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  1. Still can't see the number of an item owned on the fissure rewards screen like we used to be able.
  2. Thank you for having the drop tables updated as soon as the patch went out.
  3. Buried Debts: Hotfix 24.5.2 Fixed Soma and Soma Forest-Camo Skin not feeding the clip through the gun as you fire. Some people...
  4. It would be nicer if we could get the 100 Ducats that were the supposed to be Twitch Drop for the postponed Prime Time #239.
  5. What were the stream drop items for this Prime Time? I haven't logged into the game since earlier in the day and only had two drops in my inbox when I logged in just now, so I'm not sure if the 7,500 credits and Glyph were Fortuna drops or a Prime Time drop. 😅
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