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  1. Unfortunately, disabling Optimized Flip-Model and restarting the game did not fix it.
  2. I've reinstalled the game and it is still happening. :( Oddly enough, when I have task manager open and am watching to see my CPU usage (which averages about 30% in the orbiter and railjack), the problem goes away. More interesting is that the problem seems to go away when I have task manager "Always on Top", but if I let Warframe be on top, the problem comes back. Okay, with that information I have discovered that the problem has something to do with Fullscreen and Borderless window modes. The problem hasn't totally gone away, but it's playable now, albeit a little uncomfortable. T
  3. After putting the game down for a few weeks, I picked it back up last week and unfortunately ran into an issue. The game is frequently freezing for like a half second. This happens everywhere, missions, orbiter, relays, simulacrum, even on the login menu. Video A. Video B (Footage took place the evening of Dec 16th. Was during the Legendary Core Gift of the Lotus Alert.) This is quite unplayable. I'm not sure what has changed. Like I said, took a break after the second big Deimos patch, then came back to it last week to find it behaving like this. I don't want to miss out on the new
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