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  1. Mark a tank enemy, release an AoE around it that kills surrounding marshmallows, or close to it. Liking it so far. And it's a conversation, bonus kudos for that. 🙂
  2. One'd think that the severed bile sack from the Juggies would be under the Bile category... 🤔 Anyway, don't wanna ruin any good news, the changes look good. 😉
  3. I recommend the Propa scaffold as replacement (the one that barfs out a floating "mine"). If they do not connect with anything, you can let off two of them before the first goes kaboom. Go void mode or return to your warframe to avoid the stagger.
  4. I found that a slam attack is usually enough to shatter any glass on them (did not test it with a wide variety of melee weapons, results may vary!). Subsequent attacks then would quickly finish them off. Can they shake up an Adaro run? Yes. Can they be slightly annoying if they interrupt you in the open world (fishing / mining / conservation)? Yes. Are they hard to deal with? Absolutely not. And extra nightwave creds are always welcome for the catalysts / reactors / nitain / kuva / whatever.
  5. For Steel Path Def and Mobile Def I used Capacitance Volt. Maintain the electric shields, keep zapping the enemy with #1 or #4, add in the Shock Trooper augment for more damage to your weapons maybe.
  6. Warframe is a "rolling release" title. Some would say "live service," I suppose the two definitions aren't too far apart. "Updates only" would mean more stuff to do, however it would also mean that overhauls and fixes just get "kicked down the road." If they stop to exclusively overhaul and fix stuff then things will get stale and the population dwindles. There needs to be some kind of balance between the two.
  7. Very negligible change but requires roughly 50% less space. ✅ Not only it takes less storage on the drives but the files are less of a pain to load and handle in memory. ✅ Gotta love tech upgrades. 🙂
  8. Adding another option to the hat: Revenant. His Mesmer Skin doesn't care about the damage output of the enemies, it negates the attack and then stuns the attacker! Also, it doesn't get overwhelmed as fast because the number of enemies on the Index map is limited. So long as you pay attention to keep his #2 up and have the means to chew through the ridiculous health and armor (recommend high toxin + [primed] smite corpus), solo Prodman with Revenant is definitely viable. That's how I got my poster.
  9. Currently there is no story tie per se. However, while the moon was hidden ( camouflaged and/or hidden in the void ), Deimos having an added Orokin defense fleet would make sense. Like I said, we don't have lore to support it at the moment but we could explain it.
  10. In the end of the intro quest we get a snippet from Entrati Gran Gran that Xaku -- and its components before it -- served the Entrati in the old days. And I agree it's an improvement over "hey we found this under a Venus 'shroom."
  11. The Daughter offers special spears that can pierce the exocrine jelly layer and get to the fish beneath.
  12. Although we do fight one at Jupiter, the Ropalolyst is not a one-of-a-kind design. 🙂 What we can sometimes see in the spy vaults is likely wreckage the Corpus recovered from somewhere else.
  13. IIRC you had to be on the Tennocon or the Tennolive relay at Earth when they were running the Heart of Deimos demo (those two relays were mutually exclusive, you only ever saw one, depending on whether you bought the digital ticket or not). And from the looks of it, by script, people were given the decoration at the end.
  14. If you mean the Ropalolyst fight, you can't enter that node until you completed the Chimera Prologue (which in turn requires you to complete The Sacrifice)
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