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  1. Sorry, I stated it wrong. I wanted meta defense especially for farming relics.
  2. Which frames fit into defense meta? My suggestions are: Speed nova to speed enemies Saryn for killing Equinox/Rhino for buff? And for the last one?
  3. I think that chroma will be popping limbs in a matter of a second, so nobody needs to help him and therefore he can have as low range as he can. In coordinated groups shields are taken down very fast, so the crit buff duration is enough. Sometimes even with negative str you can see that after popping the limb, you still have 1s left on your covenant. Its this fast. Oh and volt shields stack for dmg and electricity for frame up to 6 shields.Only operator is affected by one shield only. Its ok that you want to try something new. Its all about having fun.
  4. I have heard that there are two past forms of spell: spelled and spelt. Just like showed and shown.
  5. Why is nightfall not worth? You may get growing power which is not dirt cheap.
  6. I forgot that after certain rank, you get paired with every player no matter which rank you have. Its fine as an addition to pve. Pvp is just an extra entertainment
  7. I wonder how MR1 or MR0 excaliburs are killing me easily with mk1 weapons? Are they smurfs or what? I know that these weapons are good but you wouldnt expect from a fresh player to be a pro
  8. Yes but then how does ordis craft energy pads? I understand that polymer is used to make a covering but where is this energy from? Nano spores?
  9. Its fun, really fun. Very different from PvE, you feel so slow and heavy(gram is heavy), no mods, weapons deal little damage. You need to be quick but its satisfactionary. Now I see the use of some abilities like loki specter. You can trick people that this is you and you then slam with your melee and get a kill. What is true, however, that the grinding is hard. If you are good, you can get 2-3k standing or more from one match. But if not, then you will get little.
  10. I use r3 Arcane Healing and r0 Arcane Healing for this. I can use saryn in defense sortie then 🙂
  11. I meant nightwave elite weekly
  12. Cant they just make an elite weekly: Complete 10 matches in Conclave? Then everyone would start playing it for about a week.
  13. They should add new elite weekly Complete 10 Conclave matches
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