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  1. just tested deny on steelpath with 11 guns and 195 power strength. the damage is horrible. like negligible. gaze obviously helps. but your grasp of lohk will kill them faster and cheaper. I really don't see a point in the ability. you can just use accuse if you need a cc
  2. so something ive noticed is that it might be giving the stealth multiplier (if not the stealth multiplier then some kind of damage boost) when you attack the accused. i can see it being used offensively once its recastable. the energy cost is still really bad though
  3. can you make the duration of Vast Untime longer and make it not scale with duration? so we can just dump duration and focus on range and efficiency
  4. Xata's Whisper still feels so weak. the other abilities its compared to are much stronger. unless im missing something. even Toxic Lash adds double the effect to melee. Even with the Debuff granted by Vast Untime it doesn't feel great. its really strange that their main unique feature "void damage " isn't stronger. the true neutral damage seemed to help but its still really underwhelming to use Xata's Whisper
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