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  1. I kinda liked that there was a real combo system before, though I found them tough to execute at times, and sometimes would execute an unwanted combo in the process of trying to time, aim, and dodge attacks. These days, forward, hold right click, and mash E, takes care of most things. If they don't die outright, I can stop holding forward for a moment. Tempo Royale with Paracesis and right click is basically a popup spam loop. I think gunblades are the only ones that require pattern use because you always wanna maximize the rapid fire stuff for combo, and with an impact -armor build
  2. I appreciate all the debate on everyone's different perspectives.... but what suggestions does everyone have to change it for the better, or feedback for DE to help guide them through this process? Another thought I've had is changing Steel Path to the level adjustment, removing the increased attributes, and enforcing a mod limit that downscales all mods proportionately to fit the cap; if you're above the cap, it basically like a global disposition system for all mods. 60 per item could be the starting cap, and it builds up proportionately to the level scaling increases, such that
  3. Great post! Since we're sharing discussions, here's one I started while they were talking about the subject during the devstream. Feel free to chime in with more thoughts on how to resolve the power gap if you have any!
  4. Between stances and the existence of combo, I think they always meant for melee to be superior, but when the game started we weren't nearly as fast. The old Stamina system was a punishing but effective way to limit mobility and acrobatics, and in that environment, ranged weapons were very important to successful gameplay. Blocking shots wasn't what it is now, either. I feel like they just kinda let power creep go unchecked until they feel like something is out of balance, then change it when they feel they have to, but never commit all hands on deck to hammer it out as quickly as possibl
  5. That's interesting... so now I think of what kinda combo scaling mods we could see. They wouldn't stack but.... adding a slight radius that increases with combo, adding a slight target homing effect that increases with combo, increasing ammo efficiency so the magazine lasts longer, even adding an "overcharge shot" that expends combo for a mega shot with additional scaling like charged melee. Another one comes to mind, guns having a charged mode they can activate to expend ranged combo. This could use some of the effects of the above abilities, or something completely different like givin
  6. So as they talk about it in the dev stream, what do we think about this? For the past year I've been thinking about this, and I usually end up coming to guns having their own combo system. This would mean some functionality would improve as players land successful shots, as well as allowing *new* combo scaling mods to kick in as the combo rises. I think it would need to be a different scaling than 1 hit = 1 combo, as that would differentially prefer rapid fire and high multishot weapons, while slower RoF weapons would get left behind. What would you do to resolve the gap? Do
  7. If I've got a full stack of weapons / companion stuff to level, and no boosters but my MR30 blessing, it might take as long as 30. One weapon at a time with full boosters, I'm out by no more than 2.
  8. You'll be like me one day, with enough sets of Khora parts to fully repopulate Cetus with Khoras. Elite Sanctuary Onslaught has always been my go-to place to nuke weapons up to max rank with Saryn Thanos Sneeze or Equinox Maimbomber build.
  9. With the amount of influence TenCent wields, they could force the issue and make this happen. I don't know if this is DE's decision or agency to attempt, but if the higher power requests it, DE can make it happen, and TC has the connections to facilitate it.
  10. There's some fun builds you can make with them, and they can take the kitgun-exclusive arcanes for more power. I have a gun dubbed the "Mutalist Amprex" using Vermisplicer, Tremor, and Killstream. It is great with Pax Seeker or any of the Residual arcanes, but you may find the need to enhance the magazine size or reload speed. If you already have stuff you like, you don't need to rush into primary kitguns, but they're worth messing around with for further fun and variance.
  11. I'm a fan of a high RoF rattleguts with good crit and status, so it has dual use as a damager and a status blobber for CO melee. Radiation for the enemy confusion can also help with managing small groups. But if you have a good zaw and Exodia Contagion, that's really the best all-around weapon in the game. That zaw cannon is just plain brutal, it carried me through Scarlet Spear.
  12. IIRC the issue is that the data isn't stored and accessed very efficiently, so increasing server space won't address what seems like a load time issue. Why does a load time issue matter? My guess is that it is a console standard for one platform, so they just apply the same limit universally because they may--one day--be able to implement cross-platform saves. I dunno that anyone has tried it, but I bet if you have 500 zaws/kitguns/pets, there will be similar loading issues.
  13. If we get in late and don't achieve the minimum, will the new system let us get the rest of the minutes somehow?
  14. Yeah, that's right! I have a growing pile and I have zero desire to smash through them all :P If there was a secure commission system I'd just pay others to do it.
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