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  1. Ok, so am i getting screwed out of my 500 day weapon or not? because 1 second i'm not , the next i am. Oh wait, i forgot, ya'll only worry about noobs now,which is very bungie'esq. Oh didn't you hear? If you recently bought forsaken they consider you a veteran. That's right, if you got every trophy in D1, preorder D2 and get all the trophies before forsaken , THAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU A VETERAN. Only recently spending money makes you a veteran. Loyalty means nothing anymore.
  2. Where is the ballas quest? I want that sword!!! :(
  3. Unless you have every other warframe,weapon,sentinel,pet,archwing,archweapon,amp built and maxed out , why are you sitting here crying like you have nothing to do? There is plenty of content to keep you busy so calm down !! I am m.r. 25 with all of those things completed and still have plenty to keep me busy, and if you cant think of something then how about offering to help a new player. The update will get here when it gets here.
  4. It figures i finally found a use for Trinity and that's going to get wrecked . But thank god for the limbo change, i've been losing my mind sense his prime came out. Also, you guy's keep making ivara better every time i turn around and she has always been 1 of my top 3 frames, so i'm VERY happy about that.All i need now is Ivara Prime and i can die a happy tenno.
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