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  1. I feel as though lift attacks are completely useless since no one is going to want to waste there combo mult on them because they need it for blood rush. What I propose happens instead is that a second little bar is added that is your heavy attack / heavy slam bar that will decide on how effective the slam / attack is. This new Heavy bar will rise from killing / hitting enemies just like the combo mult but its just for the heavy attacks and will empty by a certain % every time you use a heavy attack instead of losing the whole bar / stack like it does with combo mult. I would also suggest that the combo mult stays the way it is but we re add the old damage multiplying system but just re adjust so your dmg is multiplied by .5 added on for each mult level instead of a whole number like it used to. TLDR: Add a new bar specifically for ultimate attacks (heavy and heavy slam attacks) that the more filled it is the more damage you do with said heavy attack and re add the old damage multiplier system so that it affects the base damage of the weapon and not the heavy attack but instead of 1x,2x,3x,ect per level its .5x,1x,1.5x,2x ect. This way you no longer lose your combo mult just to use your heavy attack. To compensate for the fact that the combo mult would no longer be used for heavy attacks reduce the ammount it is gained ait by about 10%-20%
  2. Im sorry I mis-worded that. They have been "Buffed" in the sense that along with every other weapon they got their base damage boosted not that their actual damage is any good but that goes for any other weapon right now too.
  3. This hurts me. My brain hurts in a way in which is not describable.
  4. Fist and sparring weapons have all been "buffed" and they sit around the same area of damage of other weapons in their mastery rank but, and this is a big but, their range is still garbage compared to the other weapons. SO what would be nice is if they were buffed so that they have higher base damage than the other weapons in their mastery rank to compensate for them having a lot worse range than said other weapons. Just as an example The Nikana Prime has a base range of 2.5 and a base damage total of 198 while the Tekko Prime has a base range of 1.35 and a base damage total of only 180 and these are both MR 12. The Tekko has both worse range, speed, and base damage which is why I feel the Tekko should be the one with the higher damage and leaving the other stats alone as this would give people an incentive to use it over the Nikana for the higher damage or they would have a reason to choose the Nikana instead for the Higher range but lower base damage.
  5. "I disagree. The range buff and the rework of the reach mods is the best thing to have ever hit melee weapons. It negates most of the need for spin2win which was clearing enemies in a large radius. It works on almost every melee weapon. Paired with the stance changes, it is much easier and feels much better to come in contact with enemies. I believe it opens up the choices for melee and contributes positively to every aspect of combat." - xamtheone Yeah after stewing about it overnight this seems most correct. I change my opinion now I agree the range buff was definitely needed.
  6. Heres some feedback on this combo, when you use the two together the total ammo count comes out to 2399 instead of 2400. This annoys me to a degree that I can't even describe please change it so that it rounds out to 2400.
  7. This is most noticeable aiming but when Plinx is pointing about 5 - 10 degrees higher than where it should be when held in your hand so when you shoot it the laser comes out at an odd angle from the barrel instead of straight like it should. This could easily be fixed and would be appreciated. (Yellow is where the barrel should be and blue is where it is (duh) ) https://imgur.com/a/nRITIDp https://imgur.com/a/8nX2DAI
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