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  1. yup just with a different loot pool. Since the keys (to my knowledge) are only used to open dragon vaults, adding new kinds with the same kind of key that have different loot can give them more uses.
  2. omg this is such a cool concept I love it. With the fourth ability Id add in the animation plays out where the warframe puts their arm out and the ospray hovers over their arm before transforming into the gun, like how someone calls a eagle. my only concern is that the ospray is to similar to Khora's passive cat, with the 3 different types and being able to be resummoned, so Id change it so its like gara's talons passive. You can either use your pet, or the ospray, but not both.
  3. So those of you with the new Helminth Upgrade probably saw how we have Riven versions for our warframes, where you can give a specific warframe a buff for a couple of days. When looking at this, I was wondering if something could be added to the abilities we have for Helminth. Something where, we can add more then one ability to our frames. Now I know people are worried about it being OP if we could even add a second ability. With this I understand, because certain combos can really wipe the map before other players could react, and as someone who tries to level up his frame in SO, I get it, another player pressing 4 and wiping out the map can be boring (looking at you Saryn players). So in this concept, what if we had the ability to give our warframes 4 new abilities to replace their kit BUT, it was random? It would work exactly like rivens, where you place your warframe, we could click a new prompt called evolve. Helminth would then take a resource, and then give us four randomly picked abilities from his list. This way, everything is random, and its tied to the specific frame. Just as each riven is one of a kind, each kind of evolution would be 2. With it being such a strong ability, I feel like your system should be rank 20 to do this, with rank 16-19 being new passives that can be used in the helminth system. If this system is added, Id rather the helminth system not take kuva like Rivens, just because kuva is already used a lot for crafting, and Id rather the resource be something players have a lot of but never use. Maybe Orokin Ciphers, since we use keys now but you still get ciphers when you finish a vault. Could tie in that Helminth requires the "knowledge of the old ones" in order to evolve us. Since your changing four abilities and a passive, Like rivens start the cost at 1 cipher and increase the price by 1 every time you evolve the same warframe. Players get the choice to keep the same evolution or not, exactly like a riven.
  4. Its a cool idea don't get me wrong, but the ideas are kinda meh to me. its just that they are very similar to abilities we already have in the game, so idk it just doesn't grab my attention. How about this as a tweak to the concept: Warframe name Dolos ( the spirit of trickery and guile) Similar to Loki, but instead of tricking your enemies, you use your spiritual ability to possess them and overtake their spirits. Lotus introduction: "This is Dolos, the spirit. A master of the astral plane, he walks the path between this life and the next" All his abilities could be about spirits and using a astral form, using shields as a energy source.
  5. Personal opinion what I always thought they should give us weapons that can only be found if your the right alignment, like the syndicate system. Light weapons have to deal with buffing allies neutral weapons have to deal with buffing your operator Dark weapons have to deal with debuffing enemies. Works the same way as syndicate weapons where you have to build a charge for them.
  6. Gotta agree with the others, it does sound complicated. However I would like the idea to swap or change passives, as some I find not my cup of tea (sorry Oberon) Maybe these passives could relate to the operator, since people tend to try to play them more?
  7. I agree. See in my eyes a very simple fix would be to let us use more abilities for our helminth system. Now I do agree letting every ability be used would be op for some warframes. However, I feel a very simple fix for this is to just let the "first" frames be able to be used for any ability. What I mean is let anyone put a mix of abilities from Volt, Mag, Excalibur, and L into any warframe. To give you an example, lets look at Limbo. Look wise, I love limbo, how he looks and how he interacts with things is what got my attention. However even after reworks, I feel like I still get in the way of my team when I use my abilities. However I do know people still like him for what he can do. So heres the solution. Rather then try another rework or tweak to try and make both players happy, if the team added this system in it would fix both problems. What they can do to help balance is you can only choose one ability to replace from each frame, Meaning You couldn't put all three of their 1st ability on your frame. If this system was added, for me personally My ability list would be: Ability one:Mags pull Ability 2: Volts shield Ability 3:Excalibur's Javelins Ability 4:Replaced with helminth ability that lets me heal others using energy (Forgot what its called)
  8. I like it, its a cool idea. Only thing I would add is vaults. Opened the same way using keys like regular vaults, but these have unique data. Perhaps it could be new abilities for the helminth system? Like corrupted mods, but instead of mods its abilities or even passives.
  9. I agree. It really stinks that after all that work their stuck as being only a defense gun. It would of been nice if they either: Had other roles Could call upon them like spectors Could change them up Before anyone says anything about them being op if they lasted longer then 3 minutes when they get summoned, Multiple frames already have abilities to call in help. Wukong even has a spector that is permanent until killed. Having our own lich who goes on a 5 minute cooldown if killed wouldn't be the end of the world in a pve game.
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