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  1. I dont think we should applaud any developer for having their engine not fry user systems and for someone who "worked in just about every field intersecting with gaming" you come of as very naive when it comes to engine functionality? And the fact that there's constantly news about them having to deal with "spaghetti code" or more prominently regressions (as in future patches undoing, what previous ones fixed) on almost any patch they put out, seems to me that they are having real problems with either their setup for version-control and codesharing or the engine itself.
  2. What is this? Contentwise 5x3 is exactly the same like 1x3. It's the same content just repeated 4 times? How is this even an argument?
  3. I really thought the current implementation would be Lichsystem Phase one, because it's so far from what they once envisioned as the kingpin system, with clan-involvement and whatnot... 😞 First look at Kingpinsystem in dojo btw
  4. Feeling pretty disappointed... the empyrean part looked pretty boring. Fat chance anyones gonna spec into "engineering" to play mining on random ship fires. Here's how I suspect this will go: I'll host a railjack-mission Some randoms join The mission is loading everyone immediately jumps into archwing and abandons the ship at the start of the mission Next to awful controls, the biggest thing holding back archwing is that there is next to no gameplay-customization - why would I trade my arsenal of 40+ warframes and over hundreds of weapons, to restrict myself to 4 archwings and like 8 weapons - in a completely secluded progressionsystem. Railjack looks like it will combine the limited choice of archwing with the grind of the operator/focus system. Abandoning the Lichsystem in this barebone-state is even worse though. 😞
  5. Here's how I see it. Nightwave is fine if it's a tagalong. If lots of stuff would be happening in the game and you would passively fill up that bar while playing - it would be a fine enhancement. Nightwave is really boring and can feel like a chore, once it's the only thing you focus on. To me it feels like a double edged sword. I think it enhances the game, when it's rich in content and other tasks - but can be detrimental and lead to more burn out, when the game is stale and in a drought. To go even further: it's like a sidedish. It's great as a side, but you wouldn't want your diet to only consist of sidedishes for months.
  6. I'm not really upset, but I do worry, that bringing melee down, will only cement nukeframes as the most efficient way of clearing highlevel content. While now I can pretty much play any frame or setup I want and always fall back to the equipped melee to clear enemies, when I'm in trouble one way or the other, that probably won't be an option anymore, This could lead to a point, where I have to decide between playing what I feel like playing or cutting the mission duration by like 50%. Even though melee was the strongest weaponclass it introduced at least some choice in playstyle, with Spin2Win, Condition Overload, Bloodrush and Covert Lethality builds all handling fairly differently.
  7. Exactly how I feel. I do believe that melee currently is a viable alternative to nuking and or camping with warframeabilities.
  8. In game design there always has to be something you balance towrads. And it's rarely complete equilibrium, that would be easy to reach: just give everything the same stats and the same dps target. However if you look into things like competitive card- or online games - a perfectly even footing for all playable cards/characters is seldom the goal, because out of perceived and real weaknesses and strengths strategies and tactics emerge to overcome them, which leads to more engaging content for your users. Balancing a game isn't the same as balancing out a scale. ^^
  9. actually those three mods all are a bit more intereting to use, than the +90% elemental mods, which will likely take their place. .__. As far as I see it, good balance in your game is reached, when the most effective way to play your game is also the one, which is the most interesting/fun. So we'll have to see what will come out on top and if melee can still have a place next to nukeframes like Saryn and Equinox (which it currently does)
  10. yikes, heavy nerfs to every strong tool in the current melee system. Not disagreeing that melee maybe slightly too strong right now, but there's no amount of base damage buffing that will counter the loss of crit stacking, range stacking, condition overload and covert lethality. Just yikes.
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