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  1. 61 Including All Primed frames* With 3 more frames due out Soon™ *Excluding Excalibur Prime
  2. Back in Devstream #100 which was 14 months ago. We was told that there would be a way to re-obtain sold login reward weapons in the form of a blueprint on the market, other suggestions have been made to make it a cephalon simaris offering. Is this still planned? After a recent reddit (Monday 28th January) post where a [DE] staff member returned a player his Azima after 371 login days so that he can try out his new riven many players sent in a support ticket to try and get their sold login weapons but was denied due to "too many days have passed" and was also told "every case is different" All we want is consistency and a way to get our login reward weapons back that we naively sold because we were inexperienced or didn't realise the weapon would be re-unobtainable.
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