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  1. LegendaryNeurotoxin

    Transference Dash Fall Detection is Too Sensitive

    Hi all. I've had this problem for a while, and it seems to potentially be worsening over time. When I've completed a Void Dash in Transference mode, there are a variety of errant situations where the Operator simply falls and resets, even though there's safe ground below, or enough room to continue dashing before reaching a standard Warframe fall and reset point. This is doubly frustrating as it ruins the use of the Operator as a means for added mobility, as well as causing all buffs to get wiped away for the Warframe (as if the Warframe fell and reset) which is a real problem for frames that use powers to stay alive. Being the host, playing solo, or being connected to a host, doesn't seem to make much difference. Here's where it happens most: - Any time I cross a gap with a fall and reset region, even if I never crossed above the empty area, falling slightly will cause a fall and reset. This often looks like I'm over safe ground, maybe a meter or two away from it, and as I descend towards it, I'm reset back to either the beginning of the dash section, or the area where I exited the Warframe regardless of where I started the dash sequence. - Falling slightly over a fall and reset gap will often trigger the reset, even if I am far above the gap. Many times they are places where I could have fallen much further with the Warframe and recovered safely. - Ceiling resets also seem much closer. There are many places where a Warframe could safely reach a height without a reset, but the Void Dash triggers a reset. This happens most notably when attempting to get atop the debris outcropping at the end of Corpus crashed ship tilesets by dashing up from the side. There are ways in which I recommend to improve this: 1) Decouple Operator falling from Warframe powers. There's no reason why the frame should lose persistent powers, it was just standing where it had been left behind, and it isn't like frame powers transfer to the operator anyway. If the falling issue is never resolved, at least this takes the edge off being reset after a void dash. 2a) Improve the tolerance and thresholds for Void Dash triggering a fall and reset. Right now I feel as if my position and where the fall detector thinks I'm at are two different places, as if an invisible physics ball launches off from me when I dash, but falls or rises faster than the Operator, causing resets in areas where the frame still has plenty of room. 2b) Alternatively, set up volumes where falls occur to treat Void Dash as if it is hitting solid mass. This may seem like it gives the effect of making contact for a moment, but being stopped halfway through a dash into a pit or above a play area ceiling would be more acceptable than the current issue of dashing safely over a pit and being inexplicably dropped and reset. Thanks!
  2. LegendaryNeurotoxin

    12/7/18 Gift of the Lotus Interception

    I had a couple issues during the Gift of the Lotus Interception today. The first time in, I was unable to capture - I would get the capture sound, but the progress would stay at 100% red / uncaptured, and if I went to a point where there had been progress then cleared the conflict, the post-conflict result would be going back to red/uncaptured. I ended up leaving that session. My next time in, garbage collection appeared to break after the first round. The second round had three Moas by the capture point to the right of where you'd enter the two-story outdoor Corpus defense/intercept map. Every time they'd die, three new Moas of a different type would appear in the place where the old ones died. No more than three enemies were out at a time, and would all respawn in-place as new moas about 5-10 seconds after the last set was killed. I have zero replication numbers, but I felt it would be worth posting about these two back-to-back oddities in case either is on a "we think we fixed it" list for those good ol' one-in-a-million bugs. Thanks!
  3. LegendaryNeurotoxin

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    I've thought about it more.... disposition should change monthly, and total weapon use per month should show in the UI with daily updates. This way, the idea of a riven staying at a disposition over time is indicative of it actually being used that frequently every month. This also takes the sting out of once-in-a-long-time disposition changes and how they affect the markets. I would also make the case that low disposition rivens might needs their affected items reassessed - maybe a prisma, vandal, wraith, mutalist, prime, or factional variant needs to be added or re-balanced to make the weapon more worthwhile.
  4. LegendaryNeurotoxin

    Winter Solstice 2018!

    Hanukkah! 😞
  5. LegendaryNeurotoxin

    Ongoing Sanctuary Onslaught Recalibration

    Does anyone else seem to have a weak 1st round in elite onslaught? I think it seeds round 1's spawn rate and enemy density with whomever comes in as a squad initially, so coming in solo seeds round 1 as super weak. I consistently get ~500-700 focus in round 1, whereas most others I'm looking at 3k-7k focus. Also not happy about the static rotations. Last time I was grinding it always started in the cloud city tileset with a buncha stairs, catwalks, and open places to fall. Round 2 was always a ship interior tileset with the air vent that blows you down across one gap. I think 3 was always void. Make 'em different every time, don't let us learn what's coming next! My final input - don't put magnetic anomalies right where people spawn into a new round. I have to go 100% arcane nullifier so I can use abilities as soon as I can get through and not be drained of energy. Not everyone is so happily armed for the situation.
  6. LegendaryNeurotoxin

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    TLDR Version, because you don't wanna read 6 paragraphs from me on the subject! *ahem* Nooooooooo! I still want Sentinel rivens for the higher-status weapons! Let me crank their status to 100% no-multishot so I can have a Blast-centric knockdown machine to support my melee efforts or help prime Condition Overload! My advice is make all the sentinel weapons higher status, and put a high priority on rolling status chance and duration on sentinels. Don't have them as fighters who always have poop weapons, have them as utilities that can add to combat prowess without doing huge damage.
  7. LegendaryNeurotoxin

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop Part 2!

    The day-to-day scaling has been great! I still wish any 50 could be used as a choice for any category, so I could get into the exclusive weapons much faster. This could be bound to MR. One example could be assigning a "Total" to each item, where (Days/50) + MR must be at or higher than that item's target in order to be attainable at that 50 day interval. Example targets could be 3 for Azima, 9 for Zenistar, 15 for Zenith, and 21 for Sigma & Octantis.
  8. LegendaryNeurotoxin

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    I'll say this too - if veterans want to have the login weapons for status / exclusivity, create skins for all those weapons and put them up instead. Just make the weapons craftable, but the skins are login restricted.
  9. LegendaryNeurotoxin

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    I don't want to correlate login days or hours played to access to a few specific weapons and items at all. I won't make a value judgment on the fairness of that scenario. I don't think you should have to demand anything based on any about of time played. But that is because I play this game for builds and statsturbation, so access to every piece of equipment is something I see as a priority for all players. And again, the MR is mostly irrelevant, its access to the items for builds and to try them. When I say it wouldn't matter, what I mean is that I don't care if I was the furthest person ahead in a system I don't like, I'd still campaign for the system to be changed. Don't get too bogged down in that example solution I gave. I could give tons of different examples of systems for how DE could change the login reward system and why they'd work, but I won't. That's my day job, and these forums aren't paying me a salary. 😉 I think our arguments boil down to me saying access to items that make builds shouldn't be gated by login rewards, and you are saying its fine that a very select set of items that make new builds possible are fine to be gated by login rewards. We don't need to say much more. I think we've stated our points clearly enough. I appreciate that you are defending the system, but I will argue that the system is bogus for players who have my goals in mind for the game, and that it creates the inverse effect of making players feel rewarded when things are limited by the login system.
  10. LegendaryNeurotoxin

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    I think you missed something. I also played since the 80s. Are you a career game developer? TBH that actually doesn't matter, the origin of someone's opinion doesn't really matter here, only the content does! What you do with your time when you play is up to you. If you spend 1000 hours playing dress-up across 6 months, that won't and shouldn't earn you the resources and rank to expand your arsenal. I spend my time getting gear and resources so I can try everything - and yes, raise MR in the process, but I don't -plan- on hitting 25. Kinda feel like you made a straw man argument that I begrudge that people have what I don't - I begrudge the system by which certain items are distributed, it literally wouldn't matter to me if I'm the most logged-in person ever at my current 349 days and nobody else has it. Though if THAT were the case I'd probably grumble about how assets for things we can't access are basically wasted art team cycles. 😛 Yes, people who achieve full login daily status by filling in with rewards would be able to earn login insurance. If DE is worried about veterans taking a break on built-up time, they could put a cap on it or make it expendable, like adding a way to spend a day of insurance to reset daily focus earning capacity before the next daily rest, or even trading extra days for plat. But earning days is just a bandaid, it isn't a true fix to the system. Getting all the exclusive weapon and mod items off the 100 day intervals entirely, just making them special boss drops or semi-regular event drops, would be a much better solution in my opinion. Let daily logins just be a reward for logging in THAT DAY, period. Maybe keep the 50 day intervals with some bonus consumables and credits as something to get excited about, maybe keep aesthetics on the 100s since those don't affect functional gameplay.
  11. LegendaryNeurotoxin

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    I appreciate that you are trying to defend DE's position, but I disagree. The problem is tied to the idea that I will have earned everything I can through conventional gameplay, and the artificial limiter preventing me from last percent is an arbitrary timesink that has absolutely nothing to do with how long I've actually played and supported the game. . I'm glad that you are okay with not having the arsenal that I have - I was MR8 right before Plains with enough resources to get me past MR16, now closing in on 21. I played long and hard to get what I have, but it isn't impossible for you to achieve by any means. You could catch up to me in 6 months of focused, regular gameplay, plus making friends with people that trade in vaulted items, and have all of what I have, except for anything I may have that was exclusive to a login or event that will never be replayed. Considering I used to use my Lato Vandal as a sign of being old school, and now everyone who cares has one, nothing is ever gone from access permanently, and player meme campaigns can get DE to soften up on items that had been exclusive. Thanks for offering how I ought to feel, but I'll completely dismiss it. My first game was QA on Scooby Doo: Mystery Mayhem (PAL) back in 2003 at THQ. I am a game industry veteran, and as such I feel my personal opinion is both valid and warranted. DE wanted to know what we think, this is what I think, that is the point of this post! One other point - life happens, people get sick, experience natural disasters, ship off, get higher education degrees, get in trouble, etc, and can't get to their computer for anywhere from days to years - and if Warframe is a thing they care about, inability to grab those daily login milestones is serious demotivator. I like the DAILY logins themselves as a way to reward regular use, but locking items behind daily login milestones turns something that is supposed to feel like a bonus into a necessary chore, or a source of FOMO that people don't need looming over them. I'll settle for this: if we won't get complete choice every 50 days, add low, medium, and high tier Sortie rewards for 1, 3, and 5 days on account, as well as 1 day credits in secret treasure caches, and as possible late-rotation rewards in higher defense / survival / interception / excavation missions. This way, high-end players can slowly chip away at the deficit. Once someone is all caught up, that reward will act as "daily insurance login" so vacations and other downtime won't interfere with login credit.
  12. LegendaryNeurotoxin

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    Catch up with getting access to the different weapons, mods, and their build characteristics. It isn't just an MR grind for me, I actually buy slots and keep most things so I can mess around with them later and do my own tests, comparisons, etc. Right now I've got about 120 more mundane items left (BP available on market or in dojo) and I'll probably be through most of that by the end of the year. I don't see daily exclusive equipment as a milestone or a reward. I see it as a punishment for not being loyal. Everyone gets it, unless you didn't log in every day. Aesthetics, booster+consumable packs, these don't matter to me because they don't make my build options more dynamic.
  13. LegendaryNeurotoxin

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    This doesn't really do it for me tbh. It is an improvement, but.... I've been playing Warframe off and on since 2013, and just hit 350 days login in my next 2 logins. I can't catch up, I'm years away from the mods and weapons, and those are ALL I CARE ABOUT at this point. Consumables every 50 is just a slap in the face that I wasn't logging in all that time.
  14. LegendaryNeurotoxin

    Devstream #108: Rescheduled for March 16!

    Fun Stuff! @[DE]Rebecca I'll try to have a fun build ready to play with. Right now I'm working on Rhino Prime with Synapse, Aklex Prime, and Twin Krohkur, all rivened. :)
  15. LegendaryNeurotoxin

    Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    Now that I've had a chance to play with it a bit, the new Synapse is definitely more powerful. It is fun to use on most content, but I feel like it still lacks the oomph to reliably use it in level 80+ content, and is absolutely worthless for Eidolons compared to a good sniper. 6 Forma and a good riven too. All of the beam weapons have a really huge problem in the lack of a long-range shot. I'd like to see a secondary shot that adds some utility and range at the cost of damage, accuracy, or rate of fire. Things like a charge-up that fires a single, heavy beam; an orb that lashes out with tendrils of electricity at whatever it passes; high-ammo cost bolt that explodes on contact; reduced damage low RoF bullet-like effects; or increasing the beam length 200% but reducing damage 50% and eating ammo 50% faster.