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  1. I have a Supra riven with -projectile speed. It makes the bullets come out so rapidly, but travel so slowly, that I feel like I should be playing a bird's eye arcade shooter. It is comical, but when things outside 20m avoid shots by simply walking, it kinda diminishes in value. Yeah as that video demonstrates, a shotgun just hits min damage immediately. Hilarious.
  2. I have brought these up before, and as the dev stream mentioned continued fixes to melee, I want to circle back to these two features that make up the rest of the Melee QoL issues that still persist. 1) Toggling Finisher Use: Some builds are designed around opening finisher vulnerability then exploiting it, others are built around being so strong and fast that regular attacks are far more effective than being slowed down by single-kill finishers. For those who build in the second way, finishers are a massive hindrance, and can even be hazardous as it allows enemies to congregate and attack someone who - if they didn't have to perform a finisher - wouldn't be there long enough for enemies to gather, or would have already killed everything. As a master of blade and gun, a Tenno should have the agency to choose NOT to perform finishers, and be able to completely disregard them. 2) Adding Angles to Attacks: Some stances that lack a vertical strike, or a strike that goes below waist-level and above eye-level in order to hit grounded or flying targets. Instead of melee attacks always flowing exactly the same way, angling up or down should allow for attacks in those directions, so melee users don't have to switch to shooting to take care of a threat that is in their face or ankles and is actively blocking their collision path. I realize there's more to this than simply throwing in a "lean forward" and "lean back" blend shape that orients the character differently, and that this may require additional work or even a full overhaul of melee visuals to allow for angle compensation, but I have a feeling the team can find a more efficient solution. What do you think, folks?
  3. Yes, I've been waiting for an archgun riven! This will hopefully help push crit or status chances to a comparable level to main weapons. TBH I really hope range is an option they can get too, Larkspur and Fluctus could always be deadly at a greater distance. 🙂
  4. Those shoulders are a good look on Rhino Prime! Esp because Eos Prime has busted colors atm -_-
  5. The first item I've had trouble with is the Eos Prime set, but only on Rhino Prime. In the past, the glowing areas could take on any colors. Now they only take on a yellow/orange/red color, which severely limits their ability to match an aesthetic style. This applies to all 5 pieces in the Eos Prime set, but it only seems to affect Rhino Prime, and frames with the same colors don't have the issue.
  6. Hello fellow Tenno! I see that a lot of energy color has been messed up with the addition and adjustment of secondary energy. Please post here with any oddities or things that seem incorrect with energy color and effects!
  7. I posted about bows elsewhere.... what they need is to be nocked and drawn as soon as possible, so the player need only click to fire. Half-drawn arrows could be fired too I suppose, but it would make more sense to just let it be ready and waiting for the player to fire. This takes away a lot of the awkwardness, and allow more of the standard point-and-click interface that most projectiles provide. They are still great for trying to be stealthy, though suppressors can be modded onto other weapons already. I would also be willing to give innate punchthrough to bows, where single-shot bows that have no other effects get 2m or more, while ones with multiple arrows or special arrow effects only get 1m. Alternatively, use the draw. Add an overcharge feature, where while an arrow is drawn, its damage slowly ramps up. The caveat is that a defensive maneuver that resets the hold would break the multiplier.
  8. I wish we did it this way the first time, but Plains needed to be a bit of a grind so we didn't eat it up too fast. Glad to see it is being brought in line with Fortuna/Orb Vallis, and that this will help set the standard for future open world content!
  9. Personally I ignore shields and go for armor, strength, some health, and the augments for 1 and 2 so I can charge through a pack to empower my iron skin refresh, and to not have to wait for iron skin to expire in order to detonate and refresh it. With that build, you don't need range and duration as much, but limiting those will make 3 and 4 less effective for helping a group. Just be sure you don't get stuck with low iron skin and no energy.
  10. Bows need to auto-charge, only make me need to left-click. The draw back to charge property is what ruins bows, no partially-drawn arrow is more useful than if the arrow was already drawn and waiting without needing to hold left-click to prep it. Otherwise, make sound matter more, and quiet weapons will matter more. I always thought the tradeoff of bows or thrown weapons was innate silence so they're easier to mod for full stealth operations.
  11. Anything that punishes people for not having something accumulated needs to be prohibited. The Ayatans were a slam-dunk for me because I'm lazy about processing them, but a diligent player gets shafted. Anything MR-locked is restrictive and disincentivizing to new players. I feel like the sortie stuff is a bit unfair to newer players, as they used to be able to mash alerts to get what they needed, and now they need to grind to MR 8 and complete story content just to participate in the replacement for alerts. Same with anything that would require using the operator. Anything that imposes more than 15 minutes of gameplay is too much. If three measly waves of Elite Sanctuary Onslaught is worthy of an elite challenge, 15 minutes of coordinated group play seems like a closer equivalent. With that in mind, additional challenges could be added, like 15 minutes with a derelict key equipped, or only using one weapon category . I believe the philosophy behind Nightwave challenges should be to make players play the game in a way they may not be used to, in order to get a broader sampling of what they can actually do in the game. I love the "kill with X damage type" and execution finishers and kill a hydrolyst, those are great, some people may not do those as much so it'll get them out of their comfort zone. Making people K-Drive trick and grind, do stuff while in Archwing (open world or actual flight), complete a solo mission that isn't a copy of a riven challenge. Maybe a community Nightwave challenge list would be a good way to generate more player-approved stuff.
  12. Honestly the fastest way I found to level/faction is grinding on the curved rail out around the right when leaving Fortuna. Grind, jump, trick, repeat until 3000 score cap is achieved. 3000 score cap is garbage though. What's the point of tricking out hard if all we get is peanuts? I can see adding diminishing returns over 3k, but 3k is a brutally low limit. Don't make leveling K-Drive any more painful than it is, since it is a slower fast-travel than archwing and generally useless aside from fun (or... I guess not losing Iron Skin).
  13. The biggest new issue for me, aside from finishers and getting stuck swinging over heads attacking down a ramp, is that switching from the mining tool to melee is really stiff. I think it was actually smoother before the changes, as I'd melee to hit nearby stuff, but immediately be able to right-click and start mining again. Now there's a delay between sheathing weapons and accessing the mining laser again. I want the option to roll melee-only and not auto-swap back to firearms.
  14. BUG!!!!!!!!!! Releasing right and left click at the same time while mining in Orb Vallis cause the entire mining system to completely break until you quit and relog.
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