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  1. Take the self damage away and have the animation like is planned but also introduce an exilus mod that enables self damage on weapons. Everybody wins
  2. Take the self damage away and have the animation like is planned but also introduce an exilus mod that enables self damage on weapons. Everybody wins
  3. What do you mean? Taking rhino into a spy mission is perfectly reasonable. You know what's not reasonable, everybody else using these invisible frames for spy missions making rhino not balanced. Nerf loki, ivara, ash, octavia, and prisma shade (lol you thought sentinels were safe?)
  4. Because when you play the game and enjoy an aspect and they take that aspect away they are then taking what you enjoy away. Simple as that. No other game that I know of lets gave the player the amount of power but that's warframes competitive advantage against other games. Take that away and then it becomes no different than any other game. I play warframe because it's different not because it's the same.
  5. Right but if there was a situation where, idk, in some fight there were major cold procs that slowed you down in a boss fight or timed objective then people would be incentivized to use it.
  6. Nice useless wall of text. You're the type of dude who doesn't read the instructions and just starts doing random stuff based on how your emotions. I never once mentioned anything about the how they are changing arcanes. The only thing I'm talking about is the logic behind why they are changing things. Just to humor you for a second, the orb mother and profit taker created variety in the builds, in that, instead of combined elements we needed heat, toxin, cold, etc. They didn't have to nerf corrosive, viral, gas, etc to have a situation where people are throwing just cold on a build or just electricity. Likewise orb mother needed fire rate and projectile speed. #ReturnBlink
  7. I'd love for them to just go all in and create nodes where the enemies start at level 500 and go
  8. What your saying is such a none factor it's almost not worth mentioning. I commend you on finding an interesting use case that fits your playstyle. However on a macro scale it's not being used and the majority of players just bypass barrels to the point that it makes arcane warmth show as a statistically unused arcane.
  9. Is arcane pulse going on your builds? arcane resistance maybe? The point is because of the nature of arcanes no matter how much a low used arcane is "buffed" it will still not see use because the effect that it triggers is not applicable. Again this is not a post about what specifically they are doing to arcanes it is about the underlying reason that they gave for the changes.
  10. I mentioned nothing about what particulars they are doing. I'm speaking only to the reason they gave which is trying to somehow create more use of less used arcanes.
  11. Thanks, sorry I didn't realize I posted in the wrong section.
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