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  1. the lure effect from the 3rd ability could be moved onto something completely new, maybe casting a taunt on a certain enemy, making them appear to be a foreign threat to their allies so they attack them, this could also be used in razorwing to refocus all of the razorflies that might still be alive onto one target and one area
  2. FOR REAL!!! the only current difference is one makes people float in an aoe and gives cc immunity(kinda wonky), and the other makes a single person(for now) float and attract enemies(and has some sort of cap because it starts to not captivate everyone at some certain number). they can just keep it like spellbind(aoe targeting), keep either the cc immunity buff or enemy luring, and then use the other thing to include in a new ability.
  3. - the idea of casting abilities in razorwing to make more razorflies sounds like it'd so dope, even if it were limited to collecting souls from tribute - i think she's just in need of a higher energy cap, maybe not too high if the vacuum effect goes live, because not having to fly directly into energy orbs will definitely save time on the drain. or cut ability costs while in razorwing(by a 1/4 or 1/2) - i agree with this completely
  4. when it comes to tribute, PLEASE let the buffs lasting time scale with duration. or let them refresh whenever you pick up a different new one(this could be an augment, but it would need something on top of it)
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