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  1. I've been having a discussion about this card / poster in discord, looks like there's a condition for it to spawn: You have to own and max level Gauss first? πŸ€” (Encountered someone who had trouble finding it, then the revelation came that they had a lvl 28 Gauss. They quickly earned those last 2 ranks and were able to find and pick up the card). Btw aside from the "decoration poster," the card is also added to your codex (fragments) where you can bring it up again whenever you want; click to flip it around to see the back art.
  2. Fun stream, very curious about the vauban/ember reworks. I think, once released, both frames deserve another, proper shakedown from people. πŸ‘€ Also excited about the huge variety those kuva liches (and their weapons) have! It's something to regularly come back to and see what the system rolls! Can't wait to see more! πŸ™‚
  3. And now DE can use the Leverian to deliver that lore.
  4. Frankly I'm liking this "prime trailer lite" format. It showcases Atlas, the contents of this prime release, done. The level of production quality those old prime trailers required must be... a couple magnitudes higher. If DE feels like they can put those resources to better use elsewhere (Railjack,New War and beyond and overhauling older things on occasion), I'm okay with it. (all assumptions of course, I have no way of knowing how the studio runs internally)
  5. Itching for info crunchies! ^^ Anyway, hoping everyone has (and/or had?) a great vacation! πŸ™‚
  6. Ask me to spend enough time with the "preprogrammed" tracks and I'll learn to play them... eventually. 😁 But don't ask me to compose anything (won't be responsible for sudden Orbiter decompressions due to shattered viewports ^^). Anyway, good luck to all who enter! ^^
  7. Aldrr

    Modular Warframe?

    You know how modular <anything> usually ends. Math heads figure out the optimal build and nobody will ever use anything else.
  8. @HyokaChan Maybe they won't be in the drop tables and will be offerings instead? πŸ€” (unless I missed something) Anyway, it's more things to work towards, and kuva to pursue in the long run! πŸ™‚ Curious how it'll work out.
  9. I think the situation is more complicated than save / kill / don't care. It's as if Natah's been caught in this weird tug-of-war, a victim of events / individuals beyond her control. She is either reprogrammed, or Hunhow or the Mother are whispering in her head. Personally, I want to give her a chance to think for once and make a decision of her own will (but I'll defend myself if I must). Possibilities? I think she will come back, but depending on our choices, the outcome will be different shades of gray: the Tenno convince her to come back to our side willingly as Natah she is captured and dragged back to our side, she becomes bargaining chip she is captured, and the Tenno shackle her with the helmet again, returns to being Lotus All theories of course, we'll just have to wait and see. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  10. Suggesting that he was acting. He's still sick but in a different way now (mentally not there, unhinged). To me, the episode suggests that whatever happened to Arlo was caused by Kenga, so he could get revenge for getting dropped down to Eris in the first place.
  11. "The Lorekeepers Found Leverian Incredibly Lackluster & Disappointing" I don't exactly consider myself a "lorekeeper," but I'll have to disagree, thank you very much. I knew that some kind of lore was coming. I expected something will be added to the codex, a wall of text maybe. Or nightwave-esque diorama shots, not animated, coupled with text. What we got, in my opinion, tops it all, and also fully voiced! πŸ‘€ The Leverian feels like a very good tool for lore delivery and world building, and not just for frames. It doesn't even have to laser focus on the frame itself! Picture small rooms, "still images" of characters acting out a scene, items in the room to interact with, and Curator Drusus' commentary on the side, explaining a possible interpretation of what happened. Exhibits could present and analyze a scene where a particular frame was present at the time (yes I know [most] frames don't appear to have memories, I'm thinking reconstructed images from Orokin data storage devices or security footage). Or, it doesn't even have to be a 3D render, just concept art, make a portrait and put it on the exhibit wall! πŸ˜€ Humble beginnings, but the Leverian definitely has potential. It all comes down to DE, their lore team and how far they are willing (and/or able to) take it. Can't expect them to scribble Leverian lore all day, but an addition to the exhibit every now and then would be appreciated. Hoping to learn more about frames, with glimpses into the past, what the Orokin era was like.
  12. Apparently it was just Steve being shy(?). It was removed because people were hyping it out of proportion or something? (unless I misunderstood when he was streaming, in which case, I'm sorry!) But rest easy the Leverian is in there. You can access it from Gauss' info page (codex, market, both works--- probably the arsenal too, can't be sure about that until I build the frame).
  13. Whoa! πŸ‘€ Those patch notes are chonkers! Tyvm. πŸ™‚
  14. Better a delay, than crunch time and the added risk of bugs "slipping through the net" for the sake of shipping it this week. If it needs it, delay it. Just stay open & transparent, please. πŸ˜‰
  15. Aw hoped it would be today. But it's okay, if it needs more time, it should stay in the oven and cook some more. πŸ™‚
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