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  1. _Any confirmation of Ivara Prime ? _I wonder if we can have Lanka Vandal, with metalic finish. _Chat textbox bug: can't show up, occur when inspecting the tagged item and the game start loading
  2. _Ash's Fatal Teleport deal zero damage in Eidolon, unless that player is the host. _When will we have Ivara Prime ? Or anything of it is on the table ? _Please fix the annoying clipped block in wall run/climb mechanic. _One more (just one is okay) mod increase ability effectiveness _More Voice lines for Invasion mode, shall we ? For more dramatic experience. Also please change the Defense's assets. We are helping Corpus/Grinner but defending Warframe Cryopod doesn't make sense.
  3. I still can only rely on Vauban's repelling because all 3 others skills not worked great
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