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  1. correct mask, but wrong helmet on head and wrong shoulder decor. and wrong legs combine. sry no need.
  2. 3rd criteria impact - no ephemera 400 symmetrical good leg +50p prosthetic arm -50p usual weapon % +0p =400p
  3. first of all. i don't need lich without my target shoulder decor. also ur lich's jaw skin exposed. it's not full mask lich. also wrong legs combine. i don't think u checked my post carefully. don't trolling like this and walk away.
  4. correct mask with wrong helmet combine, sry. i do not accept that. i suggest u to contact him, he want that head combine.
  5. third criteria rad with ephemera 400p kuva lich original syandana +50p not bad body parts combine +50p 500p
  6. correct mask, wrong helmet, sry no need i suggest u find other collector on forum trading post. there are some guys want top hat liches. gl
  7. correct mask with wrong helmet, also i do not accepting beer belly if both legs are thin leg. also sadly do not accepting wrong shoulder decor. so. no need gl on next hunt and check the full details before u join the job.
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