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  1. For years Players have asked for a Trading Post to upload their items to a market at a Price they place. If you want a Fair economy then I STRONGLY suggest you add a market Place trading post to Maroos Bazaar. You can upload a Set of a item as a trade or single items. But your limits to the number of listings you can upload will be limited to your MR just like normal trading. Further more adding the ability to Trade players while they are on your ship and you invite them to your ship should also be an option. You can also MR lock the Auction trading Post to say MR 5 or higher. Also when placing a item in the Auction Post it will only remain for 24 hours just like daily resets, this will force players to swap out items or update their prices accordingly and stimulate they to try different items. Same trade restrictions will be in place. You cant buy a riven if your not the MR or weapons or arcanes. Adding this would i believe would actually INCREASE the number of total trades a day that happen and will create a better economy because you will be able to search items and rivens and sort by price.
  2. Nezhas first ability- At the moment you can't get the aoe explosion if u kill the enemy's with ur weapons, the only way to get the explosion is if FireWalker kills them. Change need- any enemy killed while fire procced by FireWalker will release the explosion. This will result in a neat mechanic of like line of TNT exploding down his FireWalker. Blazing chakram- let the ability simply just auto target and ricochet between enemys. The healing pulse range was larger then "melee range" it also allowed the players to heal sentinels and pets. With the change to it becoming low HP orbs I don't believe sentinels pick up orbs for them selves. Warding halo- with the changes you suggested you are basicly saying it is iron skin but with a hole. This will lead to your large halo u buffed from the initial cast to some times be shot through and hit nezha. This will lead to you having say a 50k halo you made to become useless. And the way you worded it "90% damage reduction" is not true. Because we already kno as a community halo and ironskin are not effected by say trinity blessing or blocking. And by saying its 90% DMG reduction is just an underhanded wording when really it means 1/10 hits basicly ignore your halo and hit nezha. Divine spears- u got this one correct. My final thoughts - simply let halo be like ironskin but give the fire aoe and invincibility timer once your halo depletes. Fix how the aoe explosion works on FireWalker. Keep chakram an aoe heal. Its range is larger then you think because it does scale with range mods too
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