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  1. ... Being paid after receiving a gift by means of information sharing about potential enemy supplies is always a good thing... Its not a matter of principle. Its a matter of interpretation, which varies greatly from player to player, and that by itself goes against what you're trying to discuss here, which doesn't exist in the first place due to the fact that its a matter of interpretation and not a matter of principle. The old "I'm here to have fun, not work" is such a textbook excuse to avoid to do something that someone doesn't want that its actually insulting to the rest of the excuses that are actually valid and, most of the times, more important than that one. I find it particularly insulting when the game, not fixed on Warframe, is an online game with focus on grind... Grinding is work, fun comes as a bonus... And that, unfortunately, varies as greatly as the player interpretation of the "Gift of the Lotus". No, I'm not saying that people shouldn't use that excuse. I'm not even stopping them from using it... But I think that the "Have to take a dump" is a less insulting of an excuse than the first one, and this one's pretty lame one to give.
  2. ... I didn't get it. No, I'm just saying "I didn't get it" to avoid insulting your face with my bluntness because, apparently, one does get penalties for it. So~, you should probably explain it better so I can attempt at understanding what you're trying to say, so that I can give a reply that is relatively decent. Been playing Warframe since U7, and I had no problems with inventory slots... Maybe you should be more selective about what you want to keep.
  3. ... Just to point out that using Fallout 4 as an example, that was made by a company that specializes in applying false lighting in all the wrong places, doesn't really serve as a good example... ... And no, Considering that I have all Bethesda games since... "Terminator: Future Shock", or even better, "Elder Scrolls: Arena"... I can guarantee you that "Fallout 4" is no different, and I can only see that as a bad example... ... even though you're probably right in terms of script usage.
  4. Message is self-explanatory: No Riven Transmuter? No Riven Transmutation. ... Nonconstructive post on purpose. Need to make people be useful. @dsghhjbvc, you can find information on where to get them by checking the Wiki. Have fun getting them, because I know I'm having a blast.
  5. The old Arcane Helms probably work, but I think that it applies the bonus after entering a mission... I don't think it applies on the Simulacrum either. However, if the bonus isn't being applied during a mission then its ruined.
  6. ... It was fine when that bug was fixed, but I guess the lazy outcriers won so we got the bug back... and, apparently, nothing's being done about it. The TECHNIQUE doesn't exist because of it. It keeps getting interrupted... Even for players such as me, that do tap the attack button instead of tap and holding (because that's what happens) for random time intervals between 0 second and 1 second.
  7. ... Are you absolutely sure this entire topic isn't related to the reactor adjustments the PC got with 27.0.11? because it feels awfully like it is. 😛
  8. ... What's a "dogging station"? Is that a new Incubator?
  9. ... ssshhhhh~... Dude wants to be on the same level as the PC despite being on an Xbone... I guess he wants to be a beta tester for free, like many PC players actually are... But, you're right though, on a serious note... his post doesn't really make sense with his attitude.
  10. In which 98% are browser games, and 90% of those are from Nutaku alone. No, you can buy specific cosmetics and items that exist solely for paying customers that exist only in Prime Access. So~, if a color palette costs the same as an indie game in your country, you should probably consider what indie games in your country really offer when compared to what DE offers... I mean, paying the equivalent of 75 platinum for an indie game just to pay 10x or 20x more for VIP benefits, which has hundreds of servers in which 3 servers open per week and VIP benefits are server bound instead of account bound, seems a lot worse than buying a color palette in Warframe.
  11. Yes, It is. Slash Dash does that, with a remarkable damage amount that's only significant at enemies within a level range between 1 to 10, despite using the Exalted Blade for it... True, it isn't a physical manifestation, but its the Exalted Blade nonetheless. Radial Blind/Howl does that, true. Killing speed being highly dependent on the Melee weapon you're using and if you're either in front or behind the target. Radial Javelin, which is the purpose of this topic to come up with improvement ideas, appears to be useless because enemies within its max efficiency range only exist from Eris and below, excluding Lich Missions. Exalted Blade can and is used at close distances by pretty much most players but its advised to be used in Melee because that's where its max efficiency lies in. I did notice it, they're simply not relevant enough for me to care. You'll understand why later on this post. Since there's a dodge button. I don't think you would really understand why Excal is supposed to dodge if you haven't spend enough time in the game like I did, or anyone else that has been in the game as long (or longer). But hey, a Warframe's performance is pretty much player dependent anyway so~... You'll understand why later on this post. I don't, because I don't depend on energy to survive and kill. If anyone else does, that's his/her choice on the matter. Guns make the choice of Warframe irrelevant. Even the novelty variation tied to each Warframe is useless, unless there a specific mission type and/or game mode tied to it... Like Saryn/Prime. It is. The thing that players usually think as "decent at damage absorption" isn't the absurdity level ranges that players insist on reaching. And the other thing that annoys people the most is having a Warframe meant for Melee that, "apparently", isn't decent at damage absorption just because there are 2 or 3 other Warframes that take damage to the face and "apparently" have higher resilience at withstanding it. ... Gee, I wonder why... I thought that it was to teach them that dodging is actually more effective than taking hits to the face like morons but~, it might also be to improve DE's general amusement levels... That's one of the reasons why Excal's available as a beginner Warframe. That's an illusion. I believe that it was [DE]Steve that mentioned it during one of the devstreams... Warframe is balanced up, and including, to lvl100, in which a few specific missions or conditions will reach slightly above during a given mission. Enemy level range has been kept the same. Players simply get themselves into broken level ranges and then blame the game for it when they have caused their own mistake. ... What classifies those two as "signature mods"? Is it the image used for said mods? That's the thing... Excal only struggles like that, on the hands of an average player, after entering broken levels... Does it get better in better hands? Probably. "Survivability" has many faces to it. A Warframe that takes hits to the face like a stupid wall has as much survivability as a Warframe that can't take hits to the face. However, the player that's controlling it decides if the Warframe has high survivability or not. Which makes "Survivability" player dependent and not Warframe dependent. If you've missed one of my replies on the matter, let me put it here for you... Do I get hit in the face? Sure. If I do get hit, how do I survive despite what you've mentioned? Here's why. ... Which means that: I hope I was able to explain myself properly.
  12. PC had a fix when Melee Phase 2 was released, which was the removal of "Hold <bind> for Heavy Attack" and give it a bind of its own. However, 14zy p30p13 that refused to adapt went on a rampaging outcry that actually forced DE to revert that fix. So, yeah, those that actually use Melee weapons got ruined by them because stance combos continue to be interrupted due to "Hold <bind> for Heavy Attacks" mechanic, which was one of the plagues of Melee Phase 1. There is no "Technique" to be had on Melee if it gets consistently interrupted like there's no tomorrow.
  13. Actually, you can do that too... Just not with the freedom that Experimental Flight gave us. ... I'm still waiting for the ability to actually use double precision controls, instead of just my Mouse. But I'll be happy to simply use a proper analog controller, instead of that compressed debacle people insist on calling "controller" and the real name of the thing is actually "gamepad", which I refuse to use just for the better welfare of the bone structure of both my hands.
  14. "Vor's Prize" is the tutorial quest. Check the Codex if you have it completed. If not, I suggest completing it. You can check wiki, videos and such, but you won't really grasp what you're looking for. The best you can do is to ask someone ingame about something specific. That way, the player you ask about it will be able to help you properly and, if the player actually knows instead of repeating what some guide online spat out, will be able to explain why and how through their own experience on the matter. ... I've been around since U7 so~... Yeah, probably your best action is really to ask someone ingame about it.
  15. Although there is no "Colorblind Mode" option, I think that the accessibility is natively present on most things that may cover the most general cases... At least, that's what they're aiming at, don't know exactly how far they've gone with it... But~ aren't there different types of Colorblind condition? It may be possible that the general accessibility measures are presenting different results than intended.
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