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  1. The Phased skin on the Prime version of Vauban not only has a bugged texture in the form of black spots on his collar, but also both the Phased skin and the Rubedo skin on Rhino can't toggle prime parts like tennogen skins. Normally the skins show with the prime parts, but the phased skin also is bugged so that the coattails of the Vauban prime. Will the skins be updated so that these problems get fixed?
  2. I have 2 quick questions: Is there a possibility of making the conclave skins for weapons available from the market, or a skin pack that includes them? Similar to how the Riv Elite armor can be bought for plat in the market, as well as for standing from Teshin The other is if there is a chance of more unique animated skins like the prisma, rubedo plated, and phased skins?
  3. Thanks for the hot fix! I’ve noticed that the Jotunheim synandana is bugged when in archwing where holding shift causes the ribbons on the back to glitch and clip uncontrollably, sometimes even moving away from the syanadana. Also They sometimes bounce in a weird way in normal missions. Really great syandana, but the glitched ribbons are a problem
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