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  1. I finally got the mask to drop, I ran about 10 easy ones to start and then 42 hard ones and it dropped in the hard mission type at last so at least I am done hard grinding this for now.
  2. For those that got the mask from this alert, were you farming the lower one for the speed of more runs or the higher difficulty one? I admit I will be mad if by the end of this weekend I do not get the mask to drop but RNG can be fickle that way and it really should have been something to buy for Wolf Credits as being Nightwave rank 50 and not getting the mask would end up being something really bad.
  3. The K-Drive Deck Scrawl does not seem to be working for me and I have gotten twitch drops from the Dev streams before so I know I am linked correctly. I am watching MichelPostma and he has killed the Drop Monster 3 times so far but I have not got any ingame mail or see the item available in my K-Drive art section.
  4. I have got the drops all week from the Fortuna drops but did not get the Drop Monster poster drops (and I have previously got most Prime Time drops). Maybe it's because I got the poster drop from previous Prime Times but not sure. Just passing along the info as it seems this system might still need some work.
  5. I still don't see the fix for the Bounty vote getting stuck on screen with joining pub Fortuna bounties. This really needs to get fixed.
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