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  1. The only trailer that left off with a date was "The New War" which is said to be coming during Christmas
  2. Cosmetics can definitely happen, currently the most exclusive cosmetic we have is... the Rakta syandana... which is a reskin of an already existing syandana....
  3. Can't you just like.... change it to that other green you like and clearly still have access to?
  4. Warframes in your inventory/arsenal are displayed as the skin you have them equipped with. (For example if your excalibur has the immortal skin equipped, the icon/image will display as Immortal Excalibur's icon/image rather than the default icon/image)
  5. Oh no, whatever shall we do if they nerf the itzal, wait until the next night?
  6. Jokes or not, you really think nerfing a single archwing is as bad as removing the existence of vacuum mod. A necessity that can be applied to all companions, can be taken literally everywhere, compared to a single variant of equipment that can only be taken and used on certain nodes?
  7. I think this thread was a mistake.
  8. What's the current position of scythes in melee 3.0, has it been decided what you're going to do with them, such as making them bigger or longer and merging them with heavy blades?
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