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  1. Two hours of trying, three updates failing... Would it be possible to save at least part of the progression on the DL, and not restarting from scrach each time?
  2. Son token conversion is way too high, and it seems to be the only entrati not giving an option to buy one of his token for ressources you could find without practicing in his activities (daugther ressources can be found in the world, same for every other entrati). This is a HUGE funkiller for me. I did not participate in conservation on the others open world cause it was boring, still is. And making it mandatory is... not a very nice move to say the least. Also, I did not saw any place other than mother bounties where it is possible to have scintillant and damaged nekramech parts.
  3. The new end of mission UI lack informations that the old one had (lenses on weapons and frame for example), but having every standing gains in the same place is a plus. Still used to the old one so biased toward it but with improvements on the presentation the new one could be good.
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