth (with proper physics), and it could be a start of reworking physics of the default Volt mesh.
  2. As a long-time fan of Volt, I can relate to that.
  3. Can't say exactly, since I don't do SO often and only need 1 more part, but I started farming her a couple days after she was released and am still doing that.
  4. Any updates on Volt's cloth physics?
  5. Well, we're working on our own now with Ordis who had set up a hologram of Lotus so we don't feel that lonely. But, honestly, I'd prefer to get mission directions directly from Ordis or at least a syndicate leader I'm on good terms with and whose sigil I'm wearing at the moment. I'll be fine with the Lotus returning to our side, but I think Tenno need to get over the affection for her.
  6. Good idea, especially considering there are riven mod-related missions where you have to not kill anyone. Not everyone has Loki/Ivara/Ash/Octavia/Shade for that kind of missions to run around unnoticed, and being constantly attacked while playing any WF without invisibility might be annoying. In a situation like this it would be great to hold enemies at bay without actually killing them.
  7. Regardinng signature weapons: is there a chance for Prime weapons and gear to receive similar bonuses when used by Prime warframes from the same PA? For example, Stradavar Prime and Tipedo Prime would get a certain buff when held by Equinox Prime etc.
  8. Any plans for new syndicate weapons / weapon augments? Any plans for Phorid / Sergeant 1.0 and Lech Kril 2.0 rework? Any updates on Volt's cloth physics?
  9. The event's pretty decent so far, but one thing bothers me: why is Sargas cooperating with the Grustrag Three? He was the one who had concerns regarding their release (see Shik Tal's Codex entry). Hek might have sent them to assist in Sargas' efforts and the latter might have no other option but to cope with it, but still...
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