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  1. Sigh....there is an spanish subforum that has a spanish players helping players....or do the topic here in ENGLISH like everyone else. Now for your problem....well i don't se how we can help you other then sudgesting you send a ticket to DE.
  2. Awsome update and nice Hotfix!What i don't like one bit from all of this is the new render thing you guiz did.Everything looks so bad now...the prisma skins lost the prisma like effect and dear god....the Argon Pegmatite Decoration looks horrible now dear god...
  3. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/111-russian/ Seriously now,its not hard to scrool down a bit to se IF there is a russian subforum since the english one is ONLY in english.
  4. I 100% agree with you! Thats what im telling all the new players to just play the game by himself. That's what i did and i enjoyed the hek out of it.
  5. I don't know what you are talking about but this weapon is pure S#&$ to use.Nothing made me more frustrating in warframe then this tactical alert.I simply can't kill S#&$ with this weapon nor even se where the bullets land.
  6. This is the worst tactical alert iv played in my entire life....I can barely kill 10 units per mission with this awfull weapon and bullets transperancy.
  7. How can you call that a Wukong nerf?
  8. OK!But where is the delux skin that was suposed to come with this rework?
  9. Seriously?After 3 connections lost during transition from orbiter to orb vallis,2 more during dec 12 going to stage 2 orb mother connections lost you expect me to do dozens of orb fights for 2 empheras?I think il skip warframe until the next major update comes.
  10. Now that the Alcolytes are almost gone is there a chance for us to get Alcolytes skins for the respectiv warframes?I would love to use them...obv for fashion frame. Also,when will we get a more,lets say,consistant reward list from the profit taker?I mean the rewards are pitifull and honestly it dosen't incline me to spend 5-10 minutes to kill a spider.I seriously hope the other spiders will have better drops but until then...well not interesting.
  11. What is the plan for the curent Orb Mother Fight?The rewards are pathetic and not that interesting to kill her. A new quest....when?How about the New War? How is Railjack right now? Mele 3.0? if you delay it a nother 8 months then please stop teasing it.
  12. Agreed! I haven't killed a single PT and certainly will not do until something worth wyle is added or to not freaking restrict us in doing it more efficiently!
  13. Whats the point of adding Debt-Bonds when are have Max Standing With Solaris United? 250k Credits?Seriously? Honestly,with the curent drops,i don't have any reason to go and kill the Profit-Taker. If i need Debt-Bonds id rather go Mining and Fishing for 2-3 hours and ill have enought materials to get Debt-Bonds from Ticker for a weak.Like the majority of the players i was hopping for Primary Weapon Arcanes to go along with the Eidolon trend.
  14. They mentioned in the recent Dev stream that it will show in the Part 2 update of the fortuna.
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