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  1. (PS4)s3d_sas

    Venari and Dual Stat Mods

    Hmm wired 😕
  2. (PS4)s3d_sas

    Warframe Prime Time #231: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    When I first saw the post I thought u mean the weapon 😕 it’s ok 1 day I guess (in my dreams)
  3. (PS4)s3d_sas

    Warframe Prime Time #230: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Happy new everyone and cheers for the first prime time of the year 😘
  4. (PS4)s3d_sas

    Warframe Holiday Platinum Sale!

  5. And that’s how you get my money because tbh the accessories wasn’t worth it at all but thx to the helmet I’m actually going to buy it well done DE
  6. (PS4)s3d_sas

    Last Post Wins

    Frost u said welp it’s going to be a chilling gift
  7. (PS4)s3d_sas

    Last Post Wins

    Welp RIP btw what other frames u got ?
  8. Thx DE and happy tennobum everyone sincerely Vay hek Edit: we will fight again maggots...
  9. (PS4)s3d_sas

    Last Post Wins

    I’m still shocked u don’t have these and you’re mr20 or something?
  10. (PS4)s3d_sas

    TennoBaum WishList repository

    Happy tennobum maggots!! its sad that I’m not going to be the host of this year but don’t worry I will find ways to fumigate you! Hahahahaha!!! Anyway if someone wants to gift me something a forma would be nice till next year insects....
  11. (PS4)s3d_sas

    Last Post Wins

    I had a clan for a week then I gave up after knowing I had to contribute to all these research
  12. (PS4)s3d_sas

    Last Post Wins

    You’re PS4 dojo?
  13. (PS4)s3d_sas

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #120!

    Great stream 10/booty
  14. (PS4)s3d_sas

    Last Post Wins

  15. (PS4)s3d_sas

    The Dullahan Mask Leaves Soon!

    RIP headless horseless horseman