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  1. LegendaryNeurotoxin's post in Latron Elixis Colors? was marked as the answer   
    It sounds like I'll need to get the eyedropper and find closest equivalents then. Using https://polychrome.seldszar.fr/ I was able to home in on some close choices...
    Primary 5d1d1b -> Storm Column 2 Row 13
    Secondary  EC6C2A -> Spektaka  Column 5 Row 2
    Tertiary 2B0606 -> Hatred Column 5 Row 17 (Fire Column 3 Row 17 is closes, but it is closest for Accents too, and I like preserving the slightly more neutral tertiary to the slightly more red accent)
    Accents 2D0202 -> Fire Column 3 Row 17
    Emissive 1 FDC95D -> Classic Saturated Column 5 Row 13
    Emissive 2 FE0600 -> Halloween Column 1 Row 3
    Energy 1 0AA2FE -> Classic Saturated Column 5 Row 6
    Energy 2 00366F -> Transmission Column 4 Row 1
    The caveat is that these colors blend with the base Elixis skin colors, rather than being the whole of the applied color. Because of this, these are NOT reliable Latron Elixis colors to use on a frame.
    I brought up Inaros as the example. Making the frame match the attachments in their default state, here's what it comes out with:
    So I guess no... I don't need the Latron Elixis colors, I need the colors that make Warframe parts look like the Latron Elixis metal. Ugh... maybe Tennogen has something close? All I wanted to do was make Inaros look like his damn signature quest attachments!
    Taking the selection above, but replacing Primary with Grineer Column 1 Row 6,
    and Secondary with Gama Column 2 Row 11,
    definitely  looks closer. Still not the same kinda shiny property, but at least there's more hue uniformity--"huniformity" as art experts call it
    Does anyone have colors they believe to be even closer?
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