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  1. Need you guys to help with removing the child component out of the game so I can rearrange my rooms easier
  2. DE can you take a look at clan dojo rearranging rooms more easier plz. 😥
  3. This a frustrating issue I'm facing now. I can't seem to get around it. It makes me not even wana play warframe anymore. Wish DE can just give a look and change the rooms to make it more convenient for us to rearrange the rooms of how we see fit. Just wish there was a way to get their attention on this matter.
  4. I've been deleting rooms to re-organize the layout of my dojo. Unfortunately DE doesn't have a way or never updated the game to alter and change the rooms without destroying your amazing designs and decoration. I've been successfully deleting rooms up until I've met with clan great Hall. I have the great Hall on the bottom floor and an elevator to the top to the greatest clan hall n grandest halls. It frustrates me to the most that I tried deleting the grand hall by adding those extended hallways around the grand halls and connecting them to gardens. But when I tried deleting them, it wo
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