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  1. Recently I have played the game maybe an hour in a week. No interest at all in doing that crappy chore that is Nightwave only to get umbra forma (why force players to do pointless and boring stuff?) or farming kuva to put on some rivens DE will probably nerf in some near future. Above all, I am definitely tired of a game that gives me no challenge and no interesting content since a long, long, long time. So, after 3000 hours and at mr27 I have decided to leave WF and play something else. I hope DE will read this feedback as this is the main feeling of a consistent portion of long time players (And yes, I am sure of that). Goodbye.
  2. Agree. Warframe is a "pay to progress faster" game. That means you are buying *TIME*, when you purchase something with the ingame currency (platinum). And that's a pretty great method to make real money from a product to me, I get it. BTW if you insert a system where the players have to do unnecessary time consuming stuff, for a limited span of time and to get some kind of rewards (just like nightwave), well, that means you have increased the time people are *forced* to play the game...and in a game where time is a key factor for its business model, this is pretty a critical issue to me.
  3. Really good points in there. -To me this is a realistic and detailed explanation of how *a lot* of WF players feel atm with nightwave...
  4. Something so simple to understand and share, of course. But some people continue in trying to convince a large part of the WF community who don't like the new system that this true fact is wrong...with pages and pages of pretentious statements and childish pontification. Weird stuff, yeah 😉
  5. 'cause all those you mentioned are recurring events. Here we have a thing which rewards you with something that probably you won't see again as the armor, the syandana and the damn hammer. Not to mention that this is pretty the new "core" of the alert system (and NOT an "event"), which should not have been exclusive or time gated as it is IMHO.
  6. Hey man, you are making assumptions about personal spare time of the people. I think your comment is a little bittle bit presumptous...
  7. Wrong. If I can't play WF for a week or two 'cause of my real life job, well, that's not a choice. And I lost my nightwave acts. So...no, no choice in there.
  8. Harder challenges? Seriously? These are not "hard" challenges, they're only and simply boring to do, expecially if you are *forced* to do them as you are a mr26 guy (me) who does not have much interest in the "gameplay related" stuff you refer to and aims only to the high tier stuff. It's pretty time consuming (yes, I think that the two/three hours to complete all the boring acts ARE definitely too much) and, even if the idea to get some sort of challenges to get something nice/good is not bad at all, I think that it's poorly implemented and reminds me of some sort of generic smartphone game pass.
  9. Well, ok. Then, even rivens are not strictly needed. Even cosmetics are not needed at all. Even to forma *all* the weapons and frames is not needed to play most of the content of the game. So...why do we play this game? 😉 Anyway, I agree that umbra forma should be removed from a time-gated crap like nightwave.
  10. I can understand very well this feeling. For example, I have very few time to play WF these days and I'm stuck with this crappy nightwave stuff to do instead of doing something I could *chose* to do in the game.
  11. 100% agree. ^ One of the goals that nightwave have rached is to make the community more toxic and polarized as before.
  12. For some there's real life issues that can force them to put WF on pause for a month or more. So, it's not a matter of *want* or dedication, definitely. Maybe a matter of *force* to play at a determined time...something boring, tedious, pointless as nightwave challenges, inserted in a time-gated system, only to get a single "endgame" item (...). Ok, umbra forma is "endgame" stuff, but nightwave acts are definitely not endgame... This is a pretty lame method to increase the players count to me, something I've seen in the *worst* mmo-s or mobile games and something that I've never wanted to see in a game like WF. So, no, i definitely disagree with your point, I'm sorry. EDIT: I'm at mr26, forma all my frames and weapons, with 2k hours invested in WF. I've done all the challenges right now, but still I think this system is unbalanced, tedious and not fair to the players.
  13. I partly agree with this (keeping it super rare, have something to do and keep the powercreep manageable), but...why putting umbra forma in a time gated system? That's simply not fair and *force* players to do something they don't want to do and (above all) when they don't want to do in order to get a simple useful item. Where's the *choice* (as someone stated before) on this silly game mechanic? I could have understood if DE have made nightwave for fashion frame stuff (armor, syandana, helmets, etc.) but I definitely don't think that such a game-changing item has to be among the tiers of a time-gated event.
  14. ...said the guy who don't even know how to insert a gif.
  15. Ok, you think that how you manage your time is like all other people HAVE to do...this is pretty insane.
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