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  1. Good stuff! It'll be fun to see the MR 30 test where you have to mimic the emotes like the Chrono Trigger carnival game. Or take down a Teralyst solo. Good fun either way.
  2. You can refuse to attempt finisher attacks, and they'll level much slower.
  3. Well that's the thing... I'm willing to take a power hit in terms of ability use and versatility in exchange for Umbra running back-up. I may strap both with full radiation so they're out there turning enemies against each other for me, rather than trying to score the kills themselves. So far they haven't gone down once, though the Kavat may need more defense in some form since they seem to get eaten by the larger creatures. Good to know on ammo! 100% agree, and I really hope companion looting range linkage can eventually be extended, or that Archwing, K-Drive, and Necramech c
  4. I've been trying to figure out how to make an Umbra build that maximizes sustainability on autopilot, so I can feasibly stay in-mech for 60+ level content. Given that Umbra and Companions don't loot, health orbs are out of the question, and likewise loot radius and radar mods seem to be wasted since the mech is contact-only looting. So far I've come to Truth / Truth-modded weapons, loading exclusively health and armor, using arcanes for defense and restoration, and using a Vasca Kavat set up for health/armor and healing linkage. Other than the vault necramech taking down my kavat, this wo
  5. I was using Umbra Excalibur and the Necramech in Orb Vallis, and was looking for a worthy threat. After marching from Fortuna to the Temple of Profit (through a roadway tunnel "cave/structure" along the way) I went into the elevator, and used transference to go back to my operator or frame and activate the elevator. Instead, transference put me into Umbra, unable to move, all abilities locked, able to use Gear items and crouch but nothing else. I had to exit back to Fortuna/Orbiter, as there was no way to proceed. Steps to replicate: 1) Enter Fortuna with Umbra Excalibur and a
  6. 100% agree, timers make it so very slow. One example: just flood the vault with things that have to be killed to remove toxicity, just a dense mass of life to shred, rather than the timer with a trickle of enemies.
  7. Thank goodness, I was wondering why using Xaku as a melee main in Deimos was going so poorly, half the damage boost from Xata's Whisper wasn't even making it there!
  8. No, for reals? Just make it an unsigned integer. It should have always been a uint, you can't deal negative damage right? Something that would heal would still only need the value input from the uint.
  9. The big challenge here is that there's disparity between every version. Art assets may even be exclusive to some platforms, and while filtering art from each version based on platform isn't too terribly hard to do (and slapping defaults / stripping parts that are equipped from a different platform's exclusives), they'd also need to make up for the disparity between builds. It may not be as bad to go from console to PC because PC is always ahead, but PC to console means they need to be vigilant about each and every transfer, which is likely why they only offered them for a limited time upon the
  10. Calling Limbo garbage because a troll was intentionally blocking our access to an objective item with their void fart bubble.
  11. I appreciate everyone's feedback, and I see that Xaku is indeed poorly-received for their deficiencies. I'm looking forward to what DE does with this and other feedback. In thinking about it more, the passive and #4 need to include melee, bullets, streams (beam or flamethrower), explosions, and the application of new status effects. Abilities and damaging surfaces will still do harm. Just being able to dodge bullets and energy shots is extremely underwhelming. I might also consider changing Deny to an aggressive melee-focused stealth mode, where the armor is left behind as a decoy
  12. I'd love to get everyone's thoughts on this, as I could easily be missing something. There's a lot I like about Xaku for clearing lower-level content, and I really like that I'll be able to put Xata's Whisper on Rhino to change Roar to a void damage addition. But I feel like it is the wrong frame for Deimos. Xaku doesn't seem particularly invested in any defense type, and can be built for shields, health/armor, or a combination of the two, which is further supported by the polarities they start with. Beyond that, their 4th ability kinda helps with bullets, but it seems like a lot of proj
  13. MY BIGGEST QUESTION ON THE SUBJECT: Will we be able to use frame-specific ability mods when we have a Helminth ability of the same type installed? 💣💥💢🕳️
  14. I love Saryn as an ally, but managing the spread of disease is too annoying to manage. I was a Saryn main in sanctuary onslaught til maimbombers were blowing out my damage every time, so I built an Equinox and now Saryn collects dust. Saryn with Equinox works great too, as the ones maim doesn't finish are ready to put disease into the new wave of spawns.
  15. I'd put Iron Skin on anyone, but I kinda think Inaros losing Desiccation for Wisp Reservoirs is a neat tradeoff for ol' sandy.
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