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  1. You ruined it >:{ don’t quote anyone. right from the top everyone.... waiting for @MagPrime
  2. Everything seemed very normal....
  3. Apparently my notifications of last post wins went off huh
  4. We need to stan! I saw the old one and fall in love. I didn’t know the skin got changed although the helmet is still there :\
  5. Hi everyone 🙂 today when I was checking the arbitration missions I was waiting for survival to pop up while I was seeing the mission about to get expired my eyes saw someone hosting ODS for 20 mins at that moment I figured that we don’t have ODS or ODD in arbitration. so my question is when can we expect Endless OD missions and Kuva Fortress missions in arbitration? and are we going to see disruption ? Adding more endless missions will always be good.
  6. I know they’re not dead but I’m just saying that they no longer hang out in this realm Salad V plz
  7. Hmmm I guess the old crew disappeared? RIP: mag prime,cookie_stalker
  8. That’s absolutely false people are mad because they’re getting this same pack since the existence of PRIME UNVAULT.
  9. plz DE bring other warframes from the vault repeating same frames over and over and over........ it’s just bad.
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