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  1. Well that answers my question, and I had gotten rid of the xoris only to realize now that I freaking need it for that higher end to work because reasons. Simaris wont fork it over unless I grind some standing or grind out a repeat of the quest that gives it which only further compounds my hate for this update.
  2. Need to put this up before I have to leave for work so I cannot respond till I get home. But I have been playing around with the new update for warframe and have hit a snag that is becoming rather irritating. So in order to spawn a sister, you first need to go into the granum void and reach rank 1 by killing a bunch of floaty specter things. My problem is that I have done this 5 seperate times now on capture, exterminate, and sabotage missions. I am told the moment you come out it should spawn but I have reached rank 1 and rank 2 about ever single time I attempt it yet the things will not spawn to allow me to get myself a rival in the system. Is anyone else having this issue, if not then what am I doing wrong?
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