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  1. I would like you to read the whole post please
  2. I super enjoy the Conservation mechanic (mini-game?) Getting floofs and tracking down these animals is quite relaxing and fun to me. So with the announcement of Conservation being added with the plains rework I was excited! But It appears there are a few problems, Some bugs, some I think, Oversights. I went out onto the plains too Hunt the Mergoo, the new animal released with this Remaster. I go to a pop spot and before anything I get attacked, "okay" I say this happens on the Valis just gotta kill these guys and NOPE orbital drop of more dudes, okay Ill just kill all them and here come some dargyns. I think you get my point after about actually 5 minutes of fighting I get to do the thing I wanted, Being tracking and make my way to the call point. Once I get to the call point I pull out my echo lure and more dudes! "Alright" I kill them and use the lure I get the new dialog nice, return call, and nothing. silence then I get mortared and a tusk thumper dude, shows up. While fighting these guys that I did nothing to alert, I see the Mergoo Doing what only can be described as the tights donuts a bird can fly high up in the air. Im sure you see my problem, even as an Ivara out on the plains I dont hear the thig show up and get bombarded with much more Grineer than I could imagine outside ESO. Plains look great, Tusk enemy seems pretty good just cant hunt as well as I can in the valis because theres a stream of enemies just hurling themselves at me.
  3. Would love to see this answered! great ideas could be in play with 2 people
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