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  1. RealmDestroyer

    Update 15.7.0 Nova Prime

    ^ >Is using icon >confirmed for roped in
  2. RealmDestroyer

    Vivergate: Vent Radioactive Gas Y/n

    My two cents? Actions speak louder than words. Please...act upon these words.
  3. RealmDestroyer

    Update 15.2.0

    I mean sink in to see the gravitas of how brutal this mechanic is.
  4. RealmDestroyer

    Update 15.2.0

    No, it wasn't a thing at first. So let that sink in.
  5. RealmDestroyer

    Update 15.2.0

    Hey, guys, how 'bout that Excalibur Super Jump, eh? Eh? INVISIBLE Also, I guess I don't main Excalibur anymore.
  6. RealmDestroyer

    Update 15.2.0

    You're basically saying 'git gud' I don't like that.
  7. RealmDestroyer

    Warframe: Archwing - Target Launch Time Announcement!

    Another one assuming they were going to definitely release it on a day that THEY expected/wanted it to. Sheesh, what a pain. This update is a massive chunk of work. Calm down.
  8. RealmDestroyer

    Thank You For Watching Devstream #39!

    Thank you, DE. This update will surely be a huge come-uppance for everyone to go in and do some great things.
  9. RealmDestroyer

    Update 14.7.0: Operation Gate Crash!

    Simply RADICAL. Thanks, DE. Keep up your hard work with your blood and sweat. We support you guys. Among those who rage at everything you do.
  10. RealmDestroyer

    Weapon Skins Contest

    I was waiting until you finished this. This is truly a work of blood, sweat, and tears.
  11. RealmDestroyer

    Hotfix 14.0.11

    THANK You
  12. RealmDestroyer

    Update 14: The Mad Cephalon

    Thank you DE, let us hope that there won't be fatal errors. Sleep well, yo!
  13. RealmDestroyer

    Devstream 31 Overview Part 2, Kubrow

    I think it would be best where they do NOT punish you. But when you pet them or whatever, they get their 'buff for the day', resetting at GMT reset hour. Caring for them should give you bonuses but shouldn't be NEEDED.
  14. RealmDestroyer

    Devstream 31 Overview Part 2, Kubrow

    I agree to both of these.
  15. RealmDestroyer

    Pc Breeding Grounds- Results!

    I'm not sure people know how, or more realistically, have the focus and motivation to put together a huge clan to go head to head, so they will just flame you guys until DE does something about it. They'll just stoke the fires until the parading stops too, because the clan name has gotten 'infamous.' Or so the community shows. Orrr something like that.