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  1. I'd wager daggers would have higher crit chance, crit damage, status, and attack speed, in exchange for shorter range, lighter base damage, and lower deflection angle. So they're good for procs, but need to be used up close.
  2. I don't open up enemies to things that proc finishers, but I also don't play solo. I can't expect to regulate every frame and school of every random player I join with, but I feel like it is acceptable for a master of melee to omit finishers. I don't play finisher builds, except to please Nora once in a while. But that's my bad for not turning the toggle off if I'm hunting a Nightwave act that needs finishers, and finishers on/off could feasibly be added to the loadout screen too. Because it isn't an equipment feature, it can be adjusted in the options menu mid-mission. I don't expect activation of finishers to change just because it is going to a new tool. Unless they put it on its own button, which would be fine for PC, but I have no idea what the unused button availability is like for console gamepads.
  3. I've been mentioning it for years, so I'm turning up the volume. Add a toggle in the options menu to let me ignore all finishers. Stunned dude? Regular combo attacks. Downed heavy? Yep, regular melee combo attack. Snuck up behind an enemy by accident? Regular melee combo. When I ramped up so much that 1-3 hits kills anything, sweeping through masses with 200%+ range is my priority, not stopping to assassinate one goon. Edit: Also, don't tone police me. I've been playing this game since weapons had an advancement tree, I can be a salty old man. 🙂
  4. The biggest feature that needs to be changed in melee is forced finishers. Turn them off. I hate flowing through a pack of enemies I can kill in 2 seconds, only to get caught on one or two for 2 second apiece because someone exposed them to finishers. This is "maggots still breathing my air" levels of unacceptable, and really REALLY needs to be fixed with these upcoming changes, please! I'd just toggle off finishers in the UI if I could, they have always broken the flow of my melee massacres!
  5. Some time during or after the Empyrean update, I'd love to see the Grineer faction get pulled a few different ways: 1) Vay Hek completes the invention of a device that lets him issue commands with the same systemic authority as the Queens--effectively wresting some control from the Worm Queen to some extent. He then begins a forceful takeover of the Kuva Fortress. 2) Being declared a high crime, Worm and Kela begin to lead the counter-offensive against Vay Hek, using Kuva-juiced criminals led by and Kuva soldiers as the main fighting force. 3) After the Ropalolyst incident, Alad V goes his own separate way, and manages to rebuild Tyl Regor as an Infested Amalgam, who begins building a new line of "perfected" Grineer as well as offering "upgrades" to existing ones. 4) Not wanting to be left out, a Lotus-driven initiative sends Amalgam Proselytizers to Grineer settlements, converting all they can to her will while enhancing their power in dangerous ways. 5) In the chaos, many eager interlopers took on an unregulated dose of Kuva, making them liches, but the self-administration of the dose allowed them to break free of the Queens will and form a new loyalty to Kuva itself. They are now independent liches, and constantly hunt for Kuva when they aren't actively pursuing a specific Tenno. 6) All the while Cressa Tal is sweeping through where weakened, trapped, and isolated Grineer are located, and begins recruiting and converting them to a larger scale. She got part of the research from Vay Hek's new device, and was aided by Quills to complete the allegiance removal serum. Players will get missions from whomever they're aligned with to push that agenda forward, while receiving rewards and changing the nature of the contested areas. Players may support Vay Hek in his attempt to become supreme ruler while keeping the bloodline pure without Kuva, or support the Kuva team in their attempts to wipe Vay Hek from the system and regain control of the Grineer to end all the in-fighting that Vay Hek caused. Cressa will be displeased if you go with either of them, and would prefer you support her in an attempt to lead a Grineer rebellion to remove their existing leadership and return the Grineer to a stellar nation of builders. Every now and then, smaller engagements between Alad V, Lotus, and/or Independent Liches may come up, which offer different rewards and risks for supporting or opposing them.
  6. I really feel like riven disposition needs to go away, and be weighted purely on the weapon's quality and functionality compared to lower weapons. This would be to help lower weapons use rivens to bridge the quality gap, while allowing rivens to exist for higher quality weapons as a way to add variance and functionality but not completely overwhelm other weapons. I'd also like to see a Sacrifice Upgrade system, where I can take any property from any poorer riven I own, and some kuva, and destroy that riven to replace an existing riven's property. It would still be weighted to disposition or other balancing, but this lets me burn poorer rivens to augment meaningful ones with specificity, as well as giving another avenue to get rid of an excess of rivens that built up from doing daily sorties for a year.
  7. Not quite! By doing what I suggested for every frame to have their own +loot mod for one ability, it means everyone must actively choose to sacrifice one Warframe mod slot for something entirely loot-centric. I suppose what I'm suggesting is that players have the option, with every frame, to slightly limit their build in exchanged for higher reward accessibility.
  8. TBH just give every frame a mod that enhances loot opportunities for one ability.
  9. Nice, I'll be on the lookout. See you there! Are you folks getting into the Discord party too? It was a blast last year, demand some extra passes! 🙂
  10. Yo if Steve is still there, ask about Twin Kreska and Twin Krokhur Wraith?
  11. That's awesome! But it also means that an account hijacker can take it over in full if they have your email or 2FA too. And that people may be more emboldened to sell their accounts later on. But hey, features is features, those are issues for CS to deal with 1-3 weeks at a time! 😄 All that aside, this is extremely useful. I've had two different email addresses from ISPs that don't exist anymore. Kudos to the team for adding this, it is a really useful feature, despite the risks.
  12. Welcome back, dev team! With the steady increase in riven types (Zaw, Kitgun, Archgun, and IIRC Sentinel may come back as it's own type, I could see arch-melee coming too) the limit of 90 is really starting to be an issue. Is there a possibility that we can get an increase to the maximum capacity? Maybe by providing a way to commit ones we don't want to use to a "Trade Reserve" where we can't equip them, but where can still be traded, upgraded, or transmuted? Any chance we could get a bit more info on the Quatz, like why it was designed in opposition to the secondary fire button rather than just having both shots available on both zoom formats? Being unable to tap full-auto for controlled shots while aiming will keep it out of many arsenals. Any chance that TennoGen will eventually be moved to Warframe directly, so users won't need to have it installed through Steam just to buy aesthetics? I never do WF through Steam because it means family share users get cut off, and I can avoid cutting them off by playing it direct from DE or through Discord. Thanks!
  13. I wonder if the data and linkages of the friends system might be more the culprit, and that less information per user should actually show up to begin with. I know it's a long shot, but... Maybe we get a riven cap increase once friend data isn't bogging things down? 😄
  14. The professional QA lead in me says this was released incomplete. We don't need a "pro tip" when the problem is actually the active refusal of the secondary fire mechanic that exists specifically for this kind of weapon. The result is a complete inversion of what the gun should do, and an unsatisfying user experience. That's a shame too, because the attributes are fantastic for how accessible it is to players of appropriate rank to use it. Short range isn't short range At short range, the quad-shot is similar to a shotgun, which makes sense to have accessible. Instead it can only be used when aiming, completely defeating the purpose of it as a close-range quick-hit. The ability to look at a target without aiming, click once, hit four times, and keep moving, seems more like the essence of Warframe, and that isn't achieved here. At longer ranges, the chances that all four shots hit seems to diminish, especially against targets moving horizontally to where you're aiming. Awkward sustained aimed fire The pro tip above highlights the other major downside - it is impossible to maintain aim and fire off controlled sprays of single shots. While aiming, all you get is the quad shot. So to fire accurately at a distant target with full auto, a few shots need to be expended up front while zoom engages, then you have to keep the button held til the magazine is empty to use full auto while still zoomed in. Secondary fire button exists for a reason I come from the perspective that it is fine to kludge around to make a feature work when there isn't another feature to support it, but when the supporting feature exists, don't kludge it up. We have a secondary fire button, it feels like this weapon was designed before that feature was added, and released without being fixed. Refusing to use secondary fire button means players can never do a simple no-zoom quad shot, and will never be able to remain in the aiming state while letting off single shots or tiny bursts. Make no mistake, I like this weapon aside from the lack of secondary fire usage. I know someone was trying to be clever my making a weird gimmicky reinforcement gun, but it kinda falls flat in terms of ease-of-use and ultimately fun factor.
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