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  1. correct mask with different helmet combine, i don't need him, also i don't need toxin lich since i got too much on toxin. but i think u can find other collector. that lich is not bad full mask lich. anyway. gl
  2. yeah, this guy has correct mask but different helmet, also has wrong legs combine i do not accept. but even not in my list, your lich has not bad appearance, might other collectors want him, don't worry and gl on next hunt.
  3. urgh, i'm very confuse to choose or not. your lich has good head combine, that's good, but beer belly with thin legs combine are not good for me, what i meant by that "beer belly can be accepted if body combine looks good." is like this one side, or two side thicc legs guys (not the ugly legs combine i posted on top side of my post) i'll pass your lich this time, but good luck on next hunt m8, p.s i pay more for wukong normal helmet not the wukong prime helmet, normal version has thicker energy bride . just tip if u mind hunt more impact liches.
  4. no worries. ur lich is acceptable, cause his helmet+mask is in my list and body combine also not bad. even shoulder decor and element is not in my option, i can accept him third criteria with ephemera elec +250p grattler 53% +400p 650p
  5. don't waste my time if u don't have lich in my list. also ur lich's jaw exposed. it's not fully covered.
  6. it has correct mask, but different helmet cause ur lich is female. it's not in my list, but i'm sure u can sell her to other collector with hight price. 60% hek is real good for the price
  7. good luck on ur collecting fellow collector
  8. one of good head combine but side fore head exposed. also not in my list, sry m8, wish u gl on next hunt
  9. 3rd criteria no ephemera heat 100 p kuva hek 40~45% market current price +150p good body combine +50p wrong shoulder decor -50p =250p
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