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  1. Gara here. If I run into the nullifier bubble I am dead as I am losing all of my damage stack. Primary weapon is great killing all kind of enemies except reducing the bubble ( I am using plasma shotgun) so I bring a secondary which is great reducing the bubble so I can deal with the nullifiers. Also datamass and key and energy cell for excavator missions- you still can shoot while you carry stuff. For me secondary is there mainly to deal with nullifier bubbles while main gun will reduce everything to ashes.
  2. I love that at least 10 people answered, they all have opinion on the matter yet none of them using or ever tried reshade. It is pointless to ask other players, some of them see everything as hack, some of them even scared to overclock the cpu cos for that you need to use a program wich might be detected as a malicious software. Oh Come on.. Just don't cheat, don't use anything which gives you advantage Even DE said if you get banned using anything innocent send them a support ticket and they will look into it.
  3. That is bit sad. I had a couple of ideas what they could do to improve gameplay. Something like a high level farm. Warframes could have a fifth ability which could acquired if you build farm complex things which would take a long time ( like legendaries in guild wars) or they could release mega uber warframes which are majestic and looks more robust and not necessary stronger but has more abilites or special abilites to deal with specific content.
  4. Hi folks, I started the game a month ago. I really got sucked into it, the game is just amazing. I love the story, love the gameplay, the combat, the mods...I am getting more and more scared that I am nearing the dreaded endgame. I farmed Octavia, Titania, Nova, got Umbra, built Oberon, Banshee and now building Volt. Bought Nidus, Nekros prime and Nova prime with plats.Farmed orokin Vaults for mods. I got all important mods from there for builds except fleeting expertise. Built archwing got the basic K drive, farmed out Gara and built it. Forma-d Nekros, Gara, Nidus, Titania, Nova Prime, so I can have endgame builds. Sitting on mastery 9. Got so much resources I can build anything without loooking. Doing sorties daily. Bought some cosmetic items with plats.Done nightwave up to rank 24, so not much to go now. Most frames got reactor in (Umbra, Titania, Gara, Nidus, the primes. Got 3 catalyst sitting around. I did not want to buy them with plats ( or mods) to not to spoil my gameplay. I want to properly farm them so I can enjoy this game longer. I looked at eidolon fights, seems a bit weird (operator stuff) not really seems fun to me. Arbitrations are still ahead but it seems just the same as sorties. Is there anything else to do? I know I can unlock all warframes and weapons I know and do the mastery rank ups, but at this point they start to feel to same ( after unlocking this many frames the process is getting faster and honestly those 4 abilities sometimes don't make that much difference to change how the general gameplay is feels like. I love this game I am just wondering this is the end of it? Or there is more to it I am just missing something?
  5. Well ok then, Banshee in the works, redeemer being made too. If that does not work I will try Wisp with Skiajati. Something has to work 🙂
  6. Yeah this is the issue, I am following the same pattern, front left front right front middle. 18 times out of 20 I get detected anyway while I am doing these three. I am also doing the same way as I seen on Youtube (wait for them to turn away) but still somebody always sees me.
  7. I wanted to get Wisp anyway, I looked it up it seems pretty good for invisibility. 🙂
  8. Damn, maybe I won't go that high then. There won't be that much at stake at that level I guess. I think I will only do that for the sake of the MR, nothing else as everything will be unlocked. If I fail I just try another day, it won't limit my progression.
  9. Thank you very much, seems easy enough. I crafting all the parts for Redeemer ( dual skana and vasto) and tonight will start the craft. Tomorrow I will have it and I can give it a go. Got Banshee in the works too from the Dojo. If the combination of those two won't work I will try to get the Wisp. 19 maybe more difficult but now my main problem is that I am locked out of weapons (like the sentient killer is rank 10 which is most likely will be needed in the upcoming story) so I need to get at least to 10 - 12 so I can have all weapons unlocked. Thanks MystMan for recording these, you guys being truly helpful and this is an amazing community.
  10. I will try to get redeemer and see how it goes
  11. As far as I know you cannot use warframe abilities unless it is passive. Are those abilities passives?
  12. I am crafting Atterax and got glaive too. The problem with the pillars is when I land they gonna detect me from all directions from the end of the solar system.
  13. Hi fellow tennos, I am getting crazy with MR9 rank up. I done practice for days, now I attempted again 4th time and failed. Watched countless youtube videos and it seems stuff getting changed all the time so most of them out of date enemies have craaaaaaazy detection range. I can do the first and second part my eyes closed, making a tea or eating in the meantime. I understand every enemy even given them names now at the third part. I just cannot do it. I tried different tactics, killing from the left, from the right, using umbra sword wich makes me invisible, everything. As soon as I land at the third section (of course I wait for them to come up close turn their backs and that is when I jump) and make my way to kill the first one....detected. If I am getting lucky and kill the first one, tactically waiting, nobody watches, running towards the second one....detected. Once I managed to kill them all except the two at the far end with invisibility from umbra sword (just went for one after the other) but invis run out I ran to the start hiding at the very first tile ------- and guess what...they detected me from across the room like from 1000 miles. FAIL. Help please I cannot access weapons if I cannot advance in MR. I am running out of ideas now what to do.
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