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  1. from what i can tell profittaker is still gated content that was dangled in front of the player base like a worm to a starving bird so thanks for the patch DE but game remains uninstalled till you stop alienating parts of your user base that don't have time for your broken systems and just want some lore.
  2. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! OK I GET IT! Every dev wants the players to experience every inch of what they make its cool you guys do amazing work but seriously! The new content with profitaker and the orbs is gated unless you shell out days of your life to get old mate?! A rank in a freaking video game not our job?! Why is DE in the business of gating off content now? my respect is taking a hit here I love DE and the work they do but jerk move man.
  3. yeah cause that makes sense these specific 2 set mods get to go in the joke slot that by definition on the wiki "meant for movement based and UTILITY mods" yet makes absolutely no sense what so ever and a bunch of mods that fall into that category aren't exilus and a bunch of mods that do are weak not useful and used as endo farm. Good example why is warm coat aka cold resist for your shield an exilus mod and things like i dono rad resist toxin resist and so on arnt. why is it only frames mained by staff get their augments put in the exilus slot when their all just as neich and flat utility quality of life upgrades? why is it the drift modds can go inthere when their so weak its a throw away thing to add but things like an augar mod which is infinitely more useful and fits the criteria with its set bonus makes more sense but cant be slotted in. These are the confusing questions that come up every time DE mention the exilus slot.
  4. 5 FORCED FORMA and your correcting a bug about people who apparently formaed the damn thing again? who would ever need to forma it again?
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