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  1. Oh, that's nice... ... So, it doesn't impact me in any way... Good to know.
  2. ... Its as if the alternatives to get them already built don't exist... ... Get up-to-date with it already, seriously.
  3. ... I am confused... Perhaps sharing your specs would be of better help to direct DE into the root of the problem? Because this sounds less of a bandwidth problem and more of a hardware issue to me... Or software that's not directly related to Launcher's bandwidth consumption...
  4. ... This sounds more like "Feedback" than "Players helping Players"... .... I don't know, maybe ask a mod to move it there and then link this to anyone asking for help about how to farm stuff from relics... My opinion though...
  5. ... I'm sorry, but this barely requires any technical knowledge... But, for most people around the world, "barely" is Multiverses apart... However, a little sightseeing in the graphical options ingame and trying out stuff does shorten the gap you've mentioned... All it takes is a little courage... But then again, for most people around the world, "little" is Multiverses apart... ... huh...
  6. ... Make it 500 and I can go with it...
  7. isn't it usually like... 10 minutes or so...? ... or 24 hours...? ... or something like it?
  8. I am just going to assume that you have a problem with my own point of view on the matter and my suggestions to improve the use of your time with the current trading system. I'm just going to point out something you seem to willingly choose to ignore: ... I am not going to indulge you in pointless debate towards personal points of view about a system that DE willingly chose to and is not going to change just because you want a consignment shop. Read that simple quote as many times as you want to, just to make sure you actually understand what's written on it.
  9. I don't know about what you should do, or even want to do... But~ if I was in your situation, and this varies a lot from person to person... I would've kicked Hek from my Inventory a long time ago... But, again, that's what I would do.
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