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  1. Now if only they'd get off their stupidity and stop hindering basic game functionality from ALL games, I'd be happier. Paying to play multiplayer games via subscription is DUMB and needs to go away.
  2. There's still quite a bit of fundamental issues with this update. The interior missions in the Corpus Proxima are completely separate from the Railjack segments. Flux removal for Warframe energy creates issues with energy economy in Railjack that wasn't present before. Gunnery 10 is still bad. Void Storms are too slow, and are an absolute visual nightmare. Crew are pretty basic, and it would be an extremely good QoL to have more commands for them. Crew do not target objectives such as Radiators or Security Nodes. These are some of the glaring ones I have
  3. Necramechs remind me of a clunkier time in Warframe. Currently though, there is no reason to strap another weapon onto Necramechs. At least not a gun. Now a few, Necramech specific melee weapons? Absolutely. Give them proper fist weapons. Or just a big bloody maul. Currently there is very little Archguns, and there's clearly tiers to the current weapons.
  4. Getting the Tempestarii skin was AWESOME and I loved it. I lost my mind making a brand new look for my Railjack. I was so excited and then the interior wasn't ghostly like it was in the quest and my giddy excitement died a little. Please for the love of everything give us the interior as well.
  5. Even my non meta builds can do that, and I have terrible ping. So if I'm cleansing the Grineer before people can even see them and I'm 4 parallel universes behind them then there is a problem. Quite a few actually that'll derail this post in a heartbeat.
  6. All of the "No." responses on this thread absolutely are not seeing the problem that the current energy economy creates. Currently, I have 0 reason to worry about energy on almost any frame I pick. It might as well be infinite for them. And considering how powerful most Warframe abilities are, this creates a massive problem. If I have nothing stopping me from spamming my auto aim ultimate, then nothing that isn't immune to it should even bother existing. They exist at my leisure. Which isn't really the point of an enemy now is it? Sure, fodder enemies will almost always exist. But right now
  7. I don't like the current system because it's two different missions in one. Right now the Railjack takes a backseat to the main mission, instead of there being two missions happening at the same time. If I recall, the folks on the Railjack could help the folks inside by using Warframe powers from the Railjack against groups of enemies. At least have the Railjack fend off scores of fighters and crewships while the group inside fights as well. For Solo I can see reason to make the Railjack invulnerable. Crew can't deal with Crewships. However Defense was inexcusable and I'm thinking of taking
  8. Amps having stagger is one of the worst things to happen to Operators. They already were weak, but adding stagger to the aoe amps was a bad idea because the aoe amps tended to not even be that good anyways. Some were for eidolons, but other than that they tended to be quite weak. I guess we'll see what happens come Duviri
  9. I feel the same about Khora's whip. I dislike my abilities being tied to my melee ever since they gave Exalted weapons their own mods. I guess Mastery reasons? I am not sure. Either way it'd be better for modding purposes.
  10. Considering every player I recommended this game to I told them that over time you'll just happen onto Oberon, who is an EXTREMELY good frame, this hurts. Oberon is actually a fantastic frame that I swear nobody in public matches ever play. I've met one other person who uses him regularly, and he's one of my friends who I showed Oberon to, and he loved him. This is a poor move in my opinion, but considering how strong Oberon really is, I'm not too broken up by him being harder to get. I am broken up about him diluting Railjack drop tables. Ree.
  11. Fleeting Expertise is good for Frames that in some way benefit from having less duration and more efficiency. Trinity is a great example of this with her Energy Vampire build. It's a pretty decent build, and thanks to her augment actually can do a lot for her ability to survive due to Shields getting the biggest of buffs not too long ago. Any frame that fires off a lot of casts with little worry of duration benefits greatly from it. It depends on build preference. With the changes to duration effecting energy drain, the mod did get quite nerfed though. Which is a good reason btw. Fleeting E
  12. Frankly that's just as terrifying if you ask me. Dax were incredible soldiers. But I never did mention who the Railjack itself was for. I did say the Landing Craft was definitely for Tenno, as a single Dax while good, isn't worth dropping quietly into a ship. They'll cause havoc, but nowhere near the destruction of a single Tenno. And just like with all things, if it was meant for someone else, doesn't matter the Tenno use it better than who it was made for.
  13. Ancients are any Infested that survive a long time consuming biomass constantly. They've been alive a long time and nothing more. Considering how powerful Orokin were, it would be safe to assume they were rather immune to the Infestation. They spent a long time cultivating it anyways. The Entrati are the only examples of Infestation taking over any kind of Orokin, and considering their shape, it's safe to assume any other Infested Orokin are still quite very much not fully Infested yet. The Orokin are incredibly resilient and are very difficult to kill.
  14. As a man dedicated to using only heat damage because I want to watch my enemies burn, the Talyn has immediately become my love. In space, heat is deadly to everything. I want to watch them roast from inside, the crew screaming as I overheat their ship to the point of the explosion. In reality, by the time their ship explodes the crew is long dead. But in the name of the Emperor I will burn their filthy heretical ships with holy fire. I have no remorse for the Grineer especially. And the Corpus can burn too. I have a war to win and I'll win it with fire. And if that don't work? I'll just use
  15. I'm assuming that due to some Orokin age tech, teleportation onto the Railjack is nigh on impossible without proper clearance from Cy. Considering they jam our recalls, I'm certain we have something similar preventing them from doing so as well consider you know, we have Orokin tech restored to full glory. A simple teleport beacon probably cannot do the job against a Railjack I believe. Also, if I were the Corpus, I'd know that a good hit by a ramsled would be a GOLDEN opportunity. Corpus likely have the tech to anchor themselves in place via magnets. It'd make sending that ramsled back out
  16. With my refund, and the 10000 bonus endo I got I wasn't able to fully re-level all of my avionics. Plus, I dumped a boatload of credits into it that I didn't have to dump before. Honestly left a sore taste in my mouth. My Railjack which was maxed completely now has two slots with no avionics in them because I need forma. And instead of 6000 health, I'm back to 2000. As for Forma, I need them now when I didn't previously. Ree. I don't like it. It's kind of a spit in the face of all the grind I did to get my Railjack up to maximum potential, only now I have to do more grinding for something I
  17. I'mma be honest here. Every Archgun has consistently been outperformed by the Mausolon in all of my uses. It's a beast of a gun that just carries itself through everything.
  18. The old system had ways that it could be fixed. Reducing max energy capacity and then reducing the amount made at the forge. Increase forge cooldown timers to really make deciding between repair goo or energy be a choice. Unfortunately, that's no longer a viable solution. Now I can sit there with Garuda and spam. If I want to use pizzas, I'll whip out Volt Prime with his 800+ max energy and SPAM. I have 211 of them. And I know I'm not alone. Shoutout to the madlad Zilchy replied to me who had 24007 energy pizzas. I love you, you perfectly illustrate my point of how we have infinite energy at o
  19. This is quite literally part of the problem and why I am infinitely irritated at this update. There's a lot of changes that I'm not happy with too.
  20. I don't like it because previously I didn't need 3-4 forma and now I do. Rather unhappy about the change.
  21. If you have Vazarin maxed, I strongly suggest Garuda as well. That's some free energy there too considering a pair of void dashes will just fill that health bar right back to full
  22. This is why I said repeatedly on the feedback forums why turning Railjack energy into Warframe energy was a bad idea.
  23. My sides hurt from how hard I laughed at how pointless this is. I have over 211 pads and I'll never run out of energy so long as I live. RIP Railjack energy economy.
  24. I'm assuming the NPC crew would do things that a spaceship crew would do during combat. Perform repairs, man weapons systems, kill any boarders, you know, things that crew tend to do.
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