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  1. I understand that but conclave is pretty much D-E-D dead, and my syandan no longer usable. I love the PvP but not everyone else feels the same which is way its practically dead. I doubt that [DE] would actually add bots, honestly what I'm annoyed is my useless syandan, because the conclave syandan is my favorite syandan in the whole game. Ah well I suppose.
  2. Honestly I feel if they put something to grind for from conclave won't bring more players, maybe a rework could fix this issue but I doubt that it would help.I get conclave is supposed to be PvP but it really isn't anything if there's nobody doing it, honestly I'd prefer doing it like PvE than not being able to play it all and having a useless syandan that just looks like a nub on your back. If anything if they did implement bots they could reduce the amount of standing per-match gained compared to playing against players. I don't know, that's just me though.
  3. I don't know if a post like this has been made before but I LOVE conclave, but it is practically dead. I am max rank in conclave and got the syandan that becomes active with completed conclave bounties, I no longer use it because nobody does conclave as offten anymore. So can we please get bots in conclave to make it so we can complete bounties to activate the syandan or just make it permanently active. Bots would also make it possible to gather the conclave weapon skins as well. I just really miss conclave and using my conclave syandan and this would definitely make conclave more accessible for people like me who enjoy it, or if not that can we please get another to gather standing for conclave, since I highly doubt very many people are even gett any of the conclave offerings available. Anyone else feel the same about this?
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