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  1. There is a spannish sub forum if you would have bothered to scrool down a bit.
  2. Nephalem

    Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

    Now that the Alcolytes are almost gone is there a chance for us to get Alcolytes skins for the respectiv warframes?I would love to use them...obv for fashion frame. Also,when will we get a more,lets say,consistant reward list from the profit taker?I mean the rewards are pitifull and honestly it dosen't incline me to spend 5-10 minutes to kill a spider.I seriously hope the other spiders will have better drops but until then...well not interesting.
  3. Nephalem

    Acolyte Hunt Etiquette? Just Read

    In some alcyte runs i joined the mission the exact moment it died.
  4. Nephalem

    Supportive Rhino/Tank Rhino Build

    You can tell OP and show him what ever you want if there is nobody to explain and show the respective build in the field and explain in a video what happends with it in diferent scenarios. With my "sarcastic" comment there was more depth to it if you actualy followed it. Please,next time restrain qourself from qouting my "sarcastic" comments.
  5. Nephalem


    Nothing to fix here. You got what you deserve.
  6. Nephalem

    Supportive Rhino/Tank Rhino Build

    Youtube? Ever thought of that? Saves bouth our time and ours.
  7. Nephalem

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    What is the plan for the curent Orb Mother Fight?The rewards are pathetic and not that interesting to kill her. A new quest....when?How about the New War? How is Railjack right now? Mele 3.0? if you delay it a nother 8 months then please stop teasing it.
  8. Nephalem

    Is Titania worth scanning plants

    Stop asking this sort of questions and just build her and find out yourself.
  9. Nephalem

    All Resources best Farm Location 2018

    You do realise the game is exactly the same for all platforms,right?
  10. Nephalem

    Increase Nidus drop chance by 20 in infested salvage

    3 pub runs and nidus is done. Remember,you can always buy nidus whith plat if you feel the game did you wrong for not droping the component you needed 😂😂😂
  11. Nephalem

    How to build mesa prime for solo MOT?

    Mesa dosen't do well in survivals. Her survivability depends a lot on the weapons you bring with you. If you want to do solo MOT i sudgest using a tanky frame or something with more surv.
  12. Nephalem

    Fortuna, give me debt bonds u greedy fks

    Why is best to check every npc when you to an "open qorld type of map". There is a dude who sels debt bounds for a decent amount of credits a some resourcess.
  13. Nephalem

    Ultra cloud

    Hi! Google it if you realy want it.
  14. Nothing? Just weit for them to get the servers back on track and you can enjoy the game.