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  1. yeah, you can solo the entire time for it (20 minutes)
  2. ... And give their generous contribution too...
  3. ... I believe I can help both of you... including if you're looking to change clans... ... But instead of helping through the forum, because you're not looking to read something as extensive as the trade agreement between the UK and EU, its probably best to do it ingame. I, however, am only online in a few hours so... think about it and let me know if you really want my help on the subject...
  4. Check Ticker Profit-Taker Bounties (after repeating them... enough to have grand-kids, or great-grand kids (if applicable), of your own and leaving that particular task to their heirs...)
  5. If I want to play games with this kind of system, I don't need to install anything in my PC. I'll just login over at Nutaku and pick a random game - ANY of them has THIS SCHTICK. ... ok, back to grinding.
  6. ... Speak for yourself there... Mine's out there, doing... stuff...
  7. @b3rzz ... I think you should stop smoking that batch, since its probably ruined... On a more serious note, while being on topic, I'm fine still logging into the Orbiter, but having options doesn't hurt... However, do not include me into that "log into the relay" shtick because it awfully sounds like a cry for attention rather than something seriously important... Seriously. Also its like I said before, that batch is probably ruined and you should get a new one, since I don't want you to go "Donald" on everyone else due to having misconceived weird ass hallucinations that
  8. ... How are you going to get the verification code?
  9. ... Ok, lets not forget that hate resulted from frustration is at work here... ... You're comparing Excalibur/Prime/Umbra, and the presented suggestions that would depend solely on Exalted Blade, with warframes that use actual Rivened Melee weapons as stat sticks... ... Please, do tell everyone which one is worse... Exalted Blade with its modest values. or fully modded Rivened Melee weapons.
  10. @MK_33 ... See what I mean?
  11. Ok, let me rephrase what I said since I don't think I was specific enough... ... You certainly know how to analyze abilities, which automatically involves understanding both their positives and their negatives... But you still don't understand Excalibur... ... My guess is that you want to know why I said that you don't understand Excalibur... Let me see if I can explain it properly... Slash Dash sucks. It sucked back in U7, and it still sucks now even after the rework that had Super Jump removed... Hence, just replace it with any other ability, from any other Warfr
  12. Helminth Slash Dash with something else Anything is more useful than Slash Dash, seriously... Arcanes Auras Mods Player skills Understand Excalibur. You definitely know how to analyze abilities, and have theories about ideas.., But you don't understand Excalibur itself. Until you do, you will always think something is missing from it. Edit: ... Excalibur is the most misunderstood warframe in the game... Just shaking it out there...
  13. ... If you count clicks below 0.01secs as "heavy"...
  14. ... I would try to explain it to you... but I'm a blasphemer so I'm technically not allowed to explain anything without having zealots trying to prove me wrong... But I can tell you that you're onto something there so~ keep at it.
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