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  1. What items do you usually look for when buying low and selling high?
  2. After grinding void relics for a while, I finally have about 300 platinum accumulated. I'm thinking about buying a warframe set but don't know what to buy. Can somebody please give me some suggestions as to what warframe set to buy. Is there a set that I must have that's crucial for progressing deep into the game.
  3. What are the meta warframes currently?
  4. I want to sell a chroma prime neuroptics blueprint. I saw on warframe market that there are buyers who want to buy the blueprint. How do i contact the person who wants to buy the blueprint from warframe market when it says they are online in game.
  5. What is a site that tells me how much my prime stuff is worth in platinum?
  6. Can you please tell me how I can recruit the taxi
  7. I read on the warframe forums that orokin catalysts can be potentially obtained through watching developer livestreams on twitch. I believe the next livestream is today at 2:00 P.M. ET. I just want to know how I can get orokin catalysts by watching dev livestreams. Please tell me the steps I need to take.
  8. I am trying to build the tenno lab in my clan dojo so that I can research the archwing launcher segment. I already have a reactor room and an oracle room. What steps should I take next to construct more rooms? It's not letting me construct more rooms. Also, is it necessary for me to have an ascension altar to construct more rooms. Thanks for the help.
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