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  1. The only time you can't tell the difference between sparring or fist is when the weapon diorama zooms in on the upper body and even then there's the pretty big difference of sparring weapons showing all four, fist weapons showing only two, and claws looking like.... claws.... really long claws. (unless sheathed)
  2. I find max range build useful only for infested, but even then I'm only using vortex for that. When against ranged units they're spread out, especially in the bigger tiles. You don't need to shoot them one at a time if you have a explosive/aoe weapon like Ogris, Ignis, Lens, Pox, Staticor, etc. or just a long range melee like Tatsu or any whip. Even if you were to shoot them it's fairly easy to just make quick work of them, even more so with punch through just speeding up the process.
  3. Actually they were level 200
  4. more power strength on Vauban means more enemies to capture in Bastille...
  5. Extinguished Key: -75% Damage https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Dragon_Key
  6. I always thought a (melee) combat system like Castlevania: Curse of Darkness would be more fitting in warframe. Games like DMC or Bayonetta are more (for the most part) single target oriented, yes you usually battle multiple enemies at once but you have to deal with them one at a time (or constantly switch between the multiple enemies, but that's usually to keep a combo multiplier going for that sweet pure platinum medal).
  7. Oh no, whatever shall we do if they nerf the itzal, wait until the next night?
  8. Jokes or not, you really think nerfing a single archwing is as bad as removing the existence of vacuum mod. A necessity that can be applied to all companions, can be taken literally everywhere, compared to a single variant of equipment that can only be taken and used on certain nodes?
  9. I think this thread was a mistake.
  10. What's the current position of scythes in melee 3.0, has it been decided what you're going to do with them, such as making them bigger or longer and merging them with heavy blades?
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