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  1. Warframe drops some Clock Speed of my 970. On Eidolons ar day can run a farm of the spyders. i have frame drops from 72 to 30...
  2. i7 4790 gtx 970 4gb 16 gb ram. all day on eidolons 60/50 fps. when i hunt eidolons 72 fps.... this new patches working very fine.
  3. on every part of the plains have fps drops. but when i do eidolons hunt i have no problem. this kind of bug is mabye a problem of the big spiders.
  4. they need to stop put WF and Weapons. put a syandana or a cosmetic thing.....
  5. Creator Mode only work when you open the launcher and launch the game the first time. If you are kick out the game to the login screen shows the email. only when you launch the game at the first time works. GG.
  6. yes we can do that. and i do that. but the kick bug the game or something happen and screw me up.
  7. i need to change the game. cuz the devs and owners of this game dont care about the security of his players...
  8. i have that on my friend. i was kick out the game to the log in screen an the option was screw or bug. but show my email to my stream....
  9. i was streaming and the game kick me to the login and show my email to all of the internet... and i have the streamer mode ON.... this F* Suck. TY DE...
  10. i have issues with sound cracking in all of the places now.
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