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  1. Its a moronic effect. Basically, it temporarily teleports the player to the captured animal, no matter the distance, "for the picture"... But I'm not sure if it relocates the player back to where he/she was though. Regardless, I don't think the "for the picture" debacle should happen. The animal information could appear while zoomed in with the tranquil rifle, and that entire debacle can just go away, leaving the players with an uninterrupted flow.
  2. ... Not enough Hemocytes to keep the thing exciting. ... The Boil should spawn Hemocytes like it spawns regular Infesteds, and spawn regular Infesteds with 40x the intensity and the amount... This isn't enough to feed Grendel...
  3. Are you sure you picked it up? ... Railjack is the only content where universal drop collection is a thing...
  4. ... Oy oy... color palettes are a thing, you know...
  5. ... I don't think I've seen an online game, from any company in the world, that allows account sharing...
  6. ... If you are using Win10, or the new one, its highly likely that a faulty OS update is causing it... That's what usually happens when you have a company that fired a vast majority of their programmers in favor of a custom built AI to throw updates at the users, faulty ones or otherwise, with high risk of permanent hardware malfunction... ... But I digress.
  7. "Enables HDR output on monitors supporting it. Requires Win10, Optimized Flip-Model, TAA 8x (High) and Disabled Dynamic Resolution" ... I swear every time I look at that description, it feels like its growing over time...
  8. .... Or make the use of "Goops" a necessary condition to collect Operational Standing.... You'll see then how many of them will bother using "goops" or the event itself.
  9. Does your monitor support hardware HDR and are you using Win10?
  10. I imagine lots of things... but right now, the only thing that comes to mind is someone exiting a dark alley smoking 9 joints of tainted stuff at the same time.
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