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  1. Hope this means I can go 1 hour without crashing now. Cheers for the fast hotfix!
  2. Since the Derf Anyo concept art reveal, and comparing that to the new corpus Scrambus and Comba enemies, I believe Derf might use the same base model and have similar animations. Granted he still flies around on a hoverdisc. I hope he turns out as one of those funny/cool characters. A nice balance of style and clumsiness.
  3. This. /thread Whiners get their invulnerability removed. We retain the fun factor of Valkyr while having higher risk when using her ult. Everyone wins.
  4. I think I much prefer this idea over the energy drain one. This removes the "Godmode" that everyone despises by giving the ability a very big risk while using it. If you turn it iff without dealing damage to heal yourself, you die.I think the energy consumption rate increase per-hit makes no sense though. One of the main reasons people like the ability is because Valkyr can facetank damage in certain situations to do things other frames can't. Why change that? It's what makes her fun, and changing that will throw her back ito the "ugh" tier. By doing the energy drain change, instead of giving a tradeoff to what makes her fun, you essentially limit/almost remove what makes her fun in the first place. That makes bad design imo, and that's what DE is doing with all the frame reworks at the moment, and that is to reinforce the fun part of the frame's theme while removing unnecessary limitations holding it back.
  5. You'd better not be lying. I'd die from the disappointment if you were.
  6. I just finished my Valkyr build before the rework too. Oh well. I never thought the rework would make that big of a deal to people but... meh. If it really bothers you guys that much, then fine. I honestly wouldn't mind not having Godmode on her ult. It's handy for rezzing peeps, but that's about it. Suggest a change maybe? The energy drain one sounds interesting. Maybe she gets a percentage of her armor boosted according to the number of enemies in the vicinity? The shallow grave idea sounds cool as well : she doesn't go below 1 HP while in Hysteria, but she better make sure she kills everything in the vicinity to avoid sudden death. Prolly should get some form of damage reduction to compensate for this though.
  7. Don't understand how that's awful though. Showing loyalty to your syndicate with the Syndicate equipment is really cool imo. Hoping for Syndicate specific syandanas or cosmetic armor.
  8. Name : Corpus Courier Behavior : Acts as a Corpus special cargo delivery proxy, where delicate packages are escorted by a large security squad consisting of Elite Crewmen, Anti-Moas, Ospreys (No Mine ospreys) and multiple Corpus Techs. Hovers steadily above ground and flies smoothly, ensuring the packaging within is not disturbed. Protected by a highly regenerative proto-shield and an advanced security protocol, only able to be unlocked by multiple high-ranking officers. (Or multiple crafty Tenno). At any point in time, if any damage bypasses the proto-shield and hits the Courier's HP, it will go into *ALERT*. Tenno that do not to trigger the alert mode can attempt to 'hack' the Courier. Depending on the package, it may take up to 4 Tenno to hack it at once. Due to being a highly reactive security protocol, it will go into *ALERT* as soon as the hacking is detected. All Tenno engaging in the hacking must succeed undetected to safely release the cargo. Doing so will grant a guaranteed reward, depending on the Courier Tier. (T1 requires 1 Tenno, T4 requires 4). If the Courier is destroyed, there is a low chance of it dropping the loot contained inside. Attacks : A Courier is oblivious to all activity by default. When the Courier goes into *ALERT*, it will : - Trip all of the security systems on the current tileset (turrets, lazer doors, MOA cabinets) - Force all nearby units (including turrets) into overdrive, giving them extra damage and speed. - A constant high-alert will trigger, causing enemies to constantly spawn and attempt to aid the Courier's escape. - Move faster and swifter, while maintaining momentum. - Deploy special "Corpus Arachnids" that will lay Lazer Traps to hinder the player, aiding the Courier's escape. In *ALERT*, the Courier reveals it's boosters. Eliminating each of the 4 boosters would slow and eventually halt it's advance, though a highly risky maneuver, depending on your weapon damage and your accuracy. The Courier is also not immune to CC. Abilities like Shock and Freeze would temporarily disable the boosters (despite damaging the systems HP slightly), giving players a small window of opportunity to hack the courier. If this is too much for a random encounter, maybe make it a new Gamemode? *Hint hint* Optional Reference : A much smaller version of the in-game Corpus dropship (or at least, I'm assuming that's what it is.)
  9. Name : Cleaver, Infested Cleaver Behavior : Starts off in "Passive" mode, with huge, crescent-shaped blade embedded in front of body. Fast movement when "Passive", high ferrite armor. Blade is invulnerable. When detecting Tenno, will release Blade and enter "Aggressive" mode. In 'Aggressive' mode walks slowly towards Tenno with blade poised and "Maw" revealed. "Maw" is Infested Flesh and can be shot as a weakpoint. If any Tenno move out of range, goes back into "Passive" mode. Reavers alone can are easy with good timing, but can be a problem in packs. (See below) Attacks : Flings itself forward with the momentum of the Crescent blade, causing body to spin like a wheel, replicating locomotion and dealing heavy Impact and/or Slash damage on contact. If the this attack lands Reaver on a solid surface (Wall, Floor, Ceiling), blade will be embedded in said surface. Reaver will spend 1 second pushing blade out of surface, and using that momentum, launch itself at victims, effectively chaining attacks to pursue victims. Alternatively, it can fully eject the blade out of it's body and drag it along the ground, revealing it to be attached to the crude, metal "spine". 'Maw' is still revealed at this point. It can flick the blade like a whip, then sweep it horizontally, covering a large area and doing medium Impact and/or Slash damage. This is similar to the Lephantis "Scythe Sweep". Reaver returns to 'Passive' when victim is out of range. Environent restrictions : None. Reavers are slow climbers, thus high ground can be an advantage, but Tenno should be vigilant towards Reavers attempting to fling itself at high ground. Reavers are especially deadly in narrow or enclosed areas. Art :
  10. It's infested submissions for the first round only dude. Read the first post.
  11. (Translations) Name : Flying Dragon Behavior : Flying unit of the infested, circles around overhead with torn, fleshy wings, also utilizes suction cups on the body to stick to walls or ceilings, and ambushes players that come into range by ejecting Viral attacks through a maw on the belly. Can use melee attacks with tail (Some sort of charge or tail slap 0.0?) Environment Restrictions : Appears in infested invasion missions or the Orokin Derelicts
  12. Though everything you pointed out is true, but let's be honest here : Some alternate helmets are just too good to pass up, and are thus considered "absolutely necessary". (Vanguard Helmet). At this point, I'm sure most people would agree that helmets that give beneficial stats while having negligible downsides are more like Catalysts and Reactors : You use it as long as you have it. This is why DE wanted the stats to go, as these helmets would greatly limit the customization/diversity if player loadouts, if a player were to consider effectiveness versus preference. Sure, a player can say "I prefer the look of Rhino's default helmet, so I'll stick with that." But it doesn't change the fact that he would be giving up a free speed boost just for looks. I'm not trying to downplay event weapons, I sure as hell know how good some of the stat differences are, but my point still stands : There are, by far, no retired weapons that are absolutely unique (e.g. Ogris). If the Ogris was an event weapon and was never re-released, I'm sure the Excalibur Prime fiasco would be replaced with "Bring back the Ogris DE!" Weapons -> There are always other similar or outright better ones Stat Helmets -> You either have it or you don't That's my current stand on this. Needless to say, DE has been thinking long and hard on this, and no matter what decision they make in the end, I will support them. I'm just hoping they know what they are doing, and have a plan in mind that they've been reluctant to share to the players. (for obvious reasons) Agreed.
  13. Quoting myself : If you are in favor of this decision, you are completely entitled to your opinion, but bringing in unrelated subjects of comparison e.g. Excalibur Prime doesn't help at all.
  14. Most of these are not entirely unique, and are counterparts and alternatives to already existing weapons. Albeit a little bit different stat-wise, but not entirely unique and not absolutely necessary. Helmets don't have counterparts. After this change, you just have the stats, or you don't. It's not like credit or resource boosters where "playing more" or "grinding/farming more" can make up for the difference. There's a hard cap on stats, corrupted mods or not, and players with helmets will always (and I mean ALWAYS) have a higher hard cap than players that don't. That is why it's a big deal.
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