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  1. Glad to know about these changes. Like some, I usually run solo so not many on my friends list. However, unlike a decent majority, I've never had the privilege of being on a Dev's friend list, thanks to my self-imposed isolation from the rest. Unless a new player directly asks me for help, I keep my presence as restricted to others as possible... And considering how I usually execute non-endless missions, its almost impossible to play with someone else more than once, excluding specific circumstances. I don't know if there were any opportunities to team up with a Dev, for example, since that's probably how I tend to populate my friends list (which reminds me, I don't need someone who hasn't logged in for 2 years straight on it, gotta clean house) but considering how "volatile" (nitroglicerine style) I usually am, I don't believe I will have the privilege of being added to a Dev's friend list. Note: none of what I just said is an indication of wanting it, this is a description of my current reality. I have plenty of room on my list, but I'm not going to populate it just to because I can... If it ends up happening, so be it. But until then, this is a fair description of my reality concerning friends list. @[DE]Rebecca I would've probably chosen to apply a shorter limit, also for database reasons, but I do believe that the 1000 limit is appropriate to start with.
  2. They are working, people... Have patience, even if you're already tired of having it... @[DE]Megan, keep up the good work. The most important thing is that it gets delivered properly, as stable as it should be. 😛
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