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  1. It's always problematic if people have the need to generalize all feedback and criticise the community as though they were not part of it. Pulling up a strawman and arguing against it is absolutely meaningless. Maybe try to highlight why you feel it's a good thing, that Warframe's content is split up without connectivity. I feel like most people who are now advocating against content islands and wished for endgame, didn't like the introduction of fishing, mining and conservation in the first place. I've played every thing the game has to offer, including eidolons, orbs, railjack a
  2. Are they really only available as rare drop in low level bounties? That's horrible!
  3. Son Tokens are BS! Another chore to add to the list, with hilariously bad numbers. I've got a trade for 16 f'ing tags for one son token. C'mon!
  4. I play almost all regular missions on steelpath. I like the added affinity, dropchance etc. And I also appreciate that enemies don't get one shot, but take a couple of hits. It feels appropiate for my gear - just my cat keeps dieing at a annoying rate. Also a shame that you can't do fissures etc in Steel Path.
  5. Honestly feeding frames should just be the default and be available from MR0. Selling frames for the meager of amount of credits they give is just bad at all levels of play. I dont even think that ability-swapping is that deep or hard to understand. But it would be nice, if there was at least a little exclusivity in the game as additional incentives. Maybe Helminth wouldn't be the right thing, but maybe another system eventually.
  6. As many here I really dislike the chores that are fishing, mining and how predictably formulaic these spaces turned out. Orb Vallis didn't need to be a Corpus skinned Plains Of Eidolon. I appreciate the attempt of delivering a questtype of structure with the heists - but it also highlights how weak the story telling in warframe as a whole is. Theres way too many characters and none get enough time to be explored, before they get tossed out again for yet another cast of characters. Everything feels really pointless in the Open Worlds.
  7. I'm still excited. Even if there is only one worthwhile ability in the list. It would still mean a lot for several frames.
  8. I'm just sad about Larva. 😞 But I think all the nerfed abilities (bar defy probably) will still be good picks on most frames, which have an ability slot to spare. As there are so many pointless abilities in the game that even a 20% Roar, Larva or Warcry would still be a better pick. Just sets a precedent for incoming only in helminth changes to abilities, which could mean that any time a good combination between frame and ability gets discovered the ability get's weakened for everyone. For example, let's say breach surge is useable on many Frames now, but we find out it's super
  9. Well let's agree, that a system like this is inherently an increase in power. Getting to switch the worst ability of a frame out, should always increase the power one way or another. So I think a generic +DMG% ability just cuts to the chase. It's more power tada. It's super easy to understand and has no cost in terms of complexity or working just in specific builds or what have you. However most of the time (in games, which give you the option to build out your characters/ decks/ squads) there will emerge more complex interactions between abilities which will take the top. However th
  10. That "or you forget stuff" was probably aimed at himself, as he continued to tell a story about how he forgot to setup the right loadout.
  11. Could be. It wouldn't suprise me. I think there is a case for Rhino being as good as he is though. In a way framechoice in Warframe is organic difficulty selection and Rhino hands down is the beginner frame. And that's cool, if you see a low MR player (<9) join you on a higher level mission or sortie or w/e and he's on Rhino you at least know he won't need any babysitting, which is really valuable in games like warframe. While Rhino is decent in pretty much anyones hands and can be built and played to be a wellrounded pick in any content in the game. He's still never the one dominating
  12. I think there would be a considerable backlash to that change. However I could see it, because they specifically wrote these abilties are subject to change in the dev workshop and it would maybe appease the Roar will break the game crowd - although my hunch would be, a lot in that camp would jump camp to something else being extremly bad and omg how can de do this. One way or another, the system is inherently interesting and warants discussion above the level of picking the most generic damage+ ability out and echoing the downfall of all warframe as some tend to.
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