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  1. You can leave the rift by doing a backflip(it doesnt apply to limbo)
  2. Elite sanctuary onslaught
  3. But there is high chance that I will meet saryn in pubs so I like to go with trin because of energy boost.
  4. I know that the most important are first seconds of each zone because of focus booster. I know about affinity sharing so I only equip frames and gear with lenses.
  5. Hi. I have tried farming focus in eso. So far, so good, but I cant reach 100k focus in one run. I have greater lenses on my trin and ignis and the biggest gain was about 70k. I reckon it depends on the dps in our team, because to be honest, I wouldnt survive 8 waves of eso if hadnt been for saryn or volt help. How to maximize the effect? Im doing without a booster and smeeta. I have also unlocked naramon's affinity spike. Hunting for eidolon is more efficient but I cant do a tricap without help from dps. With a good squad we can do about 10 teralyst caps which is 250k focus per night.
  6. As far as I know, there isnt much dmg to lures during teralyst fight, so I can take harrow to the fight. I only hunt for teralyst so its not so complicated
  7. Hi. I have done about 15 teralyst caps and not a single arcane nullifier dropped. I know its very few tries but I still get arcane ice, victory instead of this. I only have one nullifier and I dont want to spend plat on it yet.
  8. Can you help? Im still using esync-protonified-pba 3.18 with dxvk 0.96 because newer versions seem not to work. Basically default lutris warframe setup. But I still get cracking audio. I want to ask, how to install warframe with steam on linux? It would be cool idea to have it.
  9. You can swap mods on ignis to get desired damage type and play quick round of SO. Its the easiest way to complete these challenges. When it comes to radiation dmg, using oberon ground also counts.
  10. Seriously, I just want to catch a Lure but the Grinner are becoming alerted and then a bazillion of them comes in and hits you. It is very annoying that they are everywhere. Vallis is much more peaceful, at least you kill 3 enemies and a beacon and its done. Im just asking, I dont want to hate or something like that, but just asking.
  11. Nights are darker than they used to be. My first experience with new Plains was hitting the tree with archwing at night 😔
  12. You can actually complete the mission. Everyone, besides the person who can pass bugged doors, have to let themselves die. Simply by exposing themselves to enemies. You wait until you bleed out. When 3 people die, the alive one can extract.
  13. Hi. Ive noticed recently that I get magnetic dmg while being in void mode during Eidolon energy spike. I thought that switching to operator and void mode denies magnetic dmg. But I still get that dmg and I am left with no energy.
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