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  1. My only problem with the Youkai helmet are those bunny ear looking things. If they were removed then i would get the tennogen skin in a heartbeat. Now when it comes to the deluxe skin, i do like it (I just hope it colours nicely), and if you happen to not like it then it's fine. Just don't try and get it scrapped or replaced if you happen to not like it.
  2. Why not just move her outside of the trading area?
  3. And then there are those of us who can't do the heist's because we play on a toaster/potato that can't run orb vallis. (i might get lucky and i can play POE without the game turning in to a slideshow, orb vallis is a slideshow 88/8 times)
  4. If DE wanted to put a limit on the Archwing weapons why not let the Archwing weapon take up two weapon slots? Instead we get a 10 min cooldown.
  5. I think it will come out some time after Vauban's deluxes skin as they showed both the Vauban and Nidus deluxe skins in devstream 113. (and Vauban Deluxe is coming soonTM?)
  6. I think DE is busy with getting the live stream ready, that is going to go live in around 2 to 3 hours.
  7. There were no special effects when they showed the skin in the last dev stream. Maybe they changed it.
  8. When you tell people in the relay chat that you are not that interested Nidus Deluxe and that you more interested in Vauban Deluxe and two people managed to get themselves kicked from the relay chat.
  9. Everyone is waiting for Nidus Deluxe, meanwhile i'm in my orbiter waiting for Vauban Deluxe.
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