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  1. The scrambler was intentionally removed so DE can take feedback on how to re-deploy it or something else regarding Kubrow customization.
  2. I never got downed in Dark Sectors after Update 14 so I can't tell you if I get that issue.
  3. A. Loyalty = the amount of damage your Kubrow does. I've been unfortunate to get attacked by Stalker with every chance I get to take out one of my Kubrows, therefore his loyalty is low. He deals 0% damage and growls at my presence. B. I don't... know? Sentinels aren't organic/have feelings I guess? C. When loyalty reaches minimum, I'd assume they become insubordinate along with their lack of damage, but I haven't depleted my Kubrow's loyalty entirely so I can't confirm. You can restore it by interacting, which you can do 3 times a day to increase loyalty. Nope, you can't.
  4. Update 14 is still buggy, I doubt it'll be coming this soon. Then again, DE's maddeningly zapping away the bugs, so it's a possibility.
  5. Silly dudes, that's what she want you to believe! Why else do you think she gives us free gifts? We're unaware that she's preparing us for something big that she has planned. Conspiracies, conspiracies everywhere!
  6. Trowicia

    3 Raksa...

    I LOVE VSauce's videos!
  7. Problem solved as of Hotfix 14.0.7! Thanks DE!
  8. Are they really? I was just a little bummed out about the removal but I didn't make any noise about it. Yeah I remember them talking about it in a dev stream about how they liked the mechanic, it kinda boggled my mind as to why it was removed. I'm happy to know it was accidental and not intentional.
  9. To be honest I was a little more than "on-the-fence" about introducing PVP to Dark Sectors, but yeah it was actually pretty interesting to see everything balanced. For craps and giggles I took my Penta with me and I just kept knocking people down with it since they didn't die that easily. I don't think I'll get into conflicts that often however until or even IF a PVE version comes around.
  10. Look at Ember Prime on this screen, and compare it to the one (working as intended at Mod station) below: As of Hotfix 14.0.6 (20 minutes ago as of this post) this has occurred. It just looks weird, there are no obstructions whatsoever. I thought it'd be safe just to report it for the sake of making things look right.
  11. Hoo-ah! No more farting fachines (Mutalist Osprey) in Defense for now!
  12. All of my upvotes for truth. On-Topic: No seriously, I use the Iliac Syandana on my Ember Prime sometimes (Normal stance, because Agile makes her look like she got punched in the gut), and I don't care what others think about it. They can't interrupt my game experience, that's all that matters.
  13. Also, check out the weird effect from the Edo Chest Armor. As far as I understand, this chest armor is supposed to glow whenever you receive damage or tumble/slide. However it's very unpleasant to see in this manner while you're idle.
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