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  1. Are there any plans on redesigning the PVP system? Could potentially even make it a type of endgame for some players.
  2. Are there any plans on changing the way the foundry works currently? I personally don't mind the wait time that much but I've realised how big of an impact it has on new players... I've encouraged 4 friends to play Warframe, 2 of which quit simply because they feel a scamy "pay to play/win" smell coming from the foundry. I also feel the design of the market feels similar, but I couldn't bring up any way to improve it and I believe you guys know what you're doing. Back to the foundry, if you do feel a need to put time restrictions on crafting items, maybe remove it from some, shorten it, or oven implement a way to speed it up (maybe involving the omniplex and some of it's mini-games, or maybe I'm just going too far off track). With all due respect to the incredible team at Digital Extremes, I just feel there's some space for thought out improvements around the foundry and maybe even the market that would encourage newer players to stick with the game instead of being scared away from the great experience there is beyond the beginning.
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