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  1. nope, looks exactly the same, only the camera is closer. Textures are good.
  2. The camera doesn't spin or anything, its just very fast movement. The coolest thing was when i utilized "Shooting Gallery" my Mesa Prime showed up in third person in a shadowy sort of figure. It was somewhat transparent, so i could still see everything without my view being obstructed! it was perfect! god i wish i'd recorded it....
  3. yeh its a bit of a rollercoaster, but i can handle rollercoasters 😄 also, like most FPS without training wheels, this would probably be horrible if your trying to use a controller.
  4. Sadly i have no idea how it occured 😟, but if i knew how, I'd be forcing it most of the time 😀
  5. So i was playing today when my camera bugged out and changed to FPS view. It was, hands down, the best warframe experience i've had!!!!! Bullet jumping was a bit disorienting, but the gun play was light-years ahead in fun than third person. Just saying, this camera setting should be a toggleable button, its amazing.
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