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  1. You complain about spending 500k credits? Brah...eyther you suck terribly at this game or you didn't hear what index is made for.... You complain about giving a prime part that can be obtained in game? Or if you are that lazzy just buy it from market. All in all nobody forces you to join a sindicate. If you want standing and to promote the game offers you lots of stuffs to have extras.
  2. Arsenal. Check the top icons to switch it.
  3. Ladys and Gets we found our TrollMaster 😂😂😂
  4. Welp you might call this ,obv im joking,rare and unfortunate incident "the idiot tax" and every time my lich mentions this after every mission makes me want to stab hes face even faster.In the mean time free temporary riven slot is always welcomed ^^
  5. I build a new clan for myself the moment i herd about the Rj drydock room. I did all weapon reserch (obv except the dam hema....8k mutagen left) and i did some pigment reserch but some drops are seriously ridiculous to grind. Other then rj and trades i don't need it for anything else. I did some organizing in it cuz why not? If you feel like you need some ppl to talk to get a few ppl but keep it small until you finnish alll the reserches including pigments cuz thats going make you go insane....
  6. Im using 2 diferent rhinos. The prime i formaed for max buff build + duration but becouse of the heavy forma invesment in specific polaritys thats the only build i can use on the prime version. I got plenty of rhino p sets but i remember i still got the vanila version so i invested in that one for index or other builds. Not all frames can be build for a specific ability to max its usage but some as rhino and nova ,in my case, i can make use of the non prime versions.
  7. You are asking for something verry difficult to achive. Not only the economy ballance across all platforms will go insane and tennogen will be a problem as well since on consoles you can buy em with plat. Lets not talk about to updates and hotfixes that will take time for the consoles.
  8. Thats a cheap and boring way to play the part that actualy teaches you stufs about the game. You can unlock a planet in +/- 1 hour if you know what to do,whats gona take time are the junction missions to move on.
  9. Uhm yea... not to sound like a jerk,but probably i will,why do you think posting and explaining to us will solve stuf? Suport ticket and good luck!
  10. I feel you man,i also hate it when i buttom mash and suddenly i do a heavy attack even tho i did not intend to do it.This whole mele 3.0 is a big mess and dissapointment.We got mods nerfed so we will use the Heavy attack tho they are usseles and verry weak.Id rather have seen ,instead of heavy hits,a new combo branch that can be only used by that specific button with multiple hits slash or w/e just anything else then heavy attacks. Enought with the rant,now for a quick question: With the Railjack update,what system do you implement in it so vetterans don't get bored after 1 hour?What is the progression in it and what is the point in going in to space and destroy some ships?I mean there must be something lorevise and things we can get nad i realy hoppe it will not turn up to be like the other game mods aka....arbitrations,eso and so on. For a seccond question, tho i got the idea whyle writing the first one,What are your plans for the pvp side of Warframe?More or less about Conclave.As it stands barely a handfull of ppl actualy play it but some of the rewards in it are rather interesting and making the grind to achive it nearly impossible.
  11. Are you god dam serious?You can increase it to 500% it will change nothing! I barely get 1-2 orange crits now and a lot of yellows.Good job nerfing maiming mods and not the spin itself,i like the way you guiz worded this it almost sounds like EA or Bethesda...
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