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  1. I could solo a good OV rotation to the very end with Bonewidow and no auras or pets that affect it. Always have an enemy in the meathook, smash resonators through walls with with the fluctus, then pull out the big sword and get close to slash and kill the Orphix and any non-sentient stragglers you feel like smashing. Put that sword away between Orphix so you don't drain your energy. You can aim glide and keep enough lift to take just about all of the Orphix out in one pass, maybe 2 at the later stages. I think the above builds will get you into it, it just takes practice.
  2. Well at least the summertime stuff will arrive when it'll be relevant. I'm excited to rock those shorts!
  3. I still never got my stuff from the TennoCon sale last year...
  4. You can always put two on Paracesis to help with sentient slaying, since a maxed-out level 40 gets 60% damage bonus before the Sacrificial mods are added.
  5. Can we get more definition to crew profiles? I'd like to have them be able to back off their current task if something else is far more critical, such as targeting boarding enemies as a whole before returning to crew tasks, or breaking off guns to handle repairs if there's a lot to fix. Additionally, I'd like to have gunners on call to jump in the forward artillery so I don't have to park the ship to finish off knocked-out crew ships.
  6. This is definitely a bug. My Kronsh and Rahn are maxed and mastered, and show up properly. They have been for many, many moons. Relogging didn't fix it, then? If not, report the bug!
  7. For frames, Rhino has always been a beast, Iron Skin with a high armor and power build lets you shrug off virtually all status effects and things that stop you in your tracks. Hildryn's shields-as-energy is pretty effective if you get a magnetic resistance arcane on, allows you to power Railjack systems indefinitely because its just her shields being "spent" and a good build gives her plenty, she similarly shrugs off status effects with overshields that her #2 can easily fill out in many situations. Inaros has always been fairly invincible since you go to sarcophagus mode when health runs out,
  8. There are two hard things in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors. It could very well be that the code skips 1 by accident. Bored enough to roll up an alt and find out? :)
  9. No rush unless you're strapped for plat. 100 seems fair.
  10. That would be a Galatine, not a Gram. Specter and Conclave are the two main places it could be blocked. IIRC it used to revert you to a "default" weapon (the oldest one you own I believe) when you sold an equipped weapon, but it sounds like that changed or broke recently.
  11. VR Toolbox. I was on the project for years but I could never convince the lead engineers to rebuild it from the ground up with a professional interface, and the kludgey interface we made on top of the Windows default interface was never finished by the outside engineer commissioned to deliver it. I dunno what the state of it is now, but the Steam version was always first priority, then stable versions would be released to Oculus and Vive stores later on. It really lost its mojo when Youtube changed their encoding in a way that blocked other desktop-in-VR apps--short of downloading the videos l
  12. Yeah, I would say avoid it altogether. I tried to use a desktop-in-VR app a couple years back and got suspended for a couple weeks.
  13. When kitguns first hit as secondary only, I found that the arcanes they could take made them really useful. You can also do other fun things like building a high status weapon to load up status effects without compromising your primary. At higher levels you can have a status-dominant and high multishot Rattleguts to spray a pack of enemies to prime them for a CO melee build, as well as to slap them with the built-in radiation so they attack each other, and any other two elements--1 combined and 1 basic or combined--along with the already existing slash, impact, and puncture. Corrosive an
  14. I did this with Rhino gladiator build, focusing on using a zaw with exodia contagion, and using the operator to get to the capsules faster. It took a couple practices, but once I got it down, it was easy to nail in the real test.
  15. I kinda liked that there was a real combo system before, though I found them tough to execute at times, and sometimes would execute an unwanted combo in the process of trying to time, aim, and dodge attacks. These days, forward, hold right click, and mash E, takes care of most things. If they don't die outright, I can stop holding forward for a moment. Tempo Royale with Paracesis and right click is basically a popup spam loop. I think gunblades are the only ones that require pattern use because you always wanna maximize the rapid fire stuff for combo, and with an impact -armor build
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