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  1. The reason why is I have built most melee weapons around my rank 11(out of 14) Primed Fury. That's at 40%, as compared to 55% at max. 15% isn't a trivial amount. I'd like to rank it up the rest of the way, but that is gonna make me have to Forma those weapons again. ( At least 100, btw.) And some of those builds, due to rivens and Sacrificial mods, wouldn't be able to fit anymore, unless I put an Umbral Forma on. And Umbral Forma aren't a dime a dozen. If I now fully rank that up, that's 100+ weapons where I would have to rebuild, reforma, and in some cases, throw out builds completely to work around it. They've put all the daily log in weapons in Simaris' offerings, not to mention the Sacrificial and Umbral mods, as well. I don't see an issue having them there as well. Would it affect anything negatively? Especially if they aren't tradeable? Especially, if we have already earned them, like the Sacrificial and Umbral mods. I don't see one. Does having the option of getting Umbral or Sacrificial mods, affect anything negatively? There are three mods in game that you can only get once, compared to EVERY OTHER MOD IN GAME that you can get as many times as you can pick them up. That's the long and short of it. Convenience. Consistency. Edit: I said I had a maxed one, for simplicity's sake, rather than having to go into what I had to go into here. That doesn't negate any point here.
  2. I just did the 90 second Capture for NW, and only got 2000 for it, rather than the 7000. Anyone else notice this, or have the same problem? I'm on PS4, btw.
  3. it says to watch Tennocon in the relay to get the skin and decoration. In the relay, no Tennocon to watch? What's going on with that? i'm on Twitch, to get Hydroid Prime, but trying to get the staff skin thru the relay. Anyone know what the deal is?
  4. Now that the Umbral Mods, Sacrificial Mods, and Daily Sign-in Weapon Rewards are available thru Cephalon Simaris, shouldn't the Primed Mods thru the Daily Sign-in be available, too? You can keep 'em non-thradeable, but I'd like to have another at least Primed Fury that isn't maxed for some builds. Anyways, that's my two cents...
  5. Just putting this out there... The Lotus Ephemera should become a Baro item. The Fae Path Ephemera was a Twitch drop (I believe,) and now It's available to everybody. It's now been over a year since the Lotus Ephemera was released, so it should become available to everyone now, too. Just sayin'. I know it's small potatoes compared to other stuff, but it is a potato nonetheless. Edit: Brain dead post instead: Me want Lotus Ephemera. Make available. No reason. Re:Edit: I gave reasons, rather than demanding. Seems I messed up, since others think just demanding is more justifiable than having a reason. Regardless, Me Want Lotus Ephemera. Better?
  6. I have this weird triangular Infestation cyst on Inaros Prime that is about the size of his helmet. Anyone else have this issue? I was able to pierce it and it didn't go away. Now he's freaking me out to look at him, and I'm not done forma-ing him yet.
  7. It said people who purchase Protea before completing the quest will receive a riven as a reward. Just finished the quest, no riven. Nvm. It was in the inbox!
  8. Maybe, hopefully, soon, they'll being the Lotus Ephemera to Baro?!? Or at least some way of containing it in game?
  9. And the cycle continues, until nothing is fun. Thank you the fun police in the community. I don't even use it, but now you've made sure that I won't. And I rarely saw that weapon in game. And you know what? If I entered a PUBLIC match, and someone was using something I don't like, I have the ability to back out of the match. I don't go and complain about it online, to take someone's fun away. So, if we want to talk about overpowered, when are we gonna get the hate train going on the Sheev? Since the melee changes, LITERALLY EVERY MELEE WEAPON is more than viable. The Machete? Come on everyone, there are people having fun out there in game, and you know we can't have that!
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