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  1. Following up, this is when a "Gravid Blastema" is dropped off of its roots and hits the ground, but doesn't explode, then when you hit it with your spear it will explode, but you will be softlocked. Just managed to replicate it again
  2. I was just fishing in Cambion Drift and used my spear to destroy one of the hanging destroyable map objects that contain basic resources. This soft locked my game, I couldn't move, use abilities, gear, etc. The only thing I could do was move my screen and aim with my spear. I assume this means that the game thought I was catching a fish when I hit the destroyable object, and was waiting for the reel in animation/catch popup screen. I had to abort the mission and lost a literal hours worth of resources. It should probably be considered whether or not aborting missions in open world should
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